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N & HC perspectives on community : official publication of the National League for Nursing;10818731;Inactive;Not OA
NAACOG newsletter;08890579;Inactive;Not OA
NAACOG's clinical issues in perinatal and women's health nursing;10467475;Inactive;Not OA
NADL journal;03605361;Inactive;Not OA
NAHAM access management journal;15349861;Inactive;Not OA
Names;00277738;Active;Not OA
Nano;17932920;Active;Not OA
Nano Biomedicine and Engineering;21505578 ;Active;Not OA
Nano Letters;15306984;Active;Not
Nanobiotechnology;15511286;Inactive;Not OA
Nano-Micro Letters;21505551 ;Active;Not OA
Nanoscience;15554880 ;Inactive;Not OA
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters;19414900 ;Active;Not OA
Nanotechnology Law and Business;15462080;Active;Not OA
Nanotechnology, Science and Applications;11778903;Active;DOAJ
Narrative;10633685 ;Active;Not OA
NASA Technical Memorandum;04999320;Inactive;Not OA
NASA Technical Memorandum - SeaWIFS Postlaunch Technical Report Series;15228789;Inactive;Not OA
NASA Technical Memorandum - SeaWiFS Technical Report Series;1522094X;Inactive;Not OA
NASN school nurse (Print);1942602X;Active;Not OA
NASNewsletter;10474757;Inactive;Not OA
NASSP Bulletin;01926365 ;Active;Not OA
Nat Counc Paper Ind Air Stream Impr Inc, Tech Bull 39;08860882;Active;Not OA
Nation;00278378;Active;Not OA
National Bureau of Economic Research bulletin on aging and health;;Active;Not OA
National Bureau of Standards, Special Publication;00831883;Inactive;Not OA
National Dental Association journal;1050530X;Inactive;Not OA
National Engineer;00279218;Inactive;Not OA
National forum;01621831;Inactive;Not OA
National Geographic;00279358;Inactive;Not OA
National Geographic Research;8755724X;Inactive;Not OA
National Geographic Research & Exploration;1056800X;Inactive;Not OA
National health statistics reports;;Active;Not OA
National Institute Economic Review;00279501 ;Active;Not OA
National Interest;08849382;Active;Not OA
National Journal;03604217;Inactive;Not OA
National medical-legal journal;1052309X;Inactive;Not OA
National network (Dallas, Tex.);10753753;Inactive;Not OA
National Petroleum News;01495267;Active;Not OA
National Radio Science Conference, NRSC, Proceedings;;Active;Not OA
National report on subacute care;10732551;Inactive;Not OA
National Safety and Health News;87565366;Inactive;Not OA
National safety news;00280100;Inactive;Not OA
National Tax Journal;00280283;Active;Not OA
National Toxicology Program technical report series;08888051;Active;Not OA
National vital statistics reports : from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System;15518922;Active;Not OA
Natl Bur Econ Res Bull Aging Health;;Inactive;Not OA
Natural Areas Journal;08858608;Active;Not OA
Natural Hazards Review;15276988;Active;Not OA
Natural History;00280712;Active;Not OA
Natural product communications;1934578X;Active;Not OA
Natural Resource Modelling;08908575 ;Active;Not OA
Natural Resources Journal;00280739;Active;Not OA
Natural Resources Research;15207439;Active;Not OA
Natural Toxins;10569014;Inactive;Not OA
Nature and Culture;15586073;Active;Not OA
Nautilus;00281344;Active;Not OA
Naval Engineers Journal;00281425;Active;Not OA
Naval Research Logistics;0894069X;Active;Not OA
Naval Research Logistics Quarterly;00281441;Inactive;Not OA
Navigation, Journal of the Institute of Navigation;00281522;Active;Not OA
Navy medicine;08958211;Inactive;Not OA
NBER Macroeconomics Annual;08893365;Active;Not OA
NCASI Special Report;;Inactive;Not OA
NCHS data brief;19414935;Active;Not OA
NCI Monographs;08932751;Inactive;Not OA
NCRP Report;0083209X;Inactive;Not OA
NCSL legisbrief;10682716;Active;Not OA
NDA journal;15244938;Inactive;Not OA
Near Eastern Archaeology;10942076 ;Active;Not OA
Nebraska history;00281859 ;Inactive;Not OA
Nebraska Law Review;00479209;Inactive;Not OA
Nebraska nurse;00281921;Active;Not OA
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation;01467875;Active;Not OA
Nematropica;00995444;Active;Not OA
Neonatal network : NN;07300832;Active;Not OA
NeoReviews;15269906;Active;Not OA
Nephrologe;1862040X;Active;Not OA
Nephrology news & issues;08961263;Active;Not OA
Nephrology nurse;01644386;Inactive;Not OA
Nephrology nursing journal : journal of the American Nephrology Nurses' Association;1526744X;Active;Not OA
Network;00933341;Inactive;Not OA
Network Magazine;15398137;Inactive;Not OA
Networks;00283045;Active;Not OA
Networks and Heterogeneous Media;15561801 ;Active;Not OA
Neural Computation;08997667;Active;Not OA
Neural Plasticity;07928483;Active;OA registered
Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations;10615369;Active;Not OA
Neurobehavioral toxicology;01913581;Inactive;Not OA
Neurobehavioral Toxicology and Teratology;02751380;Inactive;Not OA
Neurobiology of Disease;09699961;Active;Not OA
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory;10747427;Active;Not OA
Neurochemical Pathology;0734600X;Inactive;Not OA
Neurochemical Research;03643190;Active;Not OA
Neurocritical Care;15416933;Active;Not OA
Neurodegeneration : a journal for neurodegenerative disorders, neuroprotection, and neuroregeneration;10558330;Inactive;Not OA
NeuroImage;10538119;Active;Not OA
Neuroinformatics;15392791;Active;Not OA
Neurologist;10747931;Active;Not OA
Neurology;00283878;Active;Not OA
Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology;15268748;Inactive;DOAJ
Neurology, Neurophysiology and Neuroscience;19331266;Inactive;DOAJ
Neuromethods;08932336;Active;Not OA
NeuroMolecular Medicine;15351084;Active;Not OA
Neuron;08966273;Active;Not OA
Neuro-Oncology;15228517;Active;Not OA
Neuropeptides;01434179;Active;Not OA
Neurophysiology;00902977;Active;Not OA
Neuroprotocols;10586741;Inactive;Not OA
Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology;0894878X;Inactive;Not OA
Neuropsychology;08944105;Active;Not OA
Neuropsychology Review;10407308;Active;Not OA
Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair;15459683;Active;Not OA
NeuroReport;09594965;Active;Not OA
NeuroRx;15455343;Inactive;Not OA
Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology;00970549;Active;Not OA
Neuroscience Imaging;15564010;Inactive;Not OA
Neuroscience Research Communications;08936609;Inactive;Not OA
Neurosurgery;0148396X;Active;Not OA
Neurosurgery Quarterly;10506438;Active;Not OA
Neurosurgical Focus;10920684;Active;DOAJ
Neurourology and Urodynamics;07332467;Active;Not OA
Nevada Historical Society quarterly (1961);00479462;Inactive;Not OA
Nevada RNformation;02734117;Inactive;Not OA
New Atlantis (Washington, D.C.);15431215;Inactive;Not OA
New Carbon Materials;18725805 ;Inactive;Not OA
New Comparison;09505814 ;Inactive;Not OA
New Criminal Law Review;19334192;Active;Not OA
New directions for child and adolescent development;15203247;Active;Not OA
New directions for child development;01952269;Inactive;Not OA
New Directions for Evaluation;10976736;Active;Not OA
New directions for mental health services;01939416;Inactive;Not OA
New Directions for Teaching and Learning;02710633;Active;Not OA
New directions for youth development;15338916;Active;Not OA
New England and regional allergy proceedings;07422814;Inactive;Not OA
New England dental journal;10751297 ;Inactive;Not OA
New England Economic Review;00284726;Inactive;Not OA
New England Journal of Medicine;00284793;Active;Not OA
New England law review;00284823;Inactive;OA registered
New England Printer and Publisher;01628771;Inactive;Not OA
New England Quarterly-A Historical Review of New England Life and Letters;00284866 ;Active;Not OA
New England Review-Middlebury Series;10531297 ;Active;Not OA
New German Critique;0094033X;Active;Not OA
New Horizons: Science and Practice of Acute Medicine;10637389;Inactive;Not OA
New Jersey medicine : the journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey;0885842X;Inactive;Not OA
New Jersey nurse;01964895;Active;Not OA
New Literary History;00286087 ;Active;Not OA
New Media and Society;14614448;Active;Not OA
New Medicine;14270994;Inactive;Not OA
New Mexico dental journal;00286176;Inactive;Not OA
New Mexico Geology;0196948X;Active;Not OA
New Mexico Historical Review;00286206 ;Active;Not OA
New Orleans Review;00286400 ;Active;Not OA
New Outlook for the Blind;00286435;Inactive;Not OA
New Perspectives on Turkey;08966346;Inactive;Not OA
New Republic;00286583;Active;Not OA
New Scientist;02624079;Active;Not OA
New solutions : a journal of environmental and occupational health policy : NS.;10482911;Active;Not OA
New York History;0146437X ;Inactive;Not OA
New York Journal of Mathematics;10769803;Active;DOAJ
New York law forum;00287318;Inactive;Not OA
New York Law School human rights annual;87568926;Inactive;Not OA
New York Law School journal of human rights;10464328;Inactive;Not OA
New York Law School law review. New York Law School;0145448X;Inactive;Not OA
New York State Dental Journal;00287571;Active;DOAJ
New York supplement. Second series;8750264X;Inactive;Not OA
New York University Law Review;00287881;Active;Not OA
New Yorker (New York, N.Y. : 1925);0028792X;Active;Not OA
News & Views : Rhode Island Nursing Magazine;;Inactive;Not OA
News and Tech;21506884 ;Active;Not OA
News in Physiological Sciences;08861714;Inactive;Not OA
Newsletter (Macro Systems. Institute for Resource Development. Demographic and Health Surveys);10492364;Inactive;Not OA
Newsletter on philosophy and medicine / American Philosophical Association;;Inactive;Not OA
Newsline (People with AIDS Coalition of New York);;Inactive;Not OA
Newspapers and Technology;10525572;Inactive;Not OA
Newsweek;00289604;Inactive;Not OA
Nexus Network Journal;15224600;Active;Not OA
NFPA journal : the official magazine of the National Fire Protection Association;10548793;Inactive;Not OA
NGLI Spokesman;00276782;Active;Not OA
NHSA Dialog;15240754 ;Active;Not OA
NIAID AIDS agenda / National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases;01488562;Inactive;Not OA
NIDA Research Monograph Series;10469516;Inactive;Not OA
NIH consensus and state-of-the-science statements;15530957 ;Inactive;Not OA
NIH consensus statement;10801707;Inactive;Not OA
Nineteenth Century Music;01482076 ;Active;Not OA
Nineteenth Century Prose;10520406 ;Active;Not OA
Nineteenth-century contexts;08905495 ;Active;Not OA
Nineteenth-Century French Studies;01467891 ;Active;Not OA
Nineteenth-Century Literature;08919356 ;Active;Not OA
Nineteenth-Century Studies;08937931;Inactive;Not OA
NIST Special Publication;1048776X;Inactive;Not OA
NITA;01603930;Inactive;Not OA
Nitric Oxide - Biology and Chemistry;10898603;Active;Not OA
Njsna Newsletter;00285870;Inactive;Not OA
NLN update : connecting members of the National League for Nursing;1080773X ;Inactive;Not OA
NMR in Biomedicine;09523480;Active;Not OA
Noise Control Engineering;00939978;Inactive;Not OA
Noise Control Engineering Journal;07362501;Active;Not OA
Nomadic Peoples;08227942;Active;Not OA
Nonlinear Optics Quantum Optics;15430537;Active;Not OA
Nonlinear Oscillations;15360059;Active;Not OA
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics;10235809;Active;DOAJ
Non-pharmacological Therapies in Dementia;1949484X ;Active;Not OA
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly;08997640;Active;Not OA
Nonrenewable Resources;09611444;Inactive;Not OA
Nonwovens Industry;01634429;Active;Not OA
Nonwovens World;08881979;Inactive;Not OA
North American Actuarial Journal;10920277 ;Active;Not OA
North American Archaeologist;01976931 ;Active;Not OA
North American Fungi;1937786X;Active;DOAJ
North American Journal of Aquaculture;15222055;Active;Not OA
North American Journal of Fisheries Management;02755947;Active;Not OA
North American Journal of Psychology;15277143;Active;Not OA
North American Review;00292397 ;Active;Not OA
North American Review of Economics and Finance;1042752X ;Inactive;Not OA
North Carolina dental journal;0091164X;Inactive;Not OA
North Carolina Law Review;00292524;Inactive;Not OA
North Carolina Medical Journal;00292559;Active;DOAJ
North Central Journal of Agricultural Economics;01919016;Inactive;Not OA
North eastern reporter. Second series;0275262X;Inactive;Not OA
North Korean Review;15512789;Active;Not OA
North western reporter. Second series;87502704;Inactive;Not OA
Northeast African Studies;07409133;Active;Not OA
Northeast Gulf Science;01489836;Inactive;Not OA
Northeastern Environmental Science;0730630X;Inactive;Not OA
Northeastern Geology;01941453;Inactive;Not OA
Northeastern Geology and Environmental Sciences;;Inactive;Not OA
Northeastern Naturalist;10926194;Active;Not OA
Northern Journal of Applied Forestry;07426348;Active;Not OA
Northern Logger and Timber Processor;00293156;Active;Not OA
Northwest dentistry;00292915;Active;Not OA
Northwest Science;0029344X;Active;Not OA
Northwestern dental research;10620311;Inactive;Not OA
Northwestern Naturalist;10511733 ;Inactive;Not OA
Northwestern University Law Review;00293571;Active;Not OA
Notarzt;01772309;Active;Not OA
Notes;00274380 ;Active;Not OA
Notes from the underground (New York, N.Y.);;Inactive;Not OA
Notices of the American Mathematical Society;00029920;Active;DOAJ
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic;00294527 ;Active;Not OA
Notre Dame journal of law, ethics & public policy;08833648;Inactive;Not OA
Notre Dame Law Review;07453515;Active;Not OA
Nous;00294624;Active;Not OA
Nova law journal;01496204;Inactive;Not OA
Nova law review;10490248;Inactive;Not OA
Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions;10926690;Active;Not OA
Novel;00295132 ;Active;Not OA
Novon;10553177;Active;Not OA
NPG Asia Materials;18844049 ;Active;Not OA
NPRA International Petrochemical Conference Papers;;Active;Not OA
NPRA Maintenance Conference Papers;;Inactive;Not OA
NSS Bulletin;10811478;Inactive;Not OA
NTQ (New Telecom Quarterly);10703683;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Applications;08940401;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Applications and Technology;05503043;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Data Sheets;00903752;Active;Not OA
Nuclear Data Sheets Section B;0090550X ;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Data Tables;00900214 ;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear materials management;03620034;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Medicine Communications;01433636;Active;Not OA
Nuclear News;00295574;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Plant Journal;08922055;Active;Not OA
Nuclear Plant Safety;07424868;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Receptor Signaling;15507629;Active;DOAJ
Nuclear Safety;00295604;Inactive;Not OA
Nuclear Science and Engineering;00295639;Active;Not OA
Nuclear Technology;00295450;Active;Not OA
Nuclear Technology/Fusion;02723921;Inactive;Not OA
Nucleic Acid Therapeutics;21593337 ;Active;Not OA
Nucleosides and Nucleotides;07328311;Inactive;Not OA
Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids;15257770;Active;Not OA
Nucleus;19491042 ;Active;Not OA
Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization;01630563;Active;Not OA
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications;10705325;Active;Not OA
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations;0749159X;Active;Not OA
Nurse author & editor;10542353;Inactive;Not OA
Nurse Educator;03633624;Active;Not OA
Nurse Leader;15414612;Active;Not OA
Nurse Practitioner;03611817;Active;Not OA
Nursing;03604039;Active;Not OA
Nursing & health care : official publication of the National League for Nursing;02765284;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing Administration Quarterly;03639568;Active;Not OA
Nursing and Health Care Perspectives;10942831;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing care;00912379;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing case management : managing the process of patient care;10843647;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing diagnosis : ND : the official journal of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association;10467459;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing Economics;07461739;Active;Not OA
Nursing Education Perspectives;15365026;Active;Not OA
Nursing Ethics;09697330;Active;Not OA
Nursing for Women's Health;1751486X ;Active;Not OA
Nursing Forum;00296473;Active;Not OA
Nursing homes and senior citizen care;08966915;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing law & ethics,;02706636;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing law's Regan report;1528848X;Active;Not OA
Nursing leadership;01647865;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy;15445186;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing management;07446314;Active;Not OA
Nursing Outlook;00296554;Active;Not OA
Nursing quality connection;10556818;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing Research;00296562;Active;Not OA
Nursing Science Quarterly;08943184;Active;Not OA
Nursing spectrum (D.C./Baltimore metro ed.);10989153;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing spectrum (New England ed.);15578038 ;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing staff development insider;10578323;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing success today;07436726;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing the elderly : in hospital, homes and the community;09568115;Inactive;Not OA
Nursing world;;Inactive;Not OA
NursingConnections;08952809;Inactive;Not OA
Nutrition and Cancer;01635581;Active;Not OA
Nutrition for healthy living;;Inactive;Not OA
Nutrition in Clinical Care;10966781;Inactive;Not OA
Nutrition in Clinical Practice;08845336;Active;Not OA
Nutrition International;08881294;Inactive;Not OA
Nutrition Reports International;00296635;Inactive;Not OA
Nutrition Reviews;00296643;Active;Not OA
Nutrition Today;0029666X;Inactive;Not OA
NWSA Journal;10400656 ;Inactive;Not OA
NYSSNTA journal;01453300;Inactive;Not OA
Obesity;19307381;Active;Not OA
Obesity and Weight Management;19486553 ;Active;Not OA
Obesity Management;15451712;Inactive;Not OA
Obesity Research;10717323;Inactive;Not OA
Object Magazine;10553614 ;Inactive;Not OA
Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey;00297828;Active;Not OA
Obstetrics and Gynecology;00297844;Active;Not OA
Occasional Paper - Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research;00696145;Inactive;Not OA
Occupational health & safety (Waco, Tex.);03624064;Active;Not OA
Occupational Health Nursing;00297933;Inactive;Not OA
Occupational Medicine - State of the Art Reviews;0885114X;Inactive;Not OA
Occupational outlook quarterly / United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics in cooperation with Veterans Administration;01994786;Inactive;Not OA
Occupational therapy and rehabilitation;;Inactive;Not OA
Occupational Therapy in Health Care;07380577;Active;Not OA
Occupational Therapy in Mental Health;0164212X;Active;Not OA
Occupational Therapy Journal of Research;02761599;Inactive;Not OA
Ocean Physics and Engineering;08905460;Inactive;Not OA
Ocean Science and Engineering;02752220;Inactive;Not OA
Oceanic Linguistics;00298115;Active;Not OA
Oceanography;10428275 ;Active;Not OA
Oceans Conference Record (IEEE);01977385;Inactive;Not OA
Ochsner Journal;15245012;Active;Not OA
OCLC Newsletter;0163898X;Inactive;Not OA
OCLC Systems and Services;1065075X;Active;Not OA
October;01622870;Active;Not OA
Ocular Surface;15420124;Active;Not OA
Office and Emergency Pediatrics;15269396;Inactive;Not OA
Official Board Markets;00300284;Inactive;Not OA
Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - Patents;00981133;Inactive;Not OA
Offshore;00300608;Active;Not OA
Offshore Europe Conference - Proceedings;;Inactive;Not OA
OH. Osteopathic hospitals;01610007;Inactive;Not OA
Ohio history / Ohio Historical Society;00300934 ;Active;Not OA
Ohio Journal of Sciences;00300950;Active;Not OA
Ohio Medicine;08922454;Inactive;Not OA
Ohio Northern University law review;0094534X;Inactive;Not OA
Ohio nurses review;00300993;Active;Not OA
Ohio State Medical Journal;00301124;Inactive;Not OA
Oil & Fat Industries;00959502;Inactive;Not OA
Oil & Soap;00959510;Inactive;Not OA
Oil and Gas Journal;00301388;Active;Not OA
Oil and Gas Journal Latinoamerica;;Active;Not OA
Oil Express;01950576;Inactive;Not OA
Oklahoma law review;00301752 ;Inactive;Not OA
Oligonucleotides;15454576;Inactive;Not OA
Omega: Journal of Death and Dying;00302228;Active;Not OA
OMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology;15362310;Active;Not OA
Oncologist;10837159;Active;OA registered
Oncology;08909091;Active;Not OA
Oncology Nursing Forum;0190535X;Active;Not OA
Oncology Research;09650407;Active;Not OA
Oncology Spectrums;15432158;Inactive;Not OA
Oncotarget;19492553 ;Active;Not OA
Online (Wilton, Connecticut);01465422;Active;Not OA
OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences;16084217;Active;DOAJ
Online Journal of Issues in Nursing;10913734;Active;DOAJ
Online Journal of Nursing Informatics;10899758;Active;DOAJ
ONS connect;19351623;Active;Not OA
ONS news / Oncology Nursing Society;08905215;Inactive;Not OA
Open Access Rheumatology: Research and Reviews;1179156X;Active;DOAJ
Opera News;00303607 ;Inactive;Not OA
Opera Quarterly;07360053 ;Active;Not OA
Operating Systems Review (ACM);01635980;Active;Not OA
Operations Management Research;19369735 ;Active;Not OA
Operations Research;0030364X;Active;Not OA
Operative Dentistry;03617734;Active;Not OA
Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;07409303;Active;Not OA
Ophthalmic Surgery;0022023X;Inactive;Not OA
Ophthalmic Surgery and Lasers;10823069;Inactive;Not OA
Ophthalmic Surgery Lasers and Imaging;15428877;Active;Not OA
Optical Engineering;00913286;Active;Not OA
Optical Fiber Technology;10685200;Active;Not OA
Optical Information Systems;08865809;Inactive;Not OA
Optical Materials Express;21593930 ;Active;Not OA
Optical Memory and Neural Networks (Information Optics);1060992X;Active;Not OA
Optical Spectra;0030395X;Inactive;Not OA
Optics and Photonics News;10476938;Active;Not OA
Optics and Spectroscopy (English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya);0030400X;Active;Not OA
Optics Express;10944087;Active;DOAJ
Optics Letters;01469592;Active;Not OA
Optimal Control Applications and Methods;01432087;Active;Not OA
Optoelectronics, Instrumentation and Data Processing (English translation of Avtometriya);87566990 ;Active;Not OA
Optometry;15291839;Active;Not OA
Optometry and Vision Science;10405488;Active;Not OA
Optometry clinics : the official publication of the Prentice Society;10506918;Inactive;Not OA
OR manager;87568047;Active;Not OA
OR tech;02754622;Inactive;Not OA
Oral Health Prev Dent;16021622;Active;Not OA
Oral History Review;00940798 ;Active;Not OA
Oral implantology;00482064;Inactive;Not OA
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology;00304220;Inactive;Not OA
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology;22124403 ;Active;Not OA
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontics;10792104;Inactive;Not OA
Orbis;00304387;Active;Not OA
Oregon Historical Quarterly;00304727 ;Active;Not OA
Oregon state dental journal;;Inactive;Not OA
Organic Letters;15237060;Active;Not OA
Organic Mass Spectrometry;0030493X;Inactive;Not OA
Organic Preparations and Procedures International;00304948;Active;Not OA
Organic Process Research and Development;10836160;Active;Not OA
Organic Syntheses;00786209;Active;Not OA
Organisation Management Journal;15416518;Active;Not OA
Organization;13505084;Active;Not OA
Organization and Environment;10860266;Active;Not OA
Organization Development Journal;08896402;Active;Not OA
Organization Science;10477039;Active;Not OA
Organization Studies;01708406;Active;Not OA
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes;07495978;Active;Not OA
Organizational behavior and human performance;00305073;Inactive;Not OA
Organizational ethics : healthcare, business, and policy : OE;15411036;Inactive;Not OA
Organizational Research Methods;10944281;Active;Not OA
Organogenesis;15476278;Active;Not OA
Organometallics;02767333;Active;Not OA
Oriental Insects;00305316;Active;Not OA
Origins;0093609X;Inactive;Not OA
ORL-head and neck nursing : official journal of the Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses;10643842;Active;Not OA
Ornithological Monographs;00786594 ;Active;Not OA
Ornitologia Neotropical;10754377;Active;Not OA
ORSA journal on computing;08991499;Inactive;Not OA
Orthodontics : the art and practice of dentofacial enhancement;21602999 ;Active;Not OA
Orthopaedic Nursing;07446020;Active;Not OA
Orthopaedic Review;00946591;Inactive;Not OA
Orthopedics;01477447;Active;Not OA
Orthotics and Prosthetics;00305928;Inactive;Not OA
Osiris;03697827;Active;Not OA
Osteopathic Family Physician;1877573X ;Active;Not OA
Osteopathic hospital leadership;87509202;Inactive;Not OA
Ostomy/wound management;08895899;Active;Not OA
OT Practice;10844902;Inactive;Not OA
OTJR Occupation, Participation and Health;15394492;Active;Not OA
Otolaryngology;01616439;Inactive;Not OA
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery;01945998;Active;Not OA
Otology and Neurotology;15317129;Active;Not OA
Outcomes management;15352765;Inactive;Not OA
Outcomes management for nursing practice;10931783;Inactive;Not OA
Outlook for the blind and the teachers forum;;Inactive;Not OA
Oxidation of Metals;0030770X;Active;Not OA
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity;19420900;Active;DOAJ
P and T;10521372;Active;Not OA
Pacific Historical Review;00308684;Active;Not OA
Pacific Journal of Mathematics;00308730;Active;Not OA
Pacific law journal (Sacramento, Calif.);00308757;Inactive;Not OA
Pacific medicine and surgery;00998826 ;Inactive;Not OA
Pacific Northwest Quarterly;00308803 ;Active;Not OA
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly;02790750;Active;Not OA
Pacific reporter. Second series;87502666;Inactive;Not OA
Pacific Science;00308870;Active;Not OA
Pacific sociological review;00308919;Inactive;Not OA
Pacific Studies;02753596;Inactive;Not OA
Package Printing;01639234;Active;Not OA
Packaging Boston, Mass.;07463820;Inactive;Not OA
Packaging Digest;00309117;Active;Not OA
Packaging Technology and Science;08943214;Active;Not OA
Paideuma;00905674 ;Active;Not OA
Pain Forum;10823174;Inactive;Not OA
Pain Physician;15333159;Active;DOAJ
Paint and Coatings Industry;08843848;Active;Not OA
PAJ - Journal of Performance and Art ;1520281X;Active;Not OA
Palaeontologia Electronica;10948074;Active;DOAJ
Palaios;08831351;Active;Not OA
Paleobiology;00948373;Active;Not OA
Paleoceanography;08838305;Active;Not OA
Paleopathology newsletter;01484737;Inactive;Not OA
Palliative Medicine;02692163;Active;Not OA
Palynology;01916122;Active;Not OA
Pan American Health;03775119;Inactive;Not OA
Pan American medical woman's journal;;Inactive;Not OA
Panamerican Mathematical Journal;10649735;Active;Not OA
Pancreas;08853177;Active;Not OA
Pan-Pacific Entomologist;00310603;Active;Not OA
Paper - American Society of Agricultural Engineers;01489890 ;Inactive;Not OA
Paper Age;00311081;Inactive;Not OA
Paper and Packaging;10928073;Active;Not OA
Paper Industry;10488251;Inactive;Not OA
Paper Recycler;10721223;Inactive;Not OA
Paper series (United Hospital Fund of New York);08983135;Inactive;Not OA
Paper Trade Journal;00311197;Inactive;Not OA
Paper Tree Letter;11809175;Inactive;Not OA
Paper, Film and Foil Converter;00311138;Active;Not OA
Paper, Paperboard and Wood Pulp;00030341;Inactive;Not OA
Paper360;19333684;Active;Not OA
Paperboard Packaging;00311227;Active;Not OA
Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America;0006128X ;Active;Not OA
Papers on Language and Literature;00311294;Active;Not OA
Parabola;03621596 ;Active;Not OA
Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques - Conference Proceedings, PACT;1089795X;Active;Not OA
Paramedics international;01916351;Inactive;Not OA
Parenting;15295192;Active;Not OA
Parish Nurse Perspectives;;Inactive;Not OA
Park Science;07359462;Active;DOAJ
Parliamentary History;02642824;Active;Not OA
Parnassus;00483028;Active;Not OA
Part B news;08938121;Inactive;Not OA
Partial Answers;15653668 ;Active;Not OA
Party Politics;13540688;Active;Not OA
Pastoral Psychology;00312789;Active;Not OA
Pathology (Philadelphia, Pa.);10413480;Inactive;Not OA
Pathology Annual;00790184;Inactive;Not OA
Pathology Case Reviews;10829784;Active;Not OA
Patient accounts;01957775;Inactive;Not OA
Patient Care;0031305X;Inactive;Not OA
Patient care management;15328880;Inactive;Not OA
Patient Counselling and Health Education;01902040;Inactive;Not OA
Patient-focused care : the health care executive's guide to organizational restructuring;10828672;Inactive;Not OA
Patient-focused care and satisfaction / American Health Consultants;10979530;Inactive;Not OA
Pattern Recognition;00313203;Active;Not OA
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis;10546618;Active;Not OA
Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science;00932213;Inactive;Not OA
PC AI;08940711;Inactive;Not OA
PC World (San Francisco, CA);07378939;Active;Not OA
PCI Journal;08879672;Active;Not OA
PCR Methods and Applications;10549803;Inactive;Not OA
PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology;10797440;Active;Not OA
Peabody Journal of Education;0161956X;Active;Not OA
Peace and Conflict;10781919;Active;Not OA
Peace and Conflict Studies;10827307;Active;Not OA
Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy;10792457;Active;Not OA
Peace Review;10402659;Active;Not OA
Pediatric AIDS and HIV Infection;10455418;Inactive;Not OA
Pediatric Annals;00904481;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Asthma, Allergy and Immunology;08831874;Inactive;Not OA
Pediatric Blood and Cancer;15455009;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Case Reviews;15329798;Inactive;Not OA
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine;15297535;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Dentistry;01641263;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Emergency Care;07495161;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Endosurgery and Innovative Techniques;10926410;Inactive;Not OA
Pediatric Excercise Science;08998493;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Infectious Disease;02779730;Inactive;Not OA
Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal;08913668;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing;;Inactive;Not OA
Pediatric Physical Therapy;08985669;Active;Not OA
Pediatric Pulmonology;87556863;Active;Not OA
Pediatric pulmonology. Supplement;1054187X;Inactive;Not OA
Pediatric Research;00313998;Active;Not OA
Pediatric, Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology;2151321X;Active;Not OA
Pediatrics;00314005;Active;Not OA
Pediatrics in Review;01919601;Active;Not OA
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications;19366442 ;Active;Not OA
PEI Power Engineering International;10694994;Inactive;Not OA
Penn State Environmental Law Review;15463427;Inactive;Not OA
Pennsylvania dental journal;00314439;Active;Not OA
Pennsylvania Geographer;05535980;Active;Not OA
Pennsylvania health & you;15398684;Inactive;Not OA
Pennsylvania history;00314528 ;Active;Not OA
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography;00314587 ;Active;Not OA
Pennsylvania Medicine;00314595;Inactive;Not OA
Pepperdine law review;0092430X ;Inactive;Not OA
Perception and Psychophysics;00315117;Inactive;Not OA
Perceptual and Motor Skills;00315125;Active;Not OA
Performance Chemicals Europe;14693011;Inactive;Not OA
Performance Computing/Unix Review;07423136;Inactive;Not OA
Performance Evaluation Review;01635999;Active;Not OA
Performance improvement advisor;15436160;Inactive;Not OA
Performance Improvement Quarterly;08985952 ;Active;Not OA
Perfusion;02676591;Active;Not OA
Periodontal abstracts;10691502;Inactive;Not OA
Periodontal case reports : a publication of the Northeastern Society of Periodontists;02774216;Inactive;Not OA
Periodontal clinical investigations : official publication of the Northeastern Society of Periodontists;10652418;Inactive;Not OA
Permafrost and Periglacial Processes;10456740;Active;Not OA
Personal Engineering and Instrumentation News;07480016;Inactive;Not OA
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin;01461672;Active;Not OA
Personality and Social Psychology Review;10888683;Active;Not OA
Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment;19492715;Active;Not OA
Personnel Psychology;00315826;Active;Not OA
Perspective;;Active;Not OA
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine;00315982;Active;Not OA
Perspectives in Colon and Rectal Surgery;08948054;Inactive;Not OA
Perspectives in health information management / AHIMA, American Health Information Management Association;15594122;Active;Not OA
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care;00315990;Active;Not OA
Perspectives in Public Health;17579139;Active;Not OA
Perspectives in respiratory nursing : a publication of the Respiratory Nursing Society;10755756;Inactive;Not OA
Perspectives in Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy;15310035;Active;Not OA
Perspectives on Political Science;10457097;Active;Not OA
Perspectives on Science;10636145 ;Active;Not OA
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health;15386341;Active;Not OA
Perspectives on the professions;;Inactive;Not OA
PESC Record - IEEE Annual Power Electronics Specialists Conference;02759306;Inactive;Not OA
Pest Control;00316121 ;Inactive;Not OA
Pest Management Science;1526498X;Active;Not OA
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology;00483575;Active;Not OA
Pesticide Science;0031613X;Inactive;Not OA
Pests and their control;00962147 ;Inactive;Not OA
PET Clinics;15568598;Active;Not OA
Petroleum Engineer International;01648322;Inactive;Not OA
Petroleum Frontiers;07401817;Inactive;Not OA
Petroleum Geology;05538882 ;Inactive;Not OA
Petroleum Intelligence Weekly;04802160;Inactive;Not OA
Petroleum Science and Technology;10916466;Active;Not OA
Petrophysics;15299074;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical biotechnology;10780467;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal;0091150X;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Development and Technology;10837450;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Engineering;02738139;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Outsourcing;19453337;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Processing;10499156;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Research;07248741;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Statistics;15391604;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Technology;15432521;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe;01646826;Active;Not OA
Pharmaceutical Technology North America;15342131;Inactive;Not OA
Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety;10538569;Active;Not OA
Pharmacogenetics;0960314X;Inactive;Not OA
Pharmacogenetics and Genomics;17446872;Active;Not OA
Pharmacological Research;10436618;Active;Not OA
Pharmacological Research Communications;00316989;Inactive;Not OA
Pharmacological Reviews;00316997;Active;Not OA
Pharmacology and Therapeutics;01637258;Active;Not OA
Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Behavior;00913057;Active;Not OA
Pharmacopeial Forum;03634655;Active;Not OA
Pharmacotherapy;02770008;Active;Not OA
Pharmacy in history;00317047;Active;Not OA
Pharmacy practice management quarterly;10805737;Inactive;Not OA
Pharmacy Practice News;0886988X;Inactive;Not OA
Pharmacy times;00030627;Active;Not OA
PHC4 FYI [electronic resource] / Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council;;Inactive;Not OA
Phi Delta Kappan;00317217;Active;Not OA
Philological Quarterly;00317977 ;Active;Not OA
Philosophia Africana;15398250;Inactive;Not OA
Philosophia Christi;15291634 ;Active;Not OA
Philosophy & public policy quarterly / the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland.;10672478;Inactive;DOAJ
Philosophy and Literature;01900013;Active;Not OA
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research;00318205 ;Active;Not OA
Philosophy and Rhetoric;00318213;Active;Not OA
Philosophy and Social Criticism;01914537 ;Active;Not OA
Philosophy East & West;00318221;Active;Not OA
Philosophy of Science;00318248;Active;Not OA
Philosophy of the Social Sciences;00483931;Active;Not OA
Philosophy Today;00318256 ;Active;Not OA
Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology;10716076 ;Active;Not OA
Photochemistry and Photobiology;00318655;Active;Not OA
Photogramm Eng;00318671;Inactive;Not OA
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing;00991112;Active;Not OA
Photographic Science and Engineering;00318760;Inactive;Not OA
Photomedicine and Laser Surgery;15495418;Active;Not OA
Photonics Spectra;07311230;Active;Not OA
Phycologia;00318884;Active;Not OA
Physical Acoustics;0893388X;Inactive;Not OA
Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics;02703181;Active;Not OA
Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics;01942638;Active;Not OA
Physical Geography;02723646;Active;Not OA
Physical Review;0031899X ;Inactive;Not OA
Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics;10941622;Active;Not OA
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics;10980121;Active;Not OA
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics;01631829;Inactive;Not OA
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics;05562813;Active;Not OA
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology;15507998;Active;Not OA
Physical Review D: Particles and fields;05562821;Inactive;Not OA
Physical Review E - Statistical Physics, Plasmas, Fluids, and Related Interdisciplinary Topics;1063651X;Inactive;Not OA
Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics;15393755;Active;Not OA
Physical Review Letters;00319007;Active;Not OA
Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams;10984402;Active;DOAJ
Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research;15549178;Active;DOAJ
Physical Review X;21603308 ;Active;Not OA
Physical Separation in Science and Engineering;14786478;Active;OA registered
Physical Therapy;00319023;Active;Not OA
Physical Therapy in Sport;1466853X;Active;Not OA
Physician and Sportsmedicine;00913847;Active;Not OA
Physician executive;08982759;Active;Not OA
Physician performance & payment report;15287378;Inactive;Not OA
Physician relations update / American Health Consultants;10790349;Inactive;Not OA
Physics;01486349;Inactive;Not OA
Physics in Technology;03054624;Inactive;Not OA
Physics of Fluids;10706631;Active;Not OA
Physics of Fluids;00319171;Inactive;Not OA
Physics of Fluids B;08998221;Inactive;Not OA
Physics of fluids. A, Fluid dynamics;08998213;Inactive;Not OA
Physics of Plasmas;1070664X;Active;Not OA
Physics Research International;20902220;Active;DOAJ
Physics Today;00319228;Active;Not OA
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology;15222152;Active;Not OA
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology;08855765;Active;Not OA
Physiological chemistry and physics;00319325;Inactive;Not OA
Physiological Chemistry and Physics and Medical NMR;07486642;Active;Not OA
Physiological Genomics;10948341;Active;Not OA
Physiological Psychology;00905046;Inactive;Not OA
Physiological Reviews;00319333;Active;Not OA
Physiological Zoology;0031935X;Inactive;Not OA
Physiologist;00319376;Active;OA but not registered
Physiology;15489213;Active;Not OA
Physiotherapy Practice;02666154;Inactive;Not OA
Phytochemical Analysis;09580344;Active;Not OA
Phytopathology;0031949X;Active;Not OA
Phytotherapy Research;0951418X;Active;Not OA
PIMA magazine;10464352;Inactive;Not OA
PIMA's Papermaker;1093670X;Inactive;Not OA
Pioneer America;00320005;Inactive;Not OA
Pipe Line and Gas Industry;10798765;Inactive;Not OA
Pipe line industry Houston, Tex.;00320145;Inactive;Not OA
PIPELINE 84;01484443;Inactive;Not OA
Pipeline and Gas Journal;00320188;Active;Not OA
Pit and Quarry;00320293;Inactive;Not OA
Places;07310455 ;Inactive;Not OA
Plains Anthropologist;00320447;Active;Not OA
Planning;00012610;Active;Not OA
Planning (APA);;Inactive;Not OA
Planning Advisory Service Memo;10407340;Active;Not OA
Planning Theory;14730952;Active;Not OA
Plant Cell;10404651;Active;Not OA
Plant Disease;01912917;Active;Not OA
Plant Engineering;0032082X;Active;Not OA
Plant Physiology;00320889;Active;Not OA
Plant Signaling and Behavior;15592316;Active;Not OA
Plant/Operations Progress;02784513;Inactive;Not OA
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing;02724324;Active;Not OA
Plasma Medicine;19475764;Active;Not OA
Plasma Therapy and Transfusion Technology;02786222;Inactive;Not OA
Plasmas and Polymers;10840184;Inactive;Not OA
Plasmid;0147619X;Active;Not OA
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;00321052;Active;Not OA
Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1946);10751270 ;Inactive;Not OA
Plastic and reconstructive surgery and the transplantation bulletin;00968501 ;Inactive;Not OA
Plastic surgical nursing : official journal of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Nurses;07415206;Active;Not OA
Plastics Engineering;00919578;Active;Not OA
Plastics Technology;00321257;Active;Not OA
Plastics World;00321273;Inactive;Not OA
Plating;00321397;Inactive;Not OA
Plating and Surface Finishing;03603164;Active;Not OA
PLoS Biology;15449173;Active;DOAJ
PLoS Computational Biology;1553734X;Active;DOAJ
PLoS Genetics;15537390;Active;DOAJ
PLoS Medicine;15491277;Active;DOAJ
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases;19352727 ;Active;OA registered
PLoS ONE;19326203;Active;DOAJ
PLoS Pathogens;15537366;Active;DOAJ
Ploughshares;00484474 ;Active;Not OA
Pluralist;19307365 ;Active;Not OA
PM and R;19341482 ;Active;Not OA
PMLA;00308129 ;Active;Not OA
Poceedings of the Conference on Integrating Technology into Computer Science Education, ITiCSE;;Inactive;Not OA
Poe Studies - Dark Romanticism;15431789 ;Active;Not OA
Poetry;00322032 ;Active;Not OA
Point of Care;1533029X;Inactive;Not OA
Polar Geography;1088937X;Active;Not OA
Polar Geography and Geology;02738457;Inactive;Not OA
Police Quarterly;10986111 ;Active;Not OA
Police Studies;01412949 ;Inactive;Not OA
Police Surgeon;03080242;Inactive;Not OA
Policy analysis;00982067;Inactive;Not OA
Policy analysis brief. W series / Project Hope, Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis;;Inactive;Not OA
Policy brief (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research);;Active;Not OA
Policy Review;01465945;Active;Not OA
Policy, Politics, and Nursing Practice;15271544;Active;Not OA
Polish medical science and history bulletin;00913340;Inactive;Not OA
Political Behavior;01909320;Active;Not OA
Political Power and Social Theory;01988719;Active;Not OA
Political Research Quarterly;10659129;Active;Not OA
Political Science;00323187;Active;Not OA
Political Science Quarterly;00323195;Active;Not OA
Political Theory;00905917;Active;Not OA
Politics and Policy;15555623 ;Active;Not OA
Politics and Society;00323292;Active;Not OA
Politics and the Life Sciences;07309384;Active;Not OA
Politics, Philosophy and Economics;1470594X ;Active;Not OA
Pollution Engineering;00323640;Active;Not OA
Polyhedron;02775387;Active;Not OA
Polymer - Plastics Technology and Engineering;03602559;Active;Not OA
Polymer Composites;02728397;Active;Not OA
Polymer Engineering and Science;00323888;Active;Not OA
Polymer International;09598103;Active;Not OA
Polymer Mechanics;0032390X;Inactive;Not OA
Polymer Process Engineering;07357931;Inactive;Not OA
Polymer Reaction Engineering;10543414;Inactive;Not OA
Polymer Reviews;15583724;Active;Not OA
Polymers for Advanced Technologies;10427147;Active;Not OA
Polymers from Renewable Resources;20412479 ;Active;Not OA
Popline;;Inactive;Not OA
Population and Environment;01990039;Active;Not OA
Population briefs : reports on Population Council research,;10846786;Inactive;Not OA
Population Bulletin;0032468X;Active;Not OA
Population Bulletin Of Escwa;10114793;Inactive;Not OA
Population Health Management;19427891 ;Active;Not OA
Population index;00324701;Inactive;Not OA
Population newsletter / issued by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations;00484849 ;Inactive;Not OA
Population Reports - Special Topic Monographs;0161679X;Inactive;Not OA
Population reports (Washington, D.C.). Series D, Male sterilization;08910049;Inactive;Not OA
Population reports (Washington, D.C.). Series D, Sterilization;00934488;Inactive;Not OA
Population reports. Series J: Family planning programs;0091925X;Inactive;Not OA
Population reports. Series L, Issues in world health;01975838 ;Inactive;Not OA
Population reports. Series M, Special topic monographs;02758792;Inactive;Not OA
Population reports. Series M. Special topics;07339135;Inactive;Not OA
Population Studies;0082805X ;Inactive;Not OA
Population today;07492448;Inactive;Not OA
Population, Space and Place;15448444;Active;Not OA
Portal;15312542;Active;Not OA
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology;;Inactive;Not OA
Portuguese Studies Review;10571515 ;Inactive;Not OA
Positions;10679847;Active;Not OA
Positive Directions news : a support and information network of people with HIV/AIDS, their families, friends and providers;;Inactive;Not OA
Positive living (Los Angeles, Calif.);10830650;Inactive;Not OA
Positively aware : the monthly journal of the Test Positive Aware Network;15232883;Active;Not OA
Postgraduate Medicine;00325481;Active;OA registered
Postmodern Culture;10531920 ;Active;Not OA
Post-Soviet Affairs;1060586X;Active;Not OA
Post-Soviet Geography;10605851;Inactive;Not OA
Post-Soviet Geography and Economics;10889388;Inactive;Not OA
Poultry Science;00325791;Active;Not OA
Powder and Bulk Engineering;08976627;Inactive;Not OA
Powder Diffraction;08857156;Active;Not OA
Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics;10681302;Active;Not OA
Power;00325929;Active;Not OA
Power Electronics Technology;15402800;Active;Not OA
Power Engineering;00325961;Active;Not OA
Power Technology and Engineering;1570145X;Active;Not OA
Power Transmission Design;00326070;Inactive;Not OA
Powerconversion and Intelligent Motion;08850259;Inactive;Not OA
Powerconversion International;01991884;Inactive;Not OA
PPAR Research;16874757;Active;DOAJ
PPI Europe;;Active;Not OA
PPI This Week;;Inactive;Not OA
PPI, Pulp & Paper International;0033409X;Active;Not OA
Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation;15317714 ;Active;Not OA
Practical Diabetes;0266447X;Inactive;Not OA
Practical Diabetes International;13578170;Active;Not OA
Practical Gastroenterology;02774208;Active;Not OA
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants;18746942;Inactive;Not OA
Practical periodontics and aesthetic dentistry : PPAD;10422722;Inactive;Not OA
Practical procedures & aesthetic dentistry : PPAD;15346846;Inactive;Not OA
Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management;1090025X;Inactive;Not OA
Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction;10840680;Active;Not OA
Practicing Oil Analysis;15363937;Inactive;Not OA
Praktische Anasthesie, Wiederbelebung und Intensivtherapie;03027600;Inactive;Not OA
Precision Cleaning;10686037;Inactive;Not OA
Prehospital and disaster medicine : the official journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians and the World Association for Emergency and Disaster Medicine in association with the Acute Care Foundation;1049023X;Active;Not OA
Prehospital Emergency Care;10903127;Active;Not OA
Prenatal Diagnosis;01973851;Active;Not OA
Preparative Biochemistry;00327484;Inactive;Not OA
Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology;10826068;Active;Not OA
Prepress Bulletin;87502224;Inactive;Not OA
Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments;10547460;Active;Not OA
Preservation;10909931 ;Active;Not OA
Presstime;01943243;Inactive;Not OA
Preventing chronic disease [electronic resource].;15451151;Active;DOAJ
Prevention and Management of Congestive Heart Failure;10797998;Inactive;Not OA
Prevention in Human Services;02703114;Inactive;Not OA
Preventive Cardiology;1520037X;Active;Not OA
Preventive Medicine;00917435;Active;Not OA
Pride Institute journal of long term home health care;07435088;Inactive;Not OA
Primary Care Case Reviews;10968954;Inactive;Not OA
Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry;15235998;Active;DOAJ
Primary Psychiatry;10826319;Active;Not OA
Primate Conservation;08986207;Active;Not OA
PRIMUS;10511970 ;Active;Not OA
Princeton journal of bioethics;;Inactive;Not OA
Print Media Magazine;15342115;Inactive;Not OA
Print on Demand Business;10968520;Inactive;Not OA
Printed Circuit Design;08849862;Inactive;Not OA
Printed Circuit Design and Fab;19395442;Active;Not OA
Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture;15436527;Inactive;Not OA
Printed Circuit Fabrication;02748096;Inactive;Not OA
Printing Impressions;0032860X;Active;Not OA
Printing News;10468595;Inactive;Not OA
Printwear;15227898;Active;Not OA
Prion;19336896 ;Active;Not OA
Prison Journal;00328855;Active;Not OA
Private Power Executive;10750592;Inactive;Not OA
PRN forum;0743345X;Inactive;Not OA
Probability Surveys;15495787 ;Active;Not OA
Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins;18671306 ;Active;Not OA
Problems in Anesthesia;08894698;Inactive;Not OA
Problems in General Surgery;07398328;Inactive;Not OA
Problems of economic transition;10611991;Inactive;Not OA
Problems of Economics;00329436;Inactive;Not OA
Problems of Post-Communism;10758216;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - 11th IEEE International Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, ECBS 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - 2004 IEEE Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference, CSB 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - 2004 IEEE International Conference on e-Technology, e-Commerce and e-Service, EEE 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - 2004 IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - 2004 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, SCC 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - 4th IEEE International Workshop on System-on-Chip for Real-Time Applications, IWSOC 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - Annual SAFE Symposium (Survival and Flight Equipment Association);;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference;05695503;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Fourth IEEE Symposium on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, BIBE 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference;01905848;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Graphics Interface;07135424;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing;07367791;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - ICE: Structures & Buildings;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI: Emerging Trends in VLSI Systems Design;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE Computer Society's International Computer Software and Applications Conference;07306512;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE INFOCOM;0743166X;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Computer Design: VLSI in Computers and Processors;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology, CEC 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation;10504729;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Web Services;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Web Services, ICWS 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems;02714310;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE Military Communications Conference;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - International Air Transportation Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - International Conference on Data Engineering;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems;10636927;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition;10514651;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering;02705257;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - International Symposium on Electrets;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference;10459065;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Real-Time Systems Symposium;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Second IEEE Annual Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, Workshops, PerCom;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - Sixth IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - SPE Eastern Regional Conference and Exhibition;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - SPE International Symposium on Formation Damage Control;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - SPE Production Operations Symposium;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings - SPE Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Symposium on Computer Arithmetic;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Symposium on Fusion Engineering;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Symposium on Logic in Computer Science;10436871;Active;Not OA
Proceedings - Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium;;Inactive;Not OA
"Proceedings / . International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology ; ISMB. International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology";;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings / AMIA . Annual Symposium. AMIA Symposium;1531605X;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings : a conference of the American Medical Informatics Association / . AMIA Annual Fall Symposium. AMIA Fall Symposium;10918280;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings 50th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrmetry and Allied Topics;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings ACM SIGUCCS User Services Conference;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings IEEE Lester Eastman Conference on High Performance Devices;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of IEEE Sensors;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering;0277786X;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of Stapp Car Crash Conference;0585086X;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation, Restructuring and Power Technologies (DRPT2004);;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Solid Dielectrics ICSD 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Workshop on VLSI Design and Video Technology, IWVDVT 2005;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia;00973157;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Hypertext;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM International Multimedia Conference and Exhibition;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems - PODS;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGCPR Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Computer Graphics;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI);;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, PPOPP;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Advances in Geographic Information Systems;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the American Gas Association, Operating Section;00997250 ;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society;00029939;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society;0003049X;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society;15463222 ;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique;0732619X;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity;10930159;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting - Institute of Navigation;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference;01603663;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual Southeastern Symposium on System Theory;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Annual Symposium on Instrumentation for the Process Industries;00967963;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, ASP-DAC;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Asian Test Symposium;10817735;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington;0006324X;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Systems, and Applications;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute;15407489;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications, OOPSLA;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Controlled Release Society;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Controlled Release Society;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar;07364709;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference;08865930;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Data Compression Conference;10680314;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Drilling Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington;00138797;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Euromicro Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, CSMR;15345351;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems, RADECS;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the European Petroleum Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Science;00731129;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington;00180130;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Financial Engineering and Applications;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE;00189219;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE 2004 International Interconnect Technology Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Annual Simulation Symposium;02724715;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition;10636919;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Symposium on Research in Security and Privacy;10637109;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Control Applications;10851992;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control;01912216;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI;10661395;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology for Dynamic E-Business, CEC-East 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, ICECCS;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics 2004, ICM'04;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS);10846999;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives & Energy Systems for Industrial Growth, PEDES;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics;08843627;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Transmission and Distribution Construction and Live Line Maintenance, ESMO;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on VLSI Design;10639667;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics, ISCE;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Research Issues in Data Engineering;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS);;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems;10637125;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems;10609857;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium;10510117;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE VLSI Test Symposium;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE Working Conference on Current Measurement;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE/ASME Joint Railroad Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the IEEE/CPMT International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) Symposium;10898190;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Information Visualization Conference;10939547;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology Part B: Journal of Marine Design and Operations;14761556;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning;17550793;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part N: Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems;17403499 ;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Conference on Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation Engineering;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Conference on Microelectronics;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering - OMAE;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management and Environmental Remediation, ICEM;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence;10636730;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Instrumentation Symposium;02777576;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Modal Analysis Conference - IMAC;10466770;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Pipeline Conference, IPC;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Semiconductor Conference, CAS;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems;15228681;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of The International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic;0195623X;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Networks, I-SPAN;10874089;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Symposium on System Synthesis;10801820;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping;10746005;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the ISOPE Ocean Mining Symposium;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference - MELECON;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Middle East Oil Show;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America;00278424;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the National Symposium on Civil Engineering History;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the National Technical Meeting, Institute of Navigation;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program: Scientific Results;08845891;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the SID;00361496;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine (New York, N. Y.);00379727;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Society for Information Display;07341768;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the SPE Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Modelling for Asset Management;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the SPE International Petroleum Conference & Exhibition of Mexico;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing Roundtable Conf;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the SPE/ISRM Rock Mechanics in Petroleum Engineering Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the staff meetings. Mayo Clinic;0092699X ;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, TAGA;;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the Third ACM International Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access: MobiDE 2003;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the TMS Fall Meeting;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Western Pharmacology Society;00838969;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of The Western Snow Conference;01610589;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings of the Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises, WET ICE;15244547;Active;Not OA
Proceedings of the World Petroleum Congress;00842176;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings, Annual Convention - Gas Processors Association;00968870;Active;Not OA
Proceedings, Annual Technical Conference - Society of Vacuum Coaters;07375921;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings, DELTA 2004 - Second IEEE International Workshop on Electronic Design, Test and Applications;;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings. The Computer Security Foundations Workshop III;10636900;Inactive;Not OA
Proceedings/STC, Society for Technical Communication Annual Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Process Control News (for the Pulp and Paper Industries);07483236;Inactive;Not OA
Process Safety Progress;10668527;Active;Not OA
Process Systems Engineering;18745970;Inactive;Not OA
Production and Inventory Management Journal;08978336;Inactive;Not OA
Production and inventory management Washington, D.C.;00329843;Inactive;Not OA
Production and Operations Management;10591478;Active;Not OA
Production engineering;01461737;Inactive;Not OA
Products Finishing (Cincinnati);00329940;Inactive;Not OA
Professional Case Management;19328087;Active;Not OA
Professional ethics (Gainesville, Fla.);10636579;Inactive;Not OA
Professional Paper of the Indiana State University, Department of Geography, Geology and Anthropology;00736937 ;Inactive;Not OA
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice;07357028;Active;Not OA
Professional safety;00990027;Inactive;Not OA
Profiles in healthcare communications.;19319592;Inactive;Not OA
Profiles in healthcare marketing;10407480;Inactive;Not OA
Profiles in hospital marketing;02759632;Inactive;Not OA
Profiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related Methodology;18715125;Active;Not OA
Program Comprehension, Workshop Proceedings;10928138;Inactive;Not OA
Program notes (Association of University Programs.);00981559;Inactive;Not OA
Programming and Computer Software;03617688;Active;Not OA
Progress in Anesthesiology;08915784;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in behavior modification;0099037X;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in biophysics and biophysical chemistry;00964174 ;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in cardiovascular nursing;08897204;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in cell cycle research;10872957;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in Clinical and Biological Research;03617742;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in community health partnerships : research, education, and action;15570541;Active;Not OA
Progress in Development Studies;14649934;Active;Not OA
Progress in Electromagnetics Research;10704698;Active;DOAJ
Progress in Electromagnetics Research B;19376472 ;Active;OA registered
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C;19378718 ;Active;Not OA
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters;;Active;Not OA
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M;19378726 ;Active;Not OA
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science;03601285;Active;Not OA
Progress in experimental personality research;00796255;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in Human Geography;03091325;Active;Not OA
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry;00796379 ;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry;13677543 ;Active;Not OA
Progress in Nucleic Acid Research and Molecular Biology;00796603;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in Paper Recycling;10611452;Active;Not OA
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications;10627995;Active;Not OA
Progress in Physical Geography;03091333;Active;Not OA
Progress in psychotherapy;05554241 ;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in Quantum Electronics;00796727;Active;Not OA
Progress in Structural Engineering and Materials;13650556;Inactive;Not OA
Progress in Transplantation;02664852;Active;Not OA
Progressive Fish-Culturist;00330779;Inactive;Not OA
Project Inform perspective;10587454;Active;Not OA
Prologue;00331031;Active;Not OA
Prooftexts - Journal of Jewish Literature History;02729601 ;Active;Not OA
Prostaglandins and Medicine;01614630;Inactive;Not OA
Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids;09523278;Active;Not OA
Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Medicine;02621746;Inactive;Not OA
Prostate;02704137;Active;Not OA
Protecting human subjects;;Inactive;Not OA
Protein Engineering;02692139;Inactive;Not OA
Protein Expression and Purification;10465928;Active;Not OA
Protein Profile;10703667;Inactive;Not OA
Protein Science;09618368;Active;Not OA
Proteins: Structure, Function and Genetics;08873585;Active;Not OA
Proteus;08896348 ;Inactive;Not OA
Provider (Washington, D.C.);08880352;Active;Not OA
PS;00308269;Inactive;Not OA
Psyche;1039723X;Active;OA registered
Psychiatric Annals;00485713;Active;Not OA
Psychiatric Genetics;09558829;Active;Not OA
Psychiatric Hospital;08857717;Inactive;Not OA
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal;1095158X;Active;Not OA
Psychiatric Services;10752730;Active;Not OA
Psychiatric Times;08932905;Inactive;Not OA
Psychiatry;00332747;Active;Not OA
Psychiatry;15505952;Inactive;Not OA
Psychiatry digest;00332771 ;Inactive;Not OA
Psychiatry in Medicine;0033278X;Inactive;Not OA
Psychoanalysis and the Psychoanalytic Review;08857830 ;Inactive;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Dialogues;10481885;Active;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Inquiry;07351690;Active;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Psychology;07369735;Active;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy;02668734;Active;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Quarterly;00332828;Active;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Review;00332836;Active;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Social Work;15228878;Active;Not OA
Psychoanalytic Study of the Child;00797308;Inactive;Not OA
Psychobiology;08896313;Inactive;Not OA
Psychodynamic Counselling;13533339;Inactive;Not OA
Psychodynamic Practice;14753634;Active;Not OA
Psychological Assessment;10403590;Active;Not OA
Psychological Bulletin;00332909;Active;Not OA
Psychological Inquiry;1047840X;Active;Not OA
Psychological Methods;1082989X;Active;Not OA
Psychological Record;00332933;Active;Not OA
Psychological Reports;00332941;Active;Not OA
Psychological Review;0033295X;Active;Not OA
Psychological Science;09567976;Active;Not OA
Psychological Science in the Public Interest, Supplement;15291006 ;Active;Not OA
Psychological Services;15411559;Active;Not OA
Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy;19429681 ;Active;Not OA
Psychologist-Manager Journal;10887156 ;Active;Not OA
Psychology (Savannah, Ga.);00333077;Inactive;Not OA
Psychology and Aging;08827974;Active;Not OA
Psychology and Education;;Active;Not OA
Psychology and Health;08870446;Active;Not OA
Psychology and Marketing;07426046;Active;Not OA
Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice;14760835;Active;Not OA
Psychology in the Schools;00333085;Active;Not OA
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors;0893164X;Active;Not OA
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts;19313896 ;Active;Not OA
Psychology of Learning and Motivation - Advances in Research and Theory;00797421;Active;Not OA
Psychology of Men and Masculinity;15249220;Active;Not OA
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality;19411022;Active;Not OA
Psychology of Violence;21520828 ;Active;Not OA
Psychology Today;00333107;Inactive;Not OA
Psychology, Crime and Law;1068316X;Active;Not OA
Psychology, Health and Medicine;13548506;Active;Not OA
Psychology, Public Policy, and Law;10768971;Active;Not OA
Psychoneuroendocrinology;03064530;Active;Not OA
Psychonomic Bulletin and Review;10699384;Active;Not OA
Psychonomic science;00333131;Inactive;Not OA
Psycho-Oncology;10579249;Active;Not OA
Psychopharm Review;19369255;Active;Not OA
Psychopharmacology Bulletin;00485764;Active;Not OA
Psychopharmacology Service Center bulletin;03760162 ;Inactive;Not OA
Psychosis;17522439 ;Active;Not OA
Psychosomatic Medicine;00333174;Active;Not OA
Psychosomatics;00333182;Active;Not OA
Psychotherapy;00333204;Active;Not OA
Psychotherapy in Private Practice;07317158;Inactive;Not OA
Psychotherapy Research;10503307;Active;Not OA
Psycoloquy;10550143;Inactive;OA registered
PT Design;1097721X;Inactive;Not OA
Public Administration and Development;02712075;Active;Not OA
Public Administration and Management;10870091;Active;DOAJ
Public affairs quarterly;08870373;Inactive;Not OA
Public Budgeting and Finance;02751100 ;Active;Not OA
Public Culture;08992363;Active;Not OA
Public finance quarterly;00485853;Inactive;Not OA
Public Finance Review;10911421;Active;Not OA
Public Interest;00333557;Inactive;Not OA
Public Library Quarterly;01616846;Active;Not OA
Public Personnel Management;00910260;Active;Not OA
Public Policy and Administration;09520767;Active;Not OA
Public Relations Review;03638111;Active;Not OA
Public Roads;00333735;Active;Not OA
Public sector contracting report : the monthly guide to Medicare and Medicaid managed care;10849483;Inactive;Not OA
Public Services Quarterly;15228959;Active;Not OA
Public Understanding of Science;09636625;Active;Not OA
Public Welfare;00333816;Inactive;Not OA
Public Works;00333840;Inactive;Not OA
Public Works Management and Policy;1087724X ;Active;Not OA
Publication - American Institute of the History of Pharmacy;02700611 ;Inactive;Not OA
Publication - Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry;01492640;Inactive;Not OA
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific;00046280;Active;Not OA
Publish;08976007;Inactive;Not OA
Publishing and Production Executive;10483055;Inactive;Not OA
Publishing Executive;15589641 ;Active;Not OA
Publishing Research Quarterly;10538801 ;Active;Not OA
Pulmonary Pharmacology;09520600;Inactive;Not OA
Pulmonary Pharmacology and Therapeutics;10945539;Active;Not OA
Pulp and Paper;00334081;Inactive;Not OA
Pulp and Paper Europe;1370754X;Inactive;Not OA
Pulp and Paper Forecaster;08986886;Inactive;Not OA
Pulp and Paper Project Report;07481608;Inactive;Not OA
Pulp and Paper Report;;Inactive;Not OA
Pulp and Paper Week;07380917;Inactive;Not OA
Punishment and Society;14624745;Active;Not OA
Purchasing administration;01924311;Inactive;Not OA
Pure and Applied Chemistry;00334545;Active;Not OA
Pure and Applied Mathematics;00798169;Inactive;Not OA
Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly;15588599 ;Active;Not OA
Q.A. brief;;Inactive;Not OA
QRC advisor;07477384;Inactive;Not OA
Quaderni di Criminologia Clinica;00334928;Inactive;Not OA
Quaker history;00335053 ;Inactive;Not OA
Qualitative Health Research;10497323;Active;Not OA
Qualitative Inquiry;10778004;Active;Not OA
Qualitative Report;10520147 ;Active;Not OA
Qualitative Research;14687941;Active;Not OA
Qualitative Social Work;14733250 ;Active;Not OA
Qualitative Sociology;01620436;Active;Not OA
Quality;03609936;Inactive;Not OA
Quality - Access to Success;15822559;Active;Not OA
Quality and Reliability Engineering International;07488017;Active;Not OA
Quality assurance and utilization review : official journal of the American College of Utilization Review Physicians;0885713X;Inactive;Not OA
Quality Assurance Journal;10878378;Active;Not OA
Quality assurance London;03062856;Inactive;Not OA
Quality connection (Brookline, Mass.);;Inactive;Not OA
Quality Engineering;08982112;Active;Not OA
Quality Management in Health Care;10638628;Active;Not OA
Quality Progress;0033524X;Active;Not OA
Quality Review Bulletin;00975990;Inactive;Not OA
Quantum Information and Computation;15337146;Active;Not OA
Quarterly bulletin of Sea View Hospital. New York. Sea View Hospital, Staten Island. Clinical Society;00965448 ;Inactive;Not OA
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics;10983708 ;Active;Not OA
Quarterly Journal of Economics;00335533;Active;Not OA
Quarterly Journal of Medicine;00335622;Inactive;Not OA
Quarterly Journal of Political Science;15540626 ;Active;Not OA
Quarterly journal of studies on alcohol;00335649;Inactive;Not OA
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics;0033569X;Active;Not OA
Quarterly Review of Biology;00335770;Active;Not OA
Quarterly review of medicine;00967114 ;Inactive;Not OA
Quarterly review of obstetrics and gynecology;00969230 ;Inactive;Not OA
Quarterly review of pediatrics;00970107 ;Inactive;Not OA
Quarterly review of psychiatry and neurology;;Inactive;Not OA
Quarterly Review of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology;0096543X ;Inactive;Not OA
Quaternary Research;00335894;Active;Not OA
Quest;00336297;Active;Not OA
Queue;15427730 ;Active;Not OA
Quick Printing;01914588;Inactive;Not OA
Quintessence International;00336572;Active;Not OA
R.I. medical journal;0360067X;Inactive;Not OA
Race and Class;03063968;Active;Not OA
Radiation curing;01464604;Inactive;Not OA
Radiation data and reports;00916722;Inactive;Not OA
Radiation Oncology Investigations;10657541;Inactive;Not OA
Radiation Research;00337587;Active;Not OA
Radical history review;01636545;Active;Not OA
Radio Science;00486604;Active;Not OA
Radiocarbon;00338222;Active;Not OA
Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc;02715333;Active;Not OA
Radiologic Technology;00338397;Active;Not OA
Radiological health data and reports;00338400;Inactive;Not OA
Radiologie - Journal du CEPUR;07203322;Inactive;Not OA
Radiologist;10691286;Inactive;Not OA
Radiology;00338419;Active;Not OA
Radiology management;01987097;Active;Not OA
Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics (English Translation of Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Radiofizika);00338443;Active;Not OA
Radwaste Solutions;15294900;Active;Not OA
Railway Age;00338826;Inactive;Not OA
Railway Gazette International;03735346;Inactive;Not OA
RAND Journal of Economics;07416261;Active;Not OA
Random Lengths;04839420;Inactive;Not OA
Random Structures and Algorithms;10429832;Active;Not OA
Rangeland Ecology and Management;15507424;Active;Not OA
Rangelands;01900528;Active;Not OA
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry;09514198;Active;Not OA
Raritan;02751607 ;Active;Not OA
Rasplavy;02350106;Inactive;Not OA
Rationality and Society;10434631;Active;Not OA
RDH;02797720;Inactive;Not OA
Reading Online;10961232 ;Inactive;Not OA
Reading Research and Instruction;08860246;Inactive;Not OA
Reading Research Quarterly;00340553;Active;Not OA
Reading Teacher;00340561;Active;Not OA
Real Estate Taxation;00935107;Active;Not OA
Real-Time Imaging;10772014;Inactive;Not OA
Recent advances in biological psychiatry;03762122;Inactive;Not OA
Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism;03635872;Inactive;Not OA
Recent developments in alcoholism : an official publication of the American Medical Society on Alcoholism, the Research Society on Alcoholism, and the National Council on Alcoholism;0738422X;Inactive;Not OA
Recent Progress in Hormone Research;00799963;Inactive;Not OA
Receptor;10528040;Inactive;Not OA
Receptors & signal transduction;10878475;Inactive;Not OA
Record - IEEE PLANS, Position Location and Navigation Symposium;;Active;Not OA
Record of Conference Papers - Annual Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference;;Active;Not OA
Records of the IEEE International Workshop on Memory Technology, Design and Testing;10874852;Inactive;Not OA
Recruitment, retention & restructuring report;;Inactive;Not OA
Recycled Paper News;10519831;Inactive;Not OA
Recycling Today;10966323;Inactive;Not OA
Red Cedar Review;00341967;Active;Not OA
Reference and User Services Quarterly;10949054;Active;Not OA
Reference Librarian;02763877;Active;Not OA
Reflections / Sigma Theta Tau;08858144;Inactive;Not OA
Reflections on nursing leadership / Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing;15276538;Inactive;Not OA
Refractive and Corneal Surgery;1042962X;Inactive;Not OA
Refractories;00343102;Inactive;Not OA
Refractories and Industrial Ceramics;10834877;Active;Not OA
Refrigeration Service & Contracting;15224678;Inactive;Not OA
Regional Science Perspectives;00971197;Inactive;Not OA
Regulated Rivers: Research and Management;08869375;Inactive;Not OA
Regulatory analyst. Medical waste;10651063;Inactive;Not OA
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology;02732300;Active;Not OA
Rehab management;08996237;Active;Not OA
Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin;00343552;Active;Not OA
Rehabilitation nursing : the official journal of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses;02784807;Active;Not OA
Rehabilitation Oncology;;Active;Not OA
Rehabilitation Psychology;00905550;Active;Not OA
Rehabilitation R and D Progress Reports;08827753 ;Inactive;Not OA
Rejuvenation Research;15491684;Active;Not OA
Religion;0048721X;Active;Not OA
Religion and American Culture;10521151;Active;Not OA
Religion and Literature;00294500 ;Active;Not OA
Religious Education;00344087 ;Active;Not OA
Religious Humanism;00344095 ;Active;Not OA
Religious Studies Review;0319485X ;Active;Not OA
Remedial and Special Education;07419325;Active;Not OA
Renaissance Drama;04863739 ;Active;Not OA
Renaissance quarterly;00344338;Active;Not OA
Renal Failure;0886022X;Active;Not OA
Renal Physiology;03785858;Inactive;Not OA
Renascence;00344346 ;Active;Not OA
Renewable Resources Journal;07386532;Active;Not OA
Report - University of California Water Resources Center;03755975;Inactive;Not OA
Report (Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry : 1984);08883394;Inactive;Not OA
Report from the Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy;10672478;Inactive;DOAJ
Report of Investigations - Maryland Geological Survey;00764809 ;Inactive;Not OA
Report of the National Forum on Hospital and Health Affairs / conducted by the Graduate Program in Hospital Administration of Duke University. National Forum on Hospital and Health Affairs;;Inactive;Not OA
Report on carcinogens : carcinogen profiles / U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Toxicology Program;15518272;Active;Not OA
Report on medical guidelines & outcomes research;10505636;Inactive;Not OA
Report on Pediatric Infectious Diseases;1050964X;Inactive;Not OA
Representation Theory;10884165;Active;Not OA
Representations;07346018;Active;Not OA
Reproductive freedom news / from the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy;;Inactive;Not OA
Reproductive sciences (Thousand Oaks, Calif.);19337191;Active;Not OA
RES Journal of the Reticuloendothelial Society;00336890;Inactive;Not OA
Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics;02771322 ;Active;Not OA
Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities;15407969;Active;Not OA
Research briefs : center for studying health system change;;Active;Not OA
Research Communications in Alcohol and Substances of Abuse;10808388;Inactive;Not OA
Research Communications in Biochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology;1087111X;Inactive;Not OA
Research Communications in Biological Psychology and Psychiatry;10870695;Inactive;Not OA
Research Communications in Chemical Pathology and Pharmacology;00345164;Inactive;Not OA
Research Communications in Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology;10780297;Inactive;Not OA
Research Communications in Pharmacology and Toxicology;10871101;Inactive;Not OA
Research Communications in Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavior;03622428;Inactive;Not OA
Research Communications in Substances of Abuse;01930818;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Accounting Regulation;10520457 ;Active;Not OA
Research in African Literatures;00345210;Active;Not OA
Research in Community and Mental Health;01920812;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Economic Anthropology;01901281;Active;Not OA
Research in Economic History;03633268;Active;Not OA
Research in Economics;10909443;Active;Not OA
Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations;15292096;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Experimental Economics;01932306;Active;Not OA
Research in Finance;01963821;Active;Not OA
Research in gerontological nursing;19404921 ;Active;Not OA
Research in Global Strategic Management;10644857;Active;Not OA
Research in Healthcare Financial Management;15241521;Inactive;Not OA
Research in human capital and development;01943960;Inactive;Not OA
Research in International Business and Finance;02755319;Active;Not OA
Research in Labor Economics;01479121;Active;Not OA
Research in Law and Economics;01935895;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Middle East Economics;10945334;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Multi-Level Issues;14759144;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Nursing and Health;01606891;Active;Not OA
Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being;14793555;Active;Not OA
Research in Organizational Behavior;01913085;Active;Not OA
Research in Organizational Change and Development;08973016;Active;Not OA
Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management;07427301;Active;Not OA
Research in Political Economy;01617230;Active;Not OA
Research in population economics;01637878;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management;07321317;Active;Not OA
Research in Rural Sociology and Development;10571922;Active;Not OA
Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change;0163786X;Active;Not OA
Research in Social Problems and Public Policy;01961152;Active;Not OA
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility;02765624;Active;Not OA
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology;07434154;Active;Not OA
Research in the Sociology of Education;14793539 ;Active;Not OA
Research in the Sociology of Health Care;02754959;Active;Not OA
Research in the Sociology of Organizations;0733558X;Active;Not OA
Research in the Sociology of Work;02772833;Active;Not OA
Research in the Teaching of English;0034527X;Active;Not OA
Research in Transportation Economics;07398859;Active;Not OA
Research in Urban Policy;14793520;Inactive;Not OA
Research in Urban Sociology;10470042;Active;Not OA
Research initiative, treatment action : RITA;15208745;Inactive;Not OA
Research Journal of Allergy;18193390;Inactive;Not OA
Research Journal of Botany;18164919;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of Business Management;18191932 ;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of Cardiology;18193404;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology;18193420;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of Information Technology;18157432 ;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of Medicinal Plant;18193455;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of Microbiology;18164935;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of Seed Science;18193552 ;Active;Not OA
Research Journal of the Water Pollution Control Federation;10477624;Inactive;Not OA
Research Journal of Toxins;18193560;Inactive;Not OA
Research Letters in Biochemistry;16876709;Inactive;DOAJ
Research Letters in Ecology;16876768;Inactive;DOAJ
Research Letters in Materials Science;16876822;Inactive;DOAJ
Research Letters in Physical Chemistry;16876873 ;Inactive;OA registered
Research Letters in Physics;1687689X;Inactive;DOAJ
Research management;00345334;Inactive;Not OA
Research Notes - US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service;;Inactive;Not OA
Research on Aging;01640275;Active;Not OA
Research on Economic Inequality;10492585;Active;Not OA
Research on Language and Social Interaction;08351813;Active;Not OA
Research on Managing Groups and Teams;15340856;Active;Not OA
Research on Social Work Practice;10497315;Active;Not OA
Research on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy;07371071;Inactive;Not OA
Research Paper - University of Chicago, Department of Geography;00693340;Inactive;Not OA
Research Paper - US Department of Agriculture, Forestry Service;;Inactive;Not OA
Research quarterly;00345377;Inactive;Not OA
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport;02701367;Active;Not OA
Research Report - International Food Policy Research Institute;;Inactive;Not OA
Research report (Health Effects Institute);10415505;Active;Not OA
Research Report of the International Food Policy Research Institute;08867372;Active;Not OA
Research Technology Management;08956308;Active;Not OA
Residential Treatment for Children and Youth;0886571X ;Active;Not OA
Resource Recycling;07444710;Active;Not OA
Resource Sharing and Information Networks;07377797 ;Inactive;Not OA
Resource: Engineering and Technology for Sustainable World;10763333;Active;Not OA
Resources for American Literary Study;00487384 ;Active;Not OA
Respiratory Care;00201324;Active;Not OA
Restaurant Business;00978043;Active;Not OA
Restoration & Management Notes;07330707 ;Inactive;Not OA
Retina;0275004X;Active;Not OA
Retina Today;18250572 ;Active;Not OA
Revenue-cycle strategist;15490858;Active;Not OA
Review;01479032;Active;Not OA
Review (Federation of American Health Systems);08910200;Inactive;Not OA
Review of Agricultural Economics;10587195;Inactive;Not OA
Review of Black Political Economy;00346446;Active;Not OA
Review of Economic Dynamics;10942025;Active;Not OA
Review of Economics and Statistics;00346535;Active;Not OA
Review of Educational Research;00346543;Active;Not OA
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy;17506816 ;Active;Not OA
Review of Faith and International Affairs;15570274 ;Active;Not OA
Review of General Psychology;10892680;Active;Not OA
Review of Higher Education;01625748;Active;Not OA
Review of Law and Economics;15555879;Active;Not OA
Review of law and social change. New York University;00487481;Active;Not OA
Review of Marketing Science;15465616;Active;Not OA
Review of Metaphysics;00346632;Active;Not OA
Review of Network Economics;14469022 ;Active;Not OA
Review of Politics;00346705 ;Active;Not OA
Review of public data use;00922846;Inactive;Not OA
Review of Public Personnel Administration;0734371X ;Active;Not OA
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting;0924865X;Active;Not OA
Review of Radical Political Economics;04866134;Active;Not OA
Review of Regional Studies;0048749X;Active;Not OA
Review of Religious Research;0034673X;Active;Not OA
Review of Research in Education;0091732X;Active;Not OA
Review of Scientific Instruments;00346748;Active;Not OA
Review of Surgery;00346780;Inactive;Not OA
Reviews in American history;00487511;Active;Not OA
Reviews in Analgesia;1542961X ;Inactive;Not OA
Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine;15306550;Active;Not OA
Reviews in Computational Chemistry;10693599;Active;Not OA
Reviews in Gastroenterological Disorders;1533001X;Inactive;Not OA
Reviews in Medical Microbiology;0954139X;Active;Not OA
Reviews in Medical Virology;10529276;Active;Not OA
Reviews in Mineralogy;02750279;Inactive;Not OA
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry;15296466;Active;Not OA
Reviews in Neurological Diseases;15452913;Active;Not OA
Reviews in Particulate Materials;10635750 ;Inactive;Not OA
Reviews of Geophysics;87551209;Active;Not OA
Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics;00346853;Inactive;Not OA
Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics;1557234X ;Active;Not OA
Reviews of Infectious Diseases;01620886;Inactive;Not OA
Reviews of Modern Physics;00346861;Active;Not OA
Revista de Estudios Hispanicos;0034818X ;Active;Not OA
Revista Iberoamericana;00349631 ;Active;Not OA
Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica/Pan American Journal of Public Health;10204989;Active;DOAJ
Revolution (Oakland, Calif.);10590927;Inactive;Not OA
Revolution (Staten Island, N.Y.);10590927;Inactive;Not OA
Rhetoric and Public Affairs;10948392;Active;Not OA
Rhetoric Review;07350198;Active;Not OA
Rhetorica;07348584;Active;Not OA
Rhode Island dental journal;00918903;Inactive;Not OA
Rhode Island Medical Journal;00354627;Inactive;Not OA
Rhode Island medicine;1061222X;Inactive;Not OA
Rhodes Cook Letter;15584291 ;Active;Not OA
Rhodora;00354902;Active;Not OA
Rice;19398425 ;Active;Not OA
Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources, Proceedings of the Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
River Research and Applications;15351459;Active;Not OA
Rivers;08988048;Inactive;Not OA
Rivista Delle Technologie Tessili;03945413;Inactive;Not OA
Rivista di odontostomatologia e implantoprotesi;;Inactive;Not OA
RN;00337021;Inactive;Not OA
RNA;13558382;Active;Not OA
RNA Biology;15476286;Active;Not OA
Robotics Age;01971905;Inactive;Not OA
Robotics engineering;08880816;Inactive;Not OA
Robotics World;07377908;Inactive;Not OA
Rock Products;07473605;Inactive;Not OA
Rocks and Minerals;00357529;Active;Not OA
Rocky Mountain Geology;15557332;Active;Not OA
Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics;00357596;Active;Not OA
Rocky Mountain Medical Journal;0035760X;Inactive;Not OA
Romance Notes;00357995 ;Inactive;Not OA
Romance Quarterly;08831157 ;Active;Not OA
Romanic Review;00358118 ;Active;Not OA
Rorschach research exchange and journal of projective techniques;10683402 ;Inactive;Not OA
RT and S: Railway Track and Structures;00339016;Inactive;Not OA
Rubber Age;00359440;Inactive;Not OA
Rubber Chemistry and Technology;00359475;Active;Not OA
Rubber World;00359572;Active;Not OA
Rural policy brief / RUPRI Rural Health Panel;;Active;Not OA
Rural Sociologist;02795957;Inactive;Not OA
Rural Sociology;00360112;Active;Not OA
Russ Coile's health trends;10797726;Inactive;Not OA
Russian Aeronautics;10687998;Active;Not OA
Russian and East European Finance and Trade;10612009;Inactive;Not OA
Russian Education and Society;10609393;Active;Not OA
Russian Electrical Engineering;10683712;Active;Not OA
Russian Engineering Research;1068798X;Active;Not OA
Russian Geology and Geophysics;10687971;Active;Not OA
Russian Journal of Developmental Biology;10623604;Active;Not OA
Russian Mathematics;1066369X;Active;Not OA
Russian Metallurgy (Metally);00360295;Active;Not OA
Russian Meteorology and Hydrology;10683739;Active;Not OA
Russian Physics Journal;10648887;Active;Not OA
Russian Politics and Law;10611940;Active;Not OA
Russian Social Science Review;10611428;Inactive;Not OA
Russian Studies in Literature;10611975 ;Active;Not OA
Russian Studies in Philosophy;10611967 ;Active;Not OA
Rutgers Law Review;00360465;Active;Not OA
S V, Sound and Vibration;00381810;Inactive;Not OA
SAAS bulletin, biochemistry and biotechnology;10526781;Inactive;Not OA
Sacred Music;00362255 ;Active;Not OA
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Transactions;0096736X;Inactive;Not OA
SAE International Journal of Aerospace;19463855;Active;Not OA
SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles;1946391X;Active;Not OA
SAE International Journal of Engines;19463936;Active;Not OA
SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants;19463952;Active;Not OA
SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing;19463979;Active;Not OA
SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Electronic and Electrical Systems;19464614;Active;Not OA
SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems;19463995;Active;Not OA
SAE journal of automotive engineering;00982571;Inactive;Not OA
SAE Journal of Automotive Engineering;0097711X;Inactive;Not OA
SAFE Journal;01916319;Inactive;Not OA
Safety and Health;08911797;Active;Not OA
Saint Louis University law journal;00363030;Inactive;Not OA
Saint Louis University public law review;08988404;Inactive;Not OA
SAIS Review;00360775 ;Inactive;Not OA
Salmagundi;00363529;Active;Not OA
SAMPE Journal;00911062;Active;Not OA
SAMPE Quarterly;00360821;Inactive;Not OA
Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing;15306429;Inactive;Not OA
San Diego Law Review;00364037;Inactive;Not OA
San Fernando Valley Dental Society bulletin;05814944;Inactive;Not OA
Satellite Broadband;15310434;Inactive;Not OA
Satellite Communications;01477439;Inactive;Not OA
Sawyers Gas Turbine Int;01637134;Inactive;Not OA
SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference Proceedings;;Inactive;Not OA
Scalpel & tongs : American journal of medical philately;00489255;Inactive;Not OA
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health;14034948;Active;Not OA
Scandinavian Studies;00365637 ;Active;Not OA
Scanning;01610457;Active;Not OA
Scanning Electron Microscopy;05865581;Inactive;Not OA
Scanning Microscopy;08917035;Inactive;Not OA
Scanning microscopy. Supplement;0892953X;Inactive;Not OA
Scholarly Research Exchange;16878299;Inactive;Not OA
School health review;00366579;Inactive;Not OA
School Library Media Research;15234320;Active;DOAJ
School nurse news;10807543;Active;Not OA
School Psychology International;01430343;Active;Not OA
School Psychology Quarterly;10453830;Active;Not OA
School Psychology Review;02796015;Active;Not OA
SCI nursing : a publication of the American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses;08888299;Inactive;Not OA
Science;00368075;Active;Not OA
Science & practice perspectives / a publication of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health;19304307;Inactive;Not OA
Science and Education;09267220;Active;Not OA
Science and Society;00368237;Active;Not OA
Science and Technology Libraries;0194262X;Active;Not OA
Science Communication;10755470;Active;Not OA
Science Education;00368326;Active;Not OA
Science News;00368423;Inactive;Not OA
Science of Advanced Materials;19472935 ;Active;Not OA
Science of aging knowledge environment [electronic resource] : SAGE KE;15396150;Inactive;Not OA
Science of Sintering;0350820X;Active;DOAJ
Science of Tsunami Hazards;87556839 ;Active;Not OA
Science signaling;19379145;Active;Not OA
Science Technology and Human Values;01622439;Active;Not OA
Science Translational Medicine;19466234;Active;Not OA
Science-Fiction Studies;00917729 ;Active;Not OA
Sciences STKE [electronic resource] : signal transduction knowledge environment;15258882;Inactive;Not OA
Scientific American;00368733;Active;Not OA
Scientific and Statistical Database Management - Proceedings of the International Working Conference;10993371;Inactive;Not OA
Scientific and Technical Information Processing;01476882 ;Active;Not OA
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation;15242560;Active;Not OA
Scientific Research and Essays;19922248 ;Active;Not OA
Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine;10950656;Inactive;Not OA
Scientific Studies of Reading;10888438;Active;Not OA
Scientist;08903670;Active;Not OA
Scrap;10928618;Inactive;Not OA
Screen Printing;00369594;Active;Not OA
Sculpture Review;07475284 ;Active;Not OA
SDHM Structural Durability and Health Monitoring;19302983;Active;Not OA
Sea Technology;00933651;Active;Not OA
Sea View Hospital bulletin;00966843 ;Inactive;Not OA
Searcher:Magazine for Database Professionals;10704795;Inactive;Not OA
Second Language Research;02676583;Active;Not OA
Second Messengers and Phosphoproteins;08957479;Inactive;Not OA
Second opinion (Park Ridge, Ill.);08901570;Inactive;Not OA
Securities Regulation Law Journal;00979554;Inactive;Not OA
Security Dialogue;09670106;Active;Not OA
SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts;10523812;Active;Not OA
Seismological Research Letters;08950695;Active;Not OA
SEL - Studies in English Literature;00393657 ;Active;Not OA
Selective Cancer Therapeutics;10430733;Inactive;Not OA
Self/Nonself - Immune Recognition and Signaling;19382030;Active;Not OA
Semantic Web and Information Systems;15526283 ;Active;Not OA
Semeia;0095571X ;Inactive;Not OA
Semiconductor International;01633767;Active;Not OA
Semiconductors and Semimetals;00808784;Active;Not OA
Seminar report. Merck Sharp & Dohme;0148978X ;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Cancer Biology;1044579X;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia;10892532;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology;10849521;Active;Not OA
Seminars in cell biology;10434682;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Developmental Biology;10445781 ;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Hearing;07340451;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Immunology;10445323;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Interventional Radiology;07399529;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Liver Disease;02728087;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Musculoskeletal Radiology;10897860;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Neurology;02718235;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Neurosurgery;15268012;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Plastic Surgery;15352188 ;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Preventive and Alternative Medicine;15564061;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Reproductive Endocrinology;07348630;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Reproductive Medicine;15268004;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine;10693424;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Respiratory Medicine;01929755;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Speech and Language;07340478;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Surgical Oncology;87560437;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in the Neurosciences;10445765;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis;00946176;Active;Not OA
Seminars in Urology;07309147;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Vascular Medicine;15289648;Inactive;Not OA
Seminars in Virology;10445773;Inactive;Not OA
Senses and Society;17458927 ;Active;Not OA
Sensor Letters;1546198X;Active;Not OA
Sensors (Peterborough, NH);07469462;Active;Not OA
Sentinel event alert / Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations;;Active;Not OA
Sep Sci;00372366;Inactive;Not OA
Separation and Purification Methods;03602540;Inactive;Not OA
Separation and Purification Reviews;15422119;Active;Not OA
Separation Science and Technology;01496395;Active;Not OA
Sequential Analysis;07474946;Active;Not OA
Serials Librarian;0361526X;Active;Not OA
Serodiagnosis and Immunotherapy in Infectious Disease;08880786;Inactive;Not OA
Services Marketing Quarterly;15332969;Active;Not OA
Seton Hall law review;05865964;Active;OA but not registered
Sewage and Industrial Wastes;0096364X ;Inactive;Not OA
Sewage Works Journal;00969362 ;Inactive;Not OA
Sewanee Review;00373052 ;Active;Not OA
Sex Roles;03600025;Active;Not OA
Sex weekly plus;10908633 ;Inactive;Not OA
Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research and Treatment;10790632;Active;Not OA
Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity;10720162;Active;Not OA
Sexual and Marital Therapy;02674653;Inactive;Not OA
Sexual and Relationship Therapy;14681994;Active;Not OA
Sexualities;13634607;Active;Not OA
Sexualities, Evolution and Gender;14792508;Inactive;Not OA
Sexuality and Culture;10955143;Active;Not OA
Sexually Transmitted Diseases;01485717;Active;Not OA
Seybold Report;15339211;Inactive;Not OA
Seybold Report on Publishing Systems;07367260;Inactive;Not OA
Shakespeare Quarterly;00373222 ;Active;Not OA
Shakespeare Studies;05829399 ;Active;Not OA
SHAW;07415842;Active;Not OA
Shenandoah;00373583 ;Active;Not OA
Sh'ma : a journal of Jewish responsibility;00490385;Inactive;Not OA
Shock;10732322;Active;Not OA
Shock and Vibration Digest;05831024;Inactive;Not OA
Shore and Beach;00374237;Inactive;Not OA
SIAM J Control;00361402;Inactive;Not OA
SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing;10648275;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems;15360040;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics;00361399;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Computing;00975397;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization;03630129;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics;08954801;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences;19364954 ;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis;00361410;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications;08954798;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis;00361429;Active;Not OA
SIAM Journal on Optimization;10526234;Active;Not OA
SIAM Review;00361445;Active;Not OA
SID Conference Record of the International Display Research Conference;10831312;Active;Not OA
SID Structural Integrity and Durability;15513750 ;Inactive;Not OA
SIDA, Contributions to Botany;00361488;Inactive;Not OA
SIDAhora : un proyecto del Departamento de Publicaciones del PWA Coalition, NY;15519074;Inactive;Not OA
SIECUS report;00913995;Inactive;Not OA
SIGCSE Bulletin (Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education);00978418;Inactive;Not OA
SIGCSE Bulletin Inroads;10963936 ;Inactive;Not OA
Sightsaving;07355688;Inactive;Not OA
SIGIR Forum (ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval);01635840;Inactive;Not OA
SIGMOD Record;01635808;Active;Not OA
Sign Language Studies;03021475;Active;Not OA
Signature (Ramsey, N.J.);10915222;Inactive;Not OA
Signs;00979740;Active;Not OA
SIGPLAN Notices (ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages);03621340;Inactive;Not OA
Simulation;00375497;Active;Not OA
Simulation and Gaming;10468781;Active;Not OA
Simulation in Healthcare;15592332;Active;Not OA
Sixteenth Century Journal;03610160 ;Active;Not OA
Skinmed;15409740;Active;Not OA
Skull Base;15315010;Active;Not OA
Skull Base Surgery;10521453;Inactive;Not OA
Slavic and East European Information Resources;15228886;Active;Not OA
Slavic and East European Journal;00376752 ;Active;Not OA
Slavic Review;00376779;Active;Not OA
Sleep;01618105;Active;Not OA
Sleep and Breathing;15209512;Active;Not OA
Sleep Research Online;1096214X;Inactive;Not OA
Sloan Management Review;0019848X;Inactive;Not OA
Small Commercial and In-Plant Printing;;Inactive;Not OA
Small Fruits Review;15228851;Inactive;Not OA
Small Group Research;10464964;Active;Not OA
Small GTPases;21541248 ;Active;Not OA
Smith College Studies in Social Work;00377317;Active;Not OA
Smithsonian;00377333;Active;Not OA
SMPTE Journal;00361682;Inactive;Not OA
SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal;15450279;Active;Not OA
SMT Surface Mount Technology Magazine;15298930;Active;Not OA
SMU law review : a publication of Southern Methodist University School of Law;10661271;Inactive;Not OA
Soap and Cosmetics;15239225;Inactive;Not OA
SOAP COSMET. CHEM. SPECIALT.;00911372;Inactive;Not OA
Social and Legal Studies;09646639;Active;Not OA
Social Biology;0037766X;Inactive;Not OA
Social casework;00377678;Inactive;Not OA
Social Cognition;0278016X;Active;Not OA
Social Compass;00377686;Active;Not OA
Social Development Issues;01471473;Inactive;Not OA
Social Forces;00377732;Active;Not OA
Social Influence;15534510;Active;Not OA
Social Justice Research;08857466;Active;Not OA
Social marketing update;08823510;Inactive;Not OA
Social Medicine;15577112 ;Active;Not OA
Social Policy Journal;15332942;Inactive;Not OA
Social Problems;00377791;Active;Not OA
Social psychology;0147829X;Inactive;Not OA
Social Psychology Quarterly;01902725;Active;Not OA
Social Research;0037783X;Active;Not OA
Social Science Computer Review;08944393;Active;Not OA
Social Science History;01455532;Active;Not OA
Social Science Information;05390184;Active;Not OA
Social Science Research;0049089X;Active;Not OA
Social Security Bulletin;00377910;Active;Not OA
Social security bulletin. Annual statistical supplement / U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Social Security Administration;00986259 ;Inactive;Not OA
Social Service Review;00377961;Active;Not OA
Social Studies of Science;03063127;Active;Not OA
Social theory and practice;0037802X;Inactive;Not OA
Social Thought: Journal of Religion in the Social Services;0099183X;Inactive;Not OA
Social Work;00378046 ;Active;Not OA
Social Work in Education;01627961;Inactive;Not OA
Social Work in Health Care;00981389;Active;Not OA
Social Work in Mental Health;15332985;Active;Not OA
Social Work in Public Health;19371918 ;Active;Not OA
Social Work Research;10705309;Active;Not OA
Social Work with Groups;01609513;Active;Not OA
Socialism and Democracy;08854300;Active;Not OA
Society;01472011;Active;Not OA
Society of General Physiologists Series;00947733;Inactive;Not OA
Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME Journal;01977520;Inactive;Not OA
Sociobiology;03616525;Active;Not OA
Sociological Focus;00380237;Inactive;Not OA
Sociological Forum;08848971;Active;Not OA
Sociological Methods and Research;00491241;Active;Not OA
Sociological Perspectives;07311214;Active;Not OA
Sociological Practice;15223442;Inactive;Not OA
Sociological Quarterly;00380253;Active;Not OA
Sociological research;10610154;Inactive;Not OA
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth;15374661;Active;Not OA
Sociology;00380385;Active;Not OA
Sociology Compass;17519020;Active;Not OA
Sociology of Education;00380407;Active;Not OA
Sociology of Religion;10694404;Active;Not OA
Sociology of Sport Journal;07411235;Active;Not OA
Sociology of work and occupations;00939285;Inactive;Not OA
Sociometry;00380431;Inactive;Not OA
Soft Materials;1539445X;Active;Not OA
Software - Practice and Experience;00380644;Active;Not OA
Software Engineering Education Conference, Proceedings;10930175;Active;Not OA
Software Process Improvement and Practice;10774866;Inactive;Not OA
Software Review;02782634;Inactive;Not OA
Software Testing Verification and Reliability;09600833;Active;Not OA
Soil Science;0038075X;Active;Not OA
Soil Science Society of America Journal;03615995;Active;Not OA
Sojourners;03642097;Inactive;Not OA
Solid Fuel Chemistry (English Translation of Khimiya Tverdogo Topliva);03615219;Active;Not OA
Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance;09262040;Active;Not OA
Solid State Physics: Advances in Research and Applications;00811947;Active;Not OA
Solid State Technology;0038111X;Active;Not OA
Solid waste & power;10589074;Inactive;Not OA
Solid Waste Technologies;10729550;Inactive;Not OA
Solutions;15370275;Inactive;Not OA
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange;07366299;Active;Not OA
Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics;07407750;Inactive;Not OA
Somatic Cell Genetics;00980366;Inactive;Not OA
Sonderbande zur Strahlentherapie und Onkologie;09312447;Inactive;Not OA
Sound and Vibration;15410161;Active;Not OA
Soundings;00381861 ;Active;Not OA
Source: Notes in the History of Art;07374453 ;Active;Not OA
South Asia Bulletin;07323867;Inactive;Not OA
South Asia Economic Journal;13915614 ;Active;Not OA
South Asia Research;02627280;Active;Not OA
South Atlantic Quarterly;00382876 ;Active;Not OA
South Dakota journal of medicine;00383317;Inactive;Not OA
South Dakota medicine : the journal of the South Dakota State Medical Association;00383317 ;Active;Not OA
South Dakota Review;00383368 ;Active;Not OA
South eastern reporter. Second series;05844215;Inactive;Not OA
Southeastern Archaeology;0734578X;Active;Not OA
Southeastern Geographer;0038366X;Active;Not OA
Southeastern Geology;00383678;Active;Not OA
Southeastern Naturalist;15287092;Active;Not OA
Southern California interdisciplinary law journal;10770704 ;Inactive;Not OA
Southern California Law Review;00383910;Active;Not OA
Southern California Quarterly;00383929 ;Inactive;Not OA
Southern Cultures;10688218 ;Active;Not OA
Southern Economic Journal;00384038;Active;Not OA
Southern Graphics;0274774X;Inactive;Not OA
Southern Humanities Review;00384186 ;Active;Not OA
Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics;00813052;Inactive;Not OA
Southern Journal of Applied Forestry;01484419;Active;Not OA
Southern Journal of Criminal Justice;10662316 ;Inactive;Not OA
Southern Journal of Philosophy;00384283 ;Active;Not OA
Southern Literary Journal;00384291 ;Active;Not OA
Southern Medical Journal;00384348;Active;Not OA
Southern reporter. Second series. Cases argued and determined in the courts of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi;87502690;Inactive;Not OA
Southern Rural Sociology;08853436 ;Inactive;Not OA
Southwest Oil World;08846219;Inactive;Not OA
Southwestern Entomologist;01471724;Active;Not OA
Southwestern Historical Quarterly;0038478X ;Active;Not OA
Southwestern journal of anthropology;00384801;Inactive;Not OA
Southwestern law journal;00384836;Inactive;Not OA
Southwestern medicine;00384860;Inactive;Not OA
Southwestern Naturalist;00384909;Active;Not OA
Sovetskoe zdravookhranenie;00385239;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Aeronautics (English translation of Izvestiya VUZ, Aviatsionnaya Tekhnika);03648117;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet applied mechanics;00385298;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Atomic Energy;0038531X;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Automatic Control (pub by IEEE);00385328;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet education;00385360;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet electrical engineering;00385379;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet genetics;00385409;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Geography: Review and Translation;00385417;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Journal of Automation and Information Sciences (English translation of Avtomatyka);0882570X;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Journal of Friction and Wear (English translation of Trenie i Iznos);07331924;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Journal of Low Temperature Physics (English Translation of Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur);03600335;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Journal of Marine Biology;01451456;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Journal of Nondestructive Testing;00385492;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Journal of Optical Technology;00385514;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology (English Translation of Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Vody);07341679;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet machine science;07398999;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet materials science;00385565;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet meteorology and hydrology;01464108;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Mining Science;00385581;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Physics - Lebedev Institute Reports (English Translation of Sbornik Kratkie Soobshcheniya po Fizike. AN SSSR. Fizicheskii Institut im. N.N. Lebedva);03642321;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Physics Crystallography;00385638;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Physics Journal (English Translation of Izvestiia Vysshykh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Fizika);00385697;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Physics, Solid State (English translation of Fizika Tverdogo Tela);05845807;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Physics, Technical Physics;00385662;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet physics. Semiconductors;00385700;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics (English translation of Poroshkovaya Metallurgiya);00385735;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Progress in Chemistry (English translation of Ukrainskii Khimicheskii Zhurnal);00385743;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Soil Science;00385832;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet surface engineering and applied electrochemistry;87567008 ;Inactive;Not OA
Soviet Technical Physics Letters (English Translation of Pis'ma v Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki);0360120X;Inactive;Not OA
Space Congress Proceedings;05846099;Inactive;Not OA
Space Research Journal;18193382 ;Active;Not OA
Space Weather;15427390;Active;Not OA
Spatial Cognition and Computation;13875868 ;Active;Not OA
SPE - Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
SPE - European Formation Damage Control Conference, Proceedings;;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Drilling and Completion;10646671;Active;Not OA
SPE Drilling Engineering;08859744;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Formation Evaluation;0885923X;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation Symposium;;Active;Not OA
SPE International Oilfield Chemistry Symposium Proceedings;;Active;Not OA
SPE Journal;1086055X ;Active;Not OA
SPE Journal;00361844;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Monograph Series (Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME);08821100;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Production and Facilities;1064668X;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Production and Operations;19301855;Active;Not OA
SPE Production Engineering;08859221;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Reprint Series;08910901;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Reservoir Engineering;08859248;Inactive;Not OA
SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering;10946470;Active;Not OA
SPE/EPA Exploration & Production Environmental Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Special Care in Dentistry;02751879;Active;Not OA
Special Paper of the Geological Society of America;00721077 ;Active;Not OA
Special Report - National Research Council, Transportation Research Board;0360859X;Active;Not OA
Special Topics and Reviews in Porous Media;21514798 ;Active;Not OA
Specialty Fabrics Review;00198307 ;Active;Not OA
Specialty law digest. Health care (Monthly);01988778;Inactive;Not OA
Specialty law digest. Health care law;10825657;Inactive;Not OA
Specifying Engineer;01645242;Inactive;Not OA
Spectroscopy Letters;00387010;Active;Not OA
Spectrum: The Journal of State Government;10678530 ;Inactive;Not OA
Speculum;00387134;Active;Not OA
Spenser Studies;01959468 ;Active;Not OA
SPIE j;00361860;Inactive;Not OA
Spine;03622436;Active;Not OA
Spiritus;15331709;Active;Not OA
Sport History Review;10871659 ;Active;Not OA
Sport Psychologist;08884781;Active;Not OA
Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review;10628592;Active;Not OA
Sports Medicine Standards and Malpractice Reporter;1041696X;Active;Not OA
Springs;05849667;Inactive;Not OA
SSA Journal: Journal of the Semiconductor Safety Association;1084578X;Inactive;Not OA
St. Thomas law review;1065318X ;Inactive;Not OA
Staff papers - International Monetary Fund. International Monetary Fund;00208027;Inactive;Not OA
Standardization News;10944656;Active;Not OA
Standards in Genomic Sciences;19443277 ;Active;Not OA
Stanford Journal of International Law;07315082;Active;Not OA
Stanford law & policy review;10444386;Inactive;Not OA
Stanford Law Review;00389765;Active;Not OA
Stapp car crash journal;15328546;Active;Not OA
Star;00492116;Inactive;Not OA
Stat;00389986;Inactive;Not OA
Stata Journal;1536867X;Active;Not OA
State Coverage Initiatives issue brief : a national initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation;;Inactive;Not OA
State legislatures;01476041;Active;Not OA
State Politics and Policy Quarterly;15324400;Active;Not OA
State reproductive health monitor : legislative proposals and actions / prepared by the Alan Guttmacher Institute;10466703;Inactive;Not OA
States of health;15244830;Inactive;Not OA
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining;19321872 ;Active;Not OA
Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology;15446115;Active;Not OA
Statistical bulletin (Metropolitan Life Foundation);07364822;Inactive;Not OA
Statistical bulletin (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company : 1984);07419767;Inactive;Not OA
Statistical bulletin (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company);00261513;Inactive;Not OA
Statistical Methods in Medical Research;09622802;Active;Not OA
Statistical Science;08834237;Active;Not OA
Statistics in Biosciences;18671764 ;Active;Not OA
Statistics in Medicine;02776715;Active;Not OA
Statistics Surveys;19357516 ;Active;Not OA
Steelmaking Conference Proceedings;07317735;Inactive;Not OA
Stem Cell Research;18735061;Active;Not OA
Stem Cell Reviews;15508943;Inactive;Not OA
Stem Cells;10665099;Active;Not OA
Stem Cells and Development;15473287;Active;Not OA
Stem Cells International;;Active;Not OA
STEP perspective;;Inactive;Not OA
Stetson law review;07399731 ;Inactive;Not OA
Stitches Magazine;08995893;Inactive;Not OA
STLE - ASME Tribology Conference Preprints;;Inactive;Not OA
Stochastic Analysis and Applications;07362994;Active;Not OA
Stochastic Models;15326349;Active;Not OA
Storage Management Solutions;10975152;Inactive;Not OA
Strahlentherapie. Sonderbande;03713822;Inactive;Not OA
Strategic Management Journal;01432095;Active;Not OA
Strategic Organization;14761270 ;Active;Not OA
Strategic Planning and Energy Management;87503204;Inactive;Not OA
Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment;10485236;Active;Not OA
Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis;18746004;Inactive;Not OA
Strategies for healthcare excellence : organizational productivity, quality and effectiveness;10587829;Inactive;Not OA
Strategy and Leadership;10878572;Active;Not OA
Stratigraphy;1547139X;Active;Not OA
Strength and conditioning;10736840;Inactive;Not OA
Strength and Conditioning Journal;15241602;Active;Not OA
Strength of Materials;00392316;Active;Not OA
Stress and Health;15322998;Active;Not OA
Stress Medicine;07488386;Inactive;Not OA
Stress, Trauma and Crisis;15434613;Inactive;Not OA
Stroke;00392499;Active;Not OA
Structural Chemistry;10400400;Active;Not OA
Structural Control and Health Monitoring;15452255;Active;Not OA
Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings;15417794;Active;Not OA
Structural Design of Tall Buildings;10628002;Inactive;Not OA
Structural Equation Modeling;10705511;Active;Not OA
Structure;09692126;Active;Not OA
Student medicine;00967149 ;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in American Fiction;00918083 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in American Indian Literatures;07303238 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in Avian Biology;01979922;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in Bibliography;00817600;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in Comparative Communism;00393592 ;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in Comparative International Development;00393606;Active;Not OA
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism;1057610X;Active;Not OA
Studies in Educational Ethnography;1529210X;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture;03602370 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology;19416008;Active;Not OA
Studies in Gender and Sexuality;15240657;Active;Not OA
Studies in Iconography;01481029 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in Latin American Popular Culture;07309139;Active;Not OA
Studies in Law Politics and Society;10594337;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics;10811826;Active;Not OA
Studies in Philology;00393738 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in Qualitative Methodology;10423192;Active;Not OA
Studies in Religion-Sciences Religieuses;00084298 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in Romanticism;00393762 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in Second Language Acquisition;02722631;Active;Not OA
Studies in the Age of Chaucer;01902407 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in the Decorative Arts;10698825;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in the History of Art;00917338 ;Inactive;Not OA
Studies in the Literary Imagination;00393819 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in the Novel;00393827 ;Active;Not OA
Studies in Third World Societies;10569189;Inactive;Not OA
Style;00394238;Active;Not OA
Sub-Cellular Biochemistry;03060225;Active;Not OA
Sub-Stance;00492426 ;Active;Not OA
Substance Abuse;08897077;Active;Not OA
Substance Use and Misuse;10826084;Active;Not OA
Subsurface Sensing Technologies and Applications;15660184;Inactive;Not OA
Suffolk University law review;00394696;Inactive;Not OA
Suicide;03601390;Inactive;Not OA
Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior;03630234;Active;Not OA
Sun (Baltimore, Md. : 1837);;Inactive;Not OA
Superlattices and Microstructures;07496036;Active;Not OA
Supervisor nurse;00395870;Inactive;Not OA
Supply Chain Manufacturing and Logistics;19300794;Inactive;Not OA
Supply Chain Systems Magazine;1539865X;Inactive;Not OA
Supportive Cancer Therapy;15432912;Inactive;Not OA
Supreme Court Review;00819557;Active;Not OA
Surface and Interface Analysis;01422421;Active;Not OA
Surface Design Journal;01974483;Active;Not OA
Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry;10683755 ;Active;Not OA
Surface Mount Technology;08933588;Inactive;Not OA
Surgery;00396060;Active;Not OA
Surgical business;00396095;Inactive;Not OA
Surgical Forum;00718041;Inactive;Not OA
Surgical Infections;10962964;Active;Not OA
Surgical Innovation;15533506;Active;Not OA
Surgical Laparoscopy and Endoscopy;10517200;Inactive;Not OA
Surgical Laparoscopy, Endoscopy and Percutaneous Techniques;15304515;Active;Not OA
Surgical Products;10624732;Inactive;Not OA
Surgical technology international;10903941;Inactive;Not OA
Surveying and Land Information Science;15381242;Active;Not OA
Surveying and Land Information Systems;10522905;Inactive;Not OA
Surveying and Mapping;00396273;Inactive;Not OA
Survival news (Atlanta, Ga.);15518876;Inactive;Not OA
Sustainability;19370695 ;Active;Not OA
Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy;15487733 ;Active;Not OA
Sustainable Development;09680802;Active;Not OA
Swarm Intelligence;19353812 ;Active;Not OA
SWE Magazine;10706232;Active;Not OA
Swine health and production;10664963 ;Inactive;Not OA
Swiss Political Science Review;14247755;Active;Not OA
Symbolic Interaction;01956086;Active;Not OA
Symposium - Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures;00397709;Active;Not OA
Symposium (International) on Combustion;00820784;Inactive;Not OA
Synapse;08874476;Active;Not OA
Synchrotron Radiation News;08940886 ;Active;Not OA
Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic and Metal-Organic Chemistry;00945714;Inactive;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;19394608;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Biomedical Engineering;19300328;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture;19353235 ;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Computer Graphics and Animation;19338996 ;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Computer Science;19321228 ;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Electrical Engineering;1559811X ;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Mobile and Pervasive Computing;19339011 ;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Network Simulation;19354185 ;Active;Not OA
Synthesis Lectures on Solid State Materials and Devices;19321260 ;Inactive;Not OA
Synthetic Communications;00397911;Active;Not OA
Syracuse University, Department of Geography - Discussion Paper;;Inactive;Not OA
System Dynamics Review;08837066;Active;Not OA
Systematic Botany;03636445;Active;Not OA
Systematic Zoology;00397989;Inactive;Not OA
Systemic Practice and Action Research;1094429X;Active;Not OA
Systems and Computers in Japan;08821666;Inactive;Not OA
Systems Engineering;10981241;Active;Not OA
Systems Practice;08949859;Inactive;Not OA
Systems Research and Behavioral Science;10927026;Active;Not OA
Systems, computers, controls;00968765;Inactive;Not OA
T and D;15357740;Active;Not OA
TAB Journal;;Inactive;Not OA
Tappi;00398241;Inactive;Not OA
Tappi Journal;07341415;Inactive;Not OA
TAPPI Proceedings - Environmental Conference & Exhibit;;Inactive;Not OA
TAPPI Proceedings - Environmental Conference & Exhibition;;Inactive;Not OA
Tar heel nurse;00399620;Active;Not OA
Tax Policy and the Economy;08928649;Active;Not OA
TDR/The Drama Review;10542043 ;Active;Not OA
Teacher Educator;08878730 ;Active;Not OA
Teaching and Learning in Medicine;10401334;Active;Not OA
Teaching Artist Journal;15411796 ;Active;Not OA
Teaching of Psychology;00986283;Active;Not OA
Teaching Sociology;0092055X;Active;Not OA
TEC bulletin (Online);;Inactive;Not OA
Technews: The NAA Magazine of Newspaper Operations;10900217;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Communication;00493155;Active;Not OA
Technical Communication Quarterly;10572252 ;Active;Not OA
Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering Monograph;;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Digest - GaAs IC Symposium (Gallium Arsenide Integrated Circuit);;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Digest - International Electron Devices Meeting;01631918;Active;Not OA
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. EM;01611852;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. FC;01611844;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. IQ;01611860 ;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. MF;0191085X;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. MM;;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. MS;01616382;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. PE;;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Report - University of Texas at Austin, Center for Research in Water Resources;01472194;Active;Not OA
Technical Report CERC (US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station Coastal Engineering Research Center);07499477;Inactive;Not OA
Technical Services Quarterly;07317131;Active;Not OA
Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery;15360644;Active;Not OA
Techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery;10893393;Active;Not OA
Techniques in Knee Surgery;15360636;Active;Not OA
Techniques in Neurosurgery;10772855;Inactive;Not OA
Techniques in Ophthalmology;15421929;Active;Not OA
Techniques in Orthopaedics;08859698;Active;Not OA
Techniques in Protein Chemistry;10808914;Inactive;Not OA
Techniques in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery;15239896;Active;Not OA
Techniques in Urology;10793259;Inactive;Not OA
Technologia del Agua;02118173;Active;Not OA
Technology and Culture;0040165X;Active;Not OA
Technology Evaluation Center Assessment Program. Executive summary;;Active;Not OA
Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment;15330346;Active;Not OA
Technology Review;1099274X;Active;Not OA
Technology: Journal of the Franklin Institute;10729240;Inactive;Not OA
Technometrics;00401706;Active;Not OA
TechTrends;87563894;Active;Not OA
Tecnologica (Chicago, Ill.);;Inactive;Not OA
Tecnologica. MAP supplement. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Medical Advisory Panel;;Inactive;Not OA
Tectonics;02787407;Active;Not OA
Telecommunications;;Inactive;Not OA
Telecommunications (Americas Edition);02784831;Inactive;Not OA
Telecommunications (International Edition);00402494;Inactive;Not OA
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika);00402508;Active;Not OA
Telecommunications International;15349594;Inactive;Not OA
Telemedicine and telehealth networks : newsmagazine of distance healthcare;10917853;Inactive;Not OA
Telemedicine and virtual reality;10895841;Inactive;Not OA
Telemedicine Journal;10783024;Inactive;Not OA
Telemedicine Journal and e-Health;15305627;Active;Not OA
Telemedicine today;10780351;Inactive;Not OA
Telephony;00402656;Inactive;Not OA
Television and New Media;15274764 ;Active;Not OA
Television Quarterly;00402796 ;Active;Not OA
Temple Law Review;08998086;Active;Not OA
TEN Trends in Evidence-Based Neuropsychiatry;;Inactive;Not OA
Tennessee historical quarterly;00403261 ;Inactive;Not OA
Tennessee law review;00403288 ;Inactive;Not OA
Tennessee medicine : journal of the Tennessee Medical Association;10886222;Active;Not OA
Tennessee nurse / Tennessee Nurses Association;10553134;Active;Not OA
Teratogenesis Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis;02703211;Inactive;Not OA
Teratology;00403709;Inactive;Not OA
Terrae Incognitae;00822884 ;Inactive;Not OA
Terrestrial Ecology;19367961;Active;Not OA
TESOL Quarterly;00398322;Active;Not OA
Test Engineering and Management;01934120;Active;Not OA
Texas cancer bulletin;08928290 ;Inactive;Not OA
Texas Civil Engineer;00404292;Inactive;Not OA
Texas dental journal;00404284;Active;Not OA
Texas Heart Institute Journal;07302347;Active;DOAJ
Texas hospitals;00404357;Inactive;Not OA
Texas Journal of Science;00404403;Active;Not OA
Texas Law Review;00404411;Active;Not OA
Texas Medicine;00404470;Inactive;Not OA
Texas nursing;0095036X;Active;Not OA
Texas state journal of medicine;00967165;Inactive;Not OA
Texas Studies in Literature and Language;00404691 ;Inactive;Not OA
Texas Transportation Researcher;00404748;Active;Not OA
Text;01654888;Inactive;Not OA
Textile Chemist and Colorist;0040490X;Inactive;Not OA
Textile Chemist and Colorist and American Dyestuff Reporter;15262847;Inactive;Not OA
Textile Industries;00404985;Inactive;Not OA
Textile Leader;10167536;Inactive;Not OA
Textile Museum Journal;00837407;Inactive;Not OA
Textile Rental;01950118;Active;Not OA
Textile Research Journal;00405175;Active;Not OA
Textile Topics;10435239;Inactive;Not OA
Textile World;00405213;Active;Not OA
Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture;14759756;Active;Not OA
Textiles Panamericanos;00493570;Active;Not OA
Texture, Stress, and Microstructure;16875397 ;Active;OA registered
The ABNF journal : official journal of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty in Higher Education, Inc;10467041;Active;Not OA
The Academic nurse : the journal of the Columbia University School of Nursing;10620249;Inactive;Not OA
The Admitting management journal;;Inactive;Not OA
The Alabama nurse;00024317;Active;Not OA
The Alumnae magazine;00026700;Inactive;Not OA
The Alumni magazine;01492608;Inactive;Not OA
The American heart hospital journal;15419215;Active;Not OA
The American journal of bioethics : AJOB;15265161;Active;Not OA
The American journal of Chinese medicine;00902942;Inactive;Not OA
The American Journal of Family Therapy;01926187;Active;Not OA
The American journal of hospice care;07491565;Inactive;Not OA
The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences;07426763;Inactive;Not OA
The American journal of jurisprudence;00658995;Inactive;Not OA
The American journal of knee surgery;08997403;Inactive;Not OA
The American journal of medical electronics;00965286 ;Inactive;Not OA
The American journal of orthopedic surgery;00659002;Inactive;Not OA
The American journal of orthopedics;08917507;Inactive;Not OA
The American journal of roentgenology and radium therapy;00925632 ;Inactive;Not OA
The American journal of roentgenology, radium therapy, and nuclear medicine;00029580;Inactive;Not OA
The American nurse;00981486;Active;Not OA
The American Oil & Gas Reporter;01459198 ;Active;Not OA
The American prospect;10497285;Inactive;Not OA
The American Sociologist;00031232;Active;Not OA
The American University law review;00031453;Inactive;Not OA
The Annals of otology, rhinology & laryngology. Supplement;00968056;Inactive;Not OA
The annual of the Society of Christian Ethics. Society of Christian Ethics (U. S.);07324928 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Antioch Review;00035769 ;Active;Not OA
The Arkansas dental journal;00041769;Inactive;Not OA
The Bell System technical journal;00058580;Inactive;Not OA
The Birth gazette;08903255;Inactive;Not OA
The Body positive;10484396;Inactive;Not OA
The Botanical Review;00068101 ;Active;Not OA
The Bulletin of mathematical biophysics;00074985;Inactive;Not OA
The Bulletin of the American College of Physicians;00028010;Inactive;Not OA
The Bulletin of the Michigan Dental Hygienists' Association;07465564;Inactive;Not OA
The Bulletin of the Virginia State Dental Association;;Inactive;Not OA
The Catholic lawyer;00088137;Inactive;Not OA
The Centennial Review;01620177;Inactive;Not OA
The Cerebral palsy journal;;Inactive;Not OA
The Chaucer Review;00092002 ;Active;Not OA
The Chinese journal of dental research : the official journal of the Scientific Section of the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA);14626446;Active;Not OA
The Clinical Supervisor;07325223;Active;Not OA
The Compendium of continuing education in dentistry;07340338;Inactive;Not OA
The Dental gazette;02651440 ;Inactive;Not OA
The ESP Journal;02722380 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Eugenics review;;Inactive;Not OA
The European journal of esthetic dentistry : official journal of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry;18620612 ;Active;Not OA
The Family planning manager;10609172;Inactive;Not OA
The Federal reporter;;Inactive;Not OA
The Fibril Angle, Fall 1996 Newsletter - Cellulose, Paper and Textile Division of the American Chemical Society;;Inactive;Not OA
The Filson Club history quarterly;00151874 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Florida nurse;00154199;Active;Not OA
The Fordham urban law journal;01994646;Inactive;Not OA
The Fortnightly review of the Chicago Dental Society;0009353X;Inactive;Not OA
The Forum for Social Economics;07360932;Active;Not OA
The French Review;0016111X;Active;Not OA
The Functional orthodontist;87563150;Inactive;Not OA
The Futurist;00163317;Active;Not OA
The Georgia historical quarterly;00168297 ;Inactive;Not OA
The German Quarterly;00168831;Active;Not OA
The Germanic Review;00168890;Active;Not OA
The Gerontologist;00169013;Active;Not OA
The Guttmacher report on public policy;10967699;Inactive;Not OA
The Harvard mental health letter / from Harvard Medical School;10575022;Active;Not OA
The Health care supervisor;07313381;Inactive;Not OA
The Healthcare Forum journal;08999287;Inactive;Not OA
The healthcare strategist;10970819;Inactive;Not OA
The Hopkins HIV report : a bimonthly newsletter for healthcare providers / Johns Hopkins University AIDS Service;15518396;Inactive;Not OA
The Hospital manager/ American Hospital Association;07409982;Inactive;Not OA
The hospitalist [electronic resource] : the newsletter of the National Association of Inpatient Physicians;1553085X ;Inactive;Not OA
The Human life review;00979783;Inactive;Not OA
The Humanist;00187399;Inactive;Not OA
The Huntington Library quarterly;00187895 ;Active;Not OA
The Implant Society : [periodical];10593489;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal for hybrid microelectronics;02778270;Inactive;Not OA
The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion;10508619;Active;Not OA
The International journal of adult orthodontics and orthognathic surgery;07421931;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of African historical studies;03617882;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of analytical and experimental modal analysis;08869367;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of applied philosophy;0739098X;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of human factors in manufacturing;10452699;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of occupational health & safety;00932205;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of oral implantology : implantologist;10481842;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of oral myology;03604004;Inactive;Not OA
The International journal of orofacial myology : official publication of the International Association of Orofacial Myology;07350120;Inactive;Not OA
The international journal of supercomputer applications;08902720;Inactive;Not OA
The Investor-owned hospital review;00937312;Inactive;Not OA
The Iowa dental bulletin;0021048X ;Inactive;Not OA
The Iowa dental journal / Iowa State Dental Society;00210498;Inactive;Not OA
The Iowa orthopaedic journal;15415457;Active;OA registered
The Jewish Quarterly Review;00216682 ;Active;Not OA
The John Marshall law review;0270854X;Inactive;Not OA
The Johns Hopkins medical letter health after 50;10421882;Active;Not OA
The Johns Hopkins nurses alumnae magazine;;Inactive;Not OA
The Joint Commission journal on quality improvement;10703241;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of Allergy;00218707;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of applied behavioral science;00218863;Active;Not OA
The Journal of asthma research;00219134;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of aviation medicine;0095991X ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies;15261018 ;Active;Not OA
The Journal of Behavioral Economics;00905720 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of biocommunication;00942499;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of biophysical and biochemical cytology;00959901 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of Black Psychology;00957984;Active;Not OA
The Journal of cardiovascular management : the official journal of the American College of Cardiovascular Administrators;10535330;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of cardiovascular nursing;08894655;Active;Not OA
The journal of Civil War medicine : official quarterly publication of the Society of Civil War Surgeons, Inc;15454975 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of clinical nutrition;00959871 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of clinical pharmacology and new drugs;00219754;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of clinical pharmacology and the journal of new drugs;00959863;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of contemporary health law and policy;08821046;Active;Not OA
The Journal of criminal law and criminology, including the American;08852731 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of dental medicine;00960241 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of Eurasian Research;15380378 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of fire & flammability;00221104;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of fire retardant chemistry;03621693;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of General Education;00213667;Active;Not OA
The Journal of health administration education;07356722;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of humanistic education and development;07356846;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of Indo-European Studies;00922323;Active;Not OA
The Journal of industrial hygiene and toxicology;00959030 ;Inactive;Not OA
The journal of knee surgery;15388506;Active;Not OA
The Journal of Law and Religion;07480814 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of long term care administration;00934445;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of medical humanities and bioethics;08826498;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of Negro Education;00222984;Active;Not OA
The Journal of new drugs;00960284;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of nursing care;01627155;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of oncology management : the official journal of the American College of Oncology Administrators;10619364;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of oral implantology;01606972;Active;Not OA
The journal of pastoral care & counseling : JPCC;15423050;Active;Not OA
The Journal of Philosophy;0022362X ;Active;Not OA
The Journal of Pipeline Engineering;17532116 ;Active;Not OA
The Journal of practical nursing;00223867;Active;Not OA
The Journal of sports medicine;00904201;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators;00027146;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons;1067151X;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the American Association of Nephrology Nurses & Technicians;03607615;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the American Board of Family Practice / American Board of Family Practice;08938652;Inactive;DOAJ
The Journal of the American College of Dentists;00027979;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the American Dental Hygienists' Association;00028185;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association;00986151;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the American Paraplegia Society;01952307;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine;00031194;Inactive;Not OA
The journal of the California State Dental Association and the Nevada;00994502 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Florida Medical Association. Florida Medical Association;00930970 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Florida State Dental Society;03601676;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society;10620265;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Indiana Dental Association;00196568;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the Indiana State Dental Association;00926116;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association;00196770;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the International College of Surgeons;0096557X ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Kansas Medical Society;00228699;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Kansas State Dental Association;00228796;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Kentucky State Medical Association;;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society : official organ of the Louisiana State Medical Society;00246921;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association;00262102;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the Michigan State Dental Association;00987107;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the New Jersey State Dental Society;0028596X;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the North Carolina Dental Society;00292443;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Oregon Dental Association;00304670;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association;00383139;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the Tennessee Dental Association;00403385;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the Tennessee State Medical Association. Tennessee State Medical Association;07357338 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Western Society of Periodontology/Periodontal abstracts;01484893;Active;Not OA
The Journal of the Wisconsin Dental Association;00914185;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of the Wisconsin State Dental Society;00436674;Inactive;Not OA
The Journal of thoracic surgery;00965588 ;Inactive;Not OA
The journal of trauma and acute care surgery;21630763 ;Active;Not OA
The Journal of volunteer administration;07336535;Inactive;Not OA
The Kansas nurse;00228710;Inactive;Not OA
The Linacre quarterly;00243639;Inactive;Not OA
The Magazine of masonry construction;08986088 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Management of world wastes;07456921;Inactive;Not OA
The Massachusetts nurse;01630784;Inactive;Not OA
The Medical-moral newsletter;00257397 ;Inactive;Not OA
"The Mendel newsletter; archival resources for the history of genetics & allied sciences";00259241;Inactive;Not OA
The Merck report;00975842 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Michigan nurse;00262366;Active;Not OA
The Middle East Journal;00263141;Active;Not OA
The Midwest Quarterly;00263451;Active;Not OA
The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly;00263745;Inactive;Not OA
The Mississippi doctor;;Inactive;Not OA
The Missouri nurse;00266655;Inactive;Not OA
The Monist;00269662 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Muslim World;00274909 ;Active;Not OA
The NAHAM management journal;10573526;Inactive;Not OA
The national Catholic bioethics quarterly;15325490;Inactive;Not OA
The National environmental journal;10672583;Inactive;Not OA
The Nation's health;00280496;Inactive;Not OA
The Nebraska medical journal;00916730;Inactive;Not OA
The Nebraska state medical journal;00281956;Inactive;Not OA
The Needle's Eye;;Inactive;Not OA
The Neurodiagnostic journal;21646821 ;Active;Not OA
The Neuroscientist : a review journal bringing neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry;10738584;Active;Not OA
The New dentist : the official journal of the American Student Dental Association;01618431;Inactive;Not OA
The New Orleans medical and surgical journal;00971790 ;Inactive;Not OA
The New York review of books;00287504;Active;Not OA
The New York times;03624331;Inactive;Not OA
The New York times magazine;00287822;Inactive;Not OA
The North Carolina historical review;00292494 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Oklahoma nurse;00301787;Active;Not OA
The Online journal of current clinical trials;10592725;Inactive;Not OA
The online journal of knowledge synthesis for nursing [electronic resource];10727639;Inactive;Not OA
The Oregon nurse;00304751;Active;Not OA
The Penn dental journal;00314331;Active;Not OA
The Pennsylvania medical journal;00960667;Inactive;Not OA
The Pennsylvania nurse;00314617;Active;Not OA
The Personalist;00315621;Inactive;Not OA
The Personnel administrator;00315729;Inactive;Not OA
The Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha-Honor Medical Society. Alpha Omega Alpha;00317179;Active;Not OA
The Philosophical Forum;0031806X;Active;Not OA
The Philosophical Review;00318108;Active;Not OA
The Physical therapy review;07357435 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Physiotherapy review;;Inactive;Not OA
The Prairie rose;00326666;Active;Not OA
The Prostate. Supplement;10505881;Inactive;Not OA
The Psychohistory review;0363891X;Inactive;Not OA
The Public Historian;02723433;Active;Not OA
The Pulse of the Montana State Nurses' Association;00334189;Inactive;Not OA
The Quality letter for healthcare leaders;10475311;Inactive;Not OA
The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology;0033555X;Inactive;Not OA
The Quarterly journal of microscopical science;03702952 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Quarterly of the National Dental Association, Inc;01635565;Inactive;Not OA
The Reader's digest;10945857 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Regan report on nursing law;00343196;Inactive;Not OA
The Responsive community : rights and responsibilities;10530754;Inactive;Not OA
The Review of gastroenterology;00962929 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Sanitarian;0096560X ;Inactive;Not OA
The Sciences;0036861X;Inactive;Not OA
The Scientific monthly;00963771 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Scientific World Journal;1537744X;Active;Not OA
The Sight-saving review;00374822;Inactive;Not OA
The social history of alcohol and drugs;19308418;Inactive;Not OA
The South Carolina nurse / South Carolina Nurses' Association;10467394;Active;Not OA
The South Dakota journal of medicine and pharmacy;00968420 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Southern surgeon;;Inactive;Not OA
The Soviet journal of developmental biology;0049173X;Inactive;Not OA
The Soviet journal of glass physics and chemistry;03605043;Inactive;Not OA
The state of health care in America;15518299;Inactive;Not OA
The Surgical technologist;01644238;Inactive;Not OA
The Synthesis project. Research synthesis report;2155370X ;Active;Not OA
The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville;0730479X ;Active;Not OA
The Trained nurse and hospital review;08933251 ;Inactive;Not OA
The Urban Review;00420972;Active;Not OA
The virtual mentor [electronic resource] : VM;;Inactive;Not OA
The Volunteer leader;00051861;Inactive;Not OA
The Woman physician;00027103;Inactive;Not OA
The X-ray technician;;Inactive;Not OA
Theater;01610775 ;Active;Not OA
Theatre History Studies;07332033 ;Active;Not OA
Theatre Journal;01922882 ;Active;Not OA
Theological studies;00405639;Active;Not OA
Theology Today;00405736 ;Active;Not OA
Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry;00405760;Active;Not OA
Theoretical Criminology;13624806;Active;Not OA
Theoretical Economics;15557561;Active;DOAJ
Theoretical Inquiries in Law;15653404;Active;Not OA
Theoretical Population Biology;00405809;Active;Not OA
Theory and Practice of Object Systems;10743227;Inactive;Not OA
Theory and Psychology;09593543;Active;Not OA
Theory and Science;15275558;Inactive;DOAJ
Theory into Practice;00405841;Active;Not OA
Theory of Probability and its Applications;0040585X;Active;Not OA
Theory, Culture and Society;02632764;Active;Not OA
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring;01634356;Active;Not OA
Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems -Proceedings of the Intersociety Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
Thesis Eleven;07255136;Active;Not OA
Thin Films and Nanostructures;15435016;Inactive;Not OA
Third International Symposium on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, IPSN 2004;;Inactive;Not OA
Thomas Wolfe Review;02765683 ;Active;Not OA
Thomist;00406325 ;Active;Not OA
Thrombosis Research;00493848;Active;Not OA
Thunderbird International Business Review;10964762;Active;Not OA
Thyroid : official journal of the American Thyroid Association;10507256;Active;Not OA
Tijdschrift voor Verpleeghuisgeneeskunde;13861514;Inactive;Not OA
Tikkun;08879982;Inactive;Not OA
Timber Bulletin;02594323;Active;Not OA
Timber Bulletin;10973532;Inactive;Not OA
Timber Harvesting;01606433;Inactive;Not OA
Timber Producer;08861242;Inactive;Not OA
Time;0040781X ;Active;Not OA
Time and Mind;1751696X ;Active;Not OA
Time and Society;0961463X;Active;Not OA
Tire Science and Technology;00908657;Active;Not OA
Tissue and Cell;00408166;Active;Not OA
Tissue Engineering;10763279;Inactive;Not OA
Tissue Engineering - Part A.;19373341;Active;Not OA
Tissue Engineering - Part B: Reviews;19373368 ;Active;Not OA
Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods;19373384;Active;Not OA
Tissue World;13790668;Inactive;Not OA
TMS Annual Meeting;;Active;Not OA
TMS Light Metals;01470809;Active;Not OA
Today's Chemist at Work;1062094X;Inactive;Not OA
Today's Christian doctor : the journal of the Christian Medical & Dental Society;;Inactive;Not OA
Todays FDA : official monthly journal of the Florida Dental Association;10485317;Active;Not OA
Today's Life Science;10336893;Inactive;Not OA
Today's OR nurse;01945181;Inactive;Not OA
Today's Refinery;10480935;Inactive;Not OA
Today's surgical nurse;10871667;Inactive;Not OA
Today's Therapeutic Trends;07412320;Inactive;Not OA
Toledo Journal of Great Lakes' Law, Science and Policy;10979328;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing;15352250;Active;DOAJ
Topics in antiviral medicine;21615853 ;Active;Not OA
Topics in clinical nursing;01640534;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in Clinical Nutrition;08835691;Active;Not OA
Topics in Cognitive Science;17568757 ;Active;Not OA
Topics in Companion Animal Medicine;19389736;Active;Not OA
Topics in Early Childhood Special Education;02711214;Active;Not OA
Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy;15380653;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in Emergency Medicine;01642340;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation;08827524;Active;Not OA
Topics in Health Care Financing;00953814;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in health information management;10650989;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in health record management;02705230;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in HIV medicine : a publication of the International AIDS Society, USA;15428826;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in hospital pharmacy management / Aspen Systems Corporation;02711206;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in Language Disorders;02718294;Active;Not OA
Topics in Macroeconomics;15345998;Inactive;Not OA
Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging;08993459;Active;Not OA
Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation;10820744;Active;Not OA
Topics in Stereochemistry;0082500X ;Active;Not OA
Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation;10749357;Active;Not OA
Topics in Theoretical Economics;1534598X ;Inactive;Not OA
Tort & insurance law journal;0885856X;Inactive;Not OA
Tort trial & insurance practice law journal;15433234;Inactive;Not OA
Tourism in Marine Environments;1544273X;Active;Not OA
Tourism Management Perspectives;22119736 ;Active;Not OA
Tourism, Culture and Communication;1098304X ;Active;Not OA
Tourist Studies;14687976;Active;Not OA
Toxic Substances Journal;01993178;Inactive;Not OA
Toxicity Assessment;08848181;Inactive;Not OA
Toxicity report series;15214621 ;Active;Not OA
Toxicologic Pathology;01926233;Active;Not OA
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology;0041008X;Active;Not OA
Toxicology and Industrial Health;07482337;Active;Not OA
Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology;00410101;Active;Not OA
TR News;07386826;Active;Not OA
Tracking report [electronic resource] / Center for Studying Health System Change;15530787 ;Active;Not OA
Traditio;03621529 ;Active;Not OA
Tradition (Rabbinical Council of America);00410608;Inactive;Not OA
Traffic Quarterly;00410713;Inactive;Not OA
Training and Education in Psychology;19313918;Active;Not OA
Trans-Action;00411035 ;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions - American Society for Artificial Internal Organs;00660078;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions - American Society of Agricultural Engineers: General Edition;00012351;Active;Not OA
Transactions - ASME : Journal of Heat Transfer;;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions - Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers;00811661;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions & studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia;00101087;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology;00027154;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association;00657778;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the American Entomological Society;00028320;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society;00028487;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society;00029947;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the American Microscopical Society;00030023;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society;00659533;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the American Philological Association;03605949 ;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society;00659746 ;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society;00091774 ;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control;01423312;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the North American Manufacturing Research Institute of SME;10473025;Active;Not OA
Transactions of the Society for Computer Simulation;07406797;Inactive;Not OA
Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization;15443566 ;Active;Not OA
Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems;15399087;Active;Not OA
TransAfrica Forum;07308876;Inactive;Not OA
Transcultural Psychiatry;13634615;Active;Not OA
Transform;15342832;Inactive;Not OA
Transformation Groups;10834362;Active;Not OA
Transforming Anthropology;10510559;Active;Not OA
Transgenics;10236171;Inactive;Not OA
Translation Review;07374836 ;Active;Not OA
Translational Behavioral Medicine;18696716 ;Active;Not OA
Translational Oncology;19365233;Active;Not OA
Translational Stroke Research;18684483 ;Active;Not OA
Transnational Corporations;10149562;Active;Not OA
Transplant Nurses Journal;13235109;Inactive;Not OA
Transplantation;00411337;Active;Not OA
Transplantation bulletin;05641217 ;Inactive;Not OA
Transplantation Proceedings;00411345;Active;Not OA
Transport Theory and Statistical Physics;00411450;Active;Not OA
Transportation engineering journal of ASCE;05697891;Inactive;Not OA
Transportation Journal;00411612;Active;Not OA
Transportation Quarterly;02789434;Inactive;Not OA
Transportation Research News;00952656;Inactive;Not OA
Transportation Research Record;03611981;Active;Not OA
Transportation Science;00411655;Active;Not OA
Trauma;14604086;Active;Not OA
Trauma, violence & abuse;15248380;Active;Not OA
Traumatology;15347656 ;Active;Not OA
Treatment guidelines from the Medical Letter;15412784;Active;Not OA
Treatment review;;Inactive;Not OA
Tree Planters' Notes;00968714;Inactive;Not OA
Tree-Ring Research;15361098;Active;Not OA
Trends & techniques in the contemporary dental laboratory;07468962;Inactive;Not OA
Trends in Amplification;10847138;Active;Not OA
Trends in Medical Research;18193587;Active;Not OA
Trends in Medicine;15942848;Active;Not OA
Trends in Organized Crime;10844791 ;Active;Not OA
Trial (Boston, Mass.);00412538;Inactive;Not OA
Tribology and Lubrication Technology;1545858X;Active;Not OA
Tribology Letters;10238883;Active;Not OA
Tribology Transactions;10402004;Active;Not OA
Triquarterly;00413097 ;Inactive;Not OA
Tropical Plant Biology;19359756 ;Active;Not OA
Trustee : the journal for hospital governing boards;00413674;Active;Not OA
Tsitologiya;00413771;Active;Not OA
Tubercle;00413879;Inactive;Not OA
Tubercle and Lung Disease;09628479;Inactive;Not OA
Tuberculosis;14729792;Active;Not OA
Tufts folia medica;05644313 ;Inactive;Not OA
Tufts medical journal;;Inactive;Not OA
Tulane Law Review;00413992;Inactive;Not OA
Tulane Studies in Geology and Paleontology;00414018;Inactive;Not OA
Tulsa Studies in Womens Literature;07327730 ;Active;Not OA
Turbomachinery International;01494147;Inactive;Not OA
TW Urologie Nephrologie;09362002;Inactive;Not OA
Twentieth Century British History;09552359;Active;Not OA
Twentieth Century Literature;0041462X ;Active;Not OA
Twentieth-century China = Er shi shi ji Zhongguo;15215385;Inactive;Not OA
Twist;;Active;Not OA
Tyndale Bulletin;00827118 ;Active;Not OA
U. S. Navy medicine;03646807;Inactive;Not OA
U.S. Army Medical Department journal;15240436 ;Active;Not OA
U.S. healthcare;10403973;Inactive;Not OA
U.S. news & world report;00415537;Active;Not OA
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office;00833002;Inactive;Not OA
U.S. Pharmacist;01484818;Active;DOAJ
U.S. Woman Engineer;02727838;Inactive;Not OA
UCLA Law Review;00415650;Active;Not OA
UIST (User Interface Software and Technology): Proceedings of the ACM Symposium;;Inactive;Not OA
Ukrainian Mathematical Journal;00415995;Active;Not OA
Ukrainskii Khimicheskii Zhurnal;10634568;Inactive;Not OA
Ultrapure Water;07478291;Active;Not OA
Ultrasonic Imaging;01617346;Active;Not OA
Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology;09607692;Active;Not OA
Ultrasound Quarterly;08948771;Active;Not OA
UMKC law review;00477575 ;Inactive;Not OA
UN chronicle;02517329;Inactive;Not OA
UN monthly chronicle;00415367;Inactive;Not OA
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine;10662936;Active;Not OA
Undersea Biomedical Research;00935387;Inactive;Not OA
Undersea Technology;00416533;Inactive;Not OA
United States Armed Forces medical journal;05660777 ;Inactive;Not OA
United States Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service, General Technical Report;01962094;Inactive;Not OA
United States Geological Survey Bulletin;00831093;Inactive;Not OA
United States Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper;00831131;Inactive;Not OA
United States naval medical bulletin;00962945 ;Inactive;Not OA
University Hospital bulletin;01999680 ;Inactive;Not OA
University of Baltimore Journal of Environmental Law;10626212;Inactive;Not OA
University of California, Davis, Law Review;01974564 ;Inactive;Not OA
University of Chicago Law Review;00419494;Active;Not OA
University of Cincinnati Law Review;00096881;Active;Not OA
University of Detroit law review;08869456;Inactive;Not OA
University of Detroit Mercy law review;10584323;Inactive;Not OA
University of Detroit, Journal of Urban Law;01617095;Inactive;Not OA
University of Florida Law Review;00419583;Inactive;Not OA
University of Illinois Law Review;02769948;Active;Not OA
University of Miami Law Review;00419818;Inactive;Not OA
University of Michigan journal of law reform. University of Michigan. Law School;0363602X ;Inactive;Not OA
University of Michigan Medical Center Journal;00419826 ;Inactive;Not OA
University of Minnesota medical bulletin;;Inactive;Not OA
University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law;10867872;Active;Not OA
University of Pennsylvania Law Review;00419907;Active;Not OA
University of Pittsburgh Law Review;00419915;Active;Not OA
University of Richmond Law Review;05662389 ;Inactive;Not OA
University of San Francisco law review. University of San Francisco. School of Law;00420018;Inactive;Not OA
University of Toledo law review. University of Toledo. College of Law;00420190;Inactive;Not OA
Update (Loma Linda University. Ethics Center);;Inactive;Not OA
Update (National Minority AIDS Council);;Inactive;Not OA
Upholstery Design and Management;15317234;Inactive;Not OA
Upholstery Manufacturing;1556990X;Inactive;Not OA
Urban Affairs Quarterly;00420816;Inactive;Not OA
Urban Affairs Review;10780874;Active;Not OA
Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development;08946019;Active;Not OA
Urban Education;00420859;Active;Not OA
Urban Geography;02723638;Active;Not OA
Urban Habitats;15417115 ;Active;Not OA
Urban History Yearbook;03060845;Inactive;Not OA
Urban Lawyer;00420905;Active;Not OA
Urban Life;00983039;Inactive;Not OA
Urbanism Past and Present;01602780;Inactive;Not OA
Uremia Investigation;07401353;Inactive;Not OA
URISA Journal;10458077;Active;DOAJ
Urologic nursing : official journal of the American Urological Association Allied;1053816X;Active;Not OA
Urological survey;00421146 ;Inactive;Not OA
Urology;00904295;Active;Not OA
UroToday International Journal;19394810 ;Active;Not OA
Ursus;15376176;Active;Not OA
US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service - Resource Bulletin;08889708;Active;Not OA
US Geological Survey Profesional Paper;10449612;Inactive;Not OA
USDA Forest Service - General Technical Report PNW;08874840;Active;Not OA
USDA Forest Service - General Technical Report RMRS-GTR;;Active;Not OA
USDA Forest Service - Research Note PNW-RN;08877262;Active;Not OA
USDA Forest Service - Research Note RMRS-RN;05024994;Active;Not OA
USDA Forest Service - Research Papers PNW-RP;08825165 ;Active;Not OA
USDA Forest Service - Research Papers RMRS;05025001;Active;Not OA
USDA Forest Service - Resource Bulletin PNW-RB;07481284;Active;Not OA
Utah law review;00421448 ;Inactive;Not OA
Vaccine Research;10567909;Inactive;Not OA
Vaccine weekly;10742921 ;Inactive;Not OA
Vadose Zone Journal;15391663;Active;Not OA
Valparaiso University law review. Valparaiso University. School of Law;00422363;Inactive;Not OA
Vanderbilt Law Review;00422533;Active;Not OA
Vascular and Endovascular Surgery;15385744;Active;Not OA
Vascular Disease Management;15538036;Active;Not OA
Vascular diseases;05064287;Inactive;Not OA
Vascular Medicine;1358863X;Active;Not OA
Vascular Surgery;00422835;Inactive;Not OA
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases;15303667;Active;Not OA
Veliger;00423211;Active;Not OA
Vermont history news;03643387 ;Inactive;Not OA
Veroffentlichungen aus der Pathologie;0340241X;Inactive;Not OA
Vertiflite;00424455;Active;Not OA
Veterinary and Human Toxicology;01456296;Inactive;Not OA
Veterinary Clinical Pathology;02756382;Active;Not OA
Veterinary Economics;00424862;Active;Not OA
Veterinary heritage : bulletin of the American Veterinary History Society;;Active;Not OA
Veterinary Medicine;87507943;Active;Not OA
Veterinary medicine, small animal clinician : VM, SAC;00424889;Inactive;Not OA
Veterinary Pathology;03009858;Active;Not OA
Veterinary Technician;87508990;Active;Not OA
Veterinary therapeutics : research in applied veterinary medicine;15283593;Active;Not OA
Victorian Literature and Culture;10601503 ;Active;Not OA
Victorian Newsletter;00425192 ;Active;Not OA
Victorian Poetry;00425206 ;Active;Not OA
Victorian studies;00425222;Active;Not OA
Villanova law review;00426229;Inactive;Not OA
Violence Against Women;10778012;Active;Not OA
Viral Immunology;08828245;Active;Not OA
Virginia Cavalcade;00426474;Inactive;Not OA
Virginia dental journal;00496472;Inactive;Not OA
Virginia Law Review;00426601;Active;Not OA
Virginia Medical;01463616;Inactive;Not OA
Virginia medical monthly;00426644;Inactive;Not OA
Virginia medical quarterly : VMQ;10524231;Inactive;Not OA
Virginia nurse;02707780;Inactive;Not OA
Virginia nurse quarterly;00426695;Inactive;Not OA
Virginia Quarterly Review;0042675X ;Active;Not OA
Virology;00426822;Active;Not OA
Virulence;21505594;Active;Not OA
Visual Anthropology Review;10537147;Active;Not OA
Vital & health statistics. Series 3, Analytical and epidemiological studies / [U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Center for Health Statistics];08864691;Inactive;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Ser. 1: Programs and collection procedures;00832014;Active;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Ser. 4: Documents and committee reports;00832073;Inactive;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 10, Data from the National Health Survey;00831972;Active;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 11, Data from the National Health Survey;00831980;Active;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 13, Data from the National Health Survey;00832006;Active;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 2, Data evaluation and methods research;00832057;Active;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 21, Data from the National Vital StatisticsSystem;00832030;Inactive;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 21, Data on natality, marriage, and divorce;10577629;Inactive;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 23, Data from the National Survey of Family Growth;02785234;Active;Not OA
Vital and health statistics. Series 5, Comparative international vital and health statistics reports;08928959;Inactive;Not OA
Vitamins and Hormones;00836729;Active;Not OA
VLSI Design;1065514X;Active;DOAJ
Voices - Journal of New York Folklore;15517268 ;Active;Not OA
Volta Review;00428639;Active;Not OA
Voluntas;09578765;Active;Not OA
Volunteer administration;0362773X;Inactive;Not OA
Vox Hospitii;09243186;Inactive;Not OA
Wadley Medical Bulletin;00496839;Inactive;Not OA
Wake Forest law review;0043003X ;Inactive;Not OA
Walden's Fiber and Board Report;;Inactive;Not OA
Walden's North American Pulp Paper Report;15419959;Inactive;Not OA
Walden's Paper Report;;Inactive;Not OA
Wall Street journal (Eastern ed.);00999660;Inactive;Not OA
Wallace Stevens Journal;01487132 ;Active;Not OA
Walt Whitman Quarterly Review;07370679;Active;Not OA
Washburn law journal;00430420;Inactive;Not OA
Washington and Lee law review;00430463 ;Inactive;Not OA
Washington Law Review;00430617;Active;Not OA
Washington memo;07394179;Inactive;Not OA
Washington post (Washington, D.C. : 1974);01908286;Inactive;Not OA
Washington Quarterly;0163660X;Active;Not OA
Washington Times;07328494 ;Inactive;Not OA
Washington University Law Quarterly;00430862;Inactive;Not OA
Wasmann Journal of Biology;00430927;Inactive;Not OA
Waste Age;00431001;Inactive;Not OA
Waste Management and Research;0734242X;Active;Not OA
Water and Sewage Works;00431125;Inactive;Not OA
Water and Wastes Digest;00431141;Active;Not OA
Water and Wastewater International;08915385;Active;Not OA
Water Engineering and Management;02732238;Inactive;Not OA
Water Environment and Technology;10449493;Inactive;Not OA
Water Environment Research;10614303;Active;Not OA
Water International;02508060;Active;Not OA
Water Resources Bulletin;00431370;Inactive;Not OA
Water Resources Research;00431397;Active;Not OA
Water Resources Research Institute News of the University of North Carolina;0549799X;Active;Not OA
Water Well Journal;00431443;Inactive;Not OA
Waterbirds;15244695;Active;Not OA
Watermark (Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences);15537641;Active;Not OA
Watermark (Association of Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences);;Inactive;Not OA
Wayne Law Review;00431621;Inactive;Not OA
Weather and Forecasting;08828156;Active;Not OA
Weed Science;00431745;Active;Not OA
Weed Technology;0890037X;Active;Not OA
Weld Eng;0043227X;Inactive;Not OA
Welding Design and Fabrication;00432253;Inactive;Not OA
Welding Innovation;;Inactive;Not OA
Welding Innovation Quarterly;;Inactive;Not OA
Welding Journal (Miami, Fla);00432296;Active;Not OA
Welding Research Abroad;00432318;Inactive;Not OA
Welding Research Council Bulletin;00432326;Inactive;Not OA
Welding Research Council, Progress Reports;;Inactive;Not OA
West of England medical journal;09606440;Inactive;Not OA
West Virginia dental journal;00433225;Inactive;Not OA
West Virginia Law Review;00433268;Inactive;Not OA
West Virginia Medical Journal;00433284;Active;Not OA
Western American Literature;00433462 ;Active;Not OA
Western Birds;01601121 ;Active;Not OA
Western Criminology Review;10964886;Active;DOAJ
Western Folklore;0043373X ;Active;Not OA
Western Historical Quarterly;00433810 ;Active;Not OA
Western Humanities Review;00433845 ;Active;Not OA
Western Journal of Agricultural Economics;01621912;Inactive;Not OA
Western Journal of Applied Forestry;08856095;Active;Not OA
Western Journal of Black Studies;01974327;Active;Not OA
Western Journal of Communication;10570314;Active;Not OA
Western Journal of Emergency Medicine;1936900X ;Active;Not OA
Western Journal of Nursing Research;01939459;Active;Not OA
Western journal of speech communication : WJSC;01936700;Inactive;Not OA
Western journal of surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology;00995665 ;Inactive;Not OA
Western New England law review;01906593 ;Inactive;Not OA
Western North American Naturalist;15270904;Active;Not OA
Western Political Quarterly;00434078 ;Inactive;Not OA
Western State University law review;03628892 ;Inactive;Not OA
West's annotated California codes. California;;Inactive;Not OA
West's Atlantic reporter.;10483810;Inactive;Not OA
West's California reporter;87502623;Inactive;Not OA
West's federal reporter : cases argued and determined in the United States courts of appeals and Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals;10483888 ;Inactive;Not OA
West's federal supplement;10477306;Inactive;Not OA
West's New York supplement;10483624;Inactive;Not OA
West's north eastern reporter;10483632;Inactive;Not OA
West's north western reporter;10483640;Inactive;Not OA
West's Pacific reporter;10449442;Inactive;Not OA
West's south eastern reporter;10426531;Inactive;Not OA
West's southern reporter;10483799;Inactive;Not OA
West's Supreme Court reporter;10483802 ;Inactive;Not OA
Wetlands;02775212;Active;Not OA
Whittier law review;01957643;Inactive;Not OA
Wiener Zeitschrift für innere Medizin und ihre Grenzgebiete;00435376;Inactive;Not OA
Wilderness and Environmental Medicine;10806032;Active;Not OA
Wildland Firefighter;10863982;Inactive;Not OA
Wildlife Monographs;00840173;Active;Not OA
Wildlife Society Bulletin;00917648;Active;Not OA
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology;19390041 ;Active;Not OA
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. RNA;17577004 ;Active;Not OA
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science;19395078 ;Active;Not OA
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Molecular Science;17590876 ;Active;Not OA
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics;19395108 ;Active;Not OA
William and Mary Quarterly;00435597;Active;Not OA
Wilson Bulletin;00435643;Inactive;Not OA
Wilson Journal of Ornithology;15594491;Active;Not OA
Wind Energy;10954244;Active;Not OA
Windows in time;;Active;Not OA
Winterthur Portfolio;00840416 ;Active;Not OA
Wire journal;0043602X;Inactive;Not OA
Wire Journal International;02774275;Active;Not OA
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing;15308669;Active;Not OA
Wireless Communications Design Handbook;18746101;Inactive;Not OA
Wireless World;10754385;Inactive;Not OA
WIREs Climate Change;17577780 ;Active;Not OA
Wisconsin Law Review;0043650X;Active;Not OA
Wisconsin magazine of history;00436534 ;Inactive;Not OA
Wisconsin Medical Journal;10981861;Active;DOAJ
Woman's Art Journal;02707993;Inactive;Not OA
Women alive (Los Angeles, Calif.);10961372;Inactive;Not OA
Women and Criminal Justice;08974454;Active;Not OA
Women and Health;03630242;Active;Not OA
Women and Politics;01957732;Inactive;Not OA
Women and Therapy;02703149;Active;Not OA
Women's health (Hillsdale, N.J.);10772928;Inactive;Not OA
Women's Health Medicine;17441870;Inactive;Not OA
Women's rights law reporter;00858269;Inactive;Not OA
Wood and Fiber Science;07356161;Active;Not OA
Wood Science;00437700 ;Inactive;Not OA
Wood Technology;10671064;Inactive;Not OA
Word;00437956;Inactive;Not OA
Wordsworth Circle;00438006 ;Active;Not OA
Work and Occupations;07308884;Active;Not OA
Work, Employment and Society;09500170;Active;Not OA
Workplace health & safety;21650799 ;Active;Not OA
WORLD (Oakland, Calif. : 1993);15380726;Inactive;Not OA
World Affairs;00438200;Active;Not OA
World Allergy Organization Journal;19394551;Active;Not OA
World Bank Country Study;02532123;Inactive;Not OA
World Bank Discusssion Papers;0259210X;Inactive;Not OA
World Bank Living Standards Measurement Study Working Paper;02534517;Inactive;Not OA
World Bank Technical Paper;02537494;Inactive;Not OA
World Bank Working Paper;17265878;Inactive;Not OA
World Construction;00438375;Inactive;Not OA
World Data Center A - Oceanography;;Inactive;Not OA
World Dredging & Marine Construction;00438405;Inactive;Not OA
World Dredging, Mining and Constructions;10450343;Active;Not OA
World Gas Intelligence;10528776 ;Inactive;Not OA
World Heart Journal;15564002;Active;Not OA
World journal of orthodontics;15305678;Inactive;Not OA
World Literature Today;01963570 ;Active;Not OA
World Medical and Health Policy;19484682 ;Active;Not OA
World Oil;00438790;Active;Not OA
World Policy Journal;07402775;Active;Not OA
World Political Science Review;19356226;Active;Not OA
World Politics;00438871;Active;Not OA
World Refining;10874003;Inactive;Not OA
World Today;00439134;Inactive;Not OA
World Wastes;0161035X;Inactive;Not OA
World Watch;08960615;Active;Not OA
World Wide Web Journal of Biology;;Inactive;Not OA
Worldwatch Paper;02708019;Active;Not OA
Wound Ballistics Review;10550305;Inactive;Not OA
Wounds;10447946;Active;Not OA
Writing Systems Research;17586801 ;Active;Not OA
Written Communication;07410883;Active;Not OA
X-Ray Optics and Instrumentation;16877632;Active;DOAJ
X-Ray Spectrometry;00498246;Active;Not OA
Yale French Studies;00440078 ;Active;Not OA
Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine;00440086;Active;DOAJ
Yale journal of health policy, law, and ethics;15353532;Active;Not OA
Yale journal on regulation;07419457 ;Inactive;Not OA
Yale law & policy review;07408048;Inactive;Not OA
Yale Law Journal;00440094;Active;Not OA
Yale University Library Gazette;00440175 ;Inactive;Not OA
YC Young Children;15386619;Active;Not OA
Yearbook - Association of Pacific Coast Geographers;00669628;Inactive;Not OA
Yearbook - Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers;10543074;Inactive;Not OA
Yearbook for Traditional Music;07401558 ;Active;Not OA
Yearbook of Physical Anthropology;0096848X;Active;Not OA
Yeast;0749503X;Active;Not OA
Young Children;00440728;Inactive;Not OA
Young Exceptional Children;10962506;Active;Not OA
Your Oklahoma Dental Association journal;01492594;Inactive;Not OA
Youth and Society;0044118X;Active;Not OA
Youth Justice;14732254;Active;Not OA
Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice;15412040;Active;Not OA
Zebrafish;15458547;Active;Not OA
Zeitschrift für experimentelle Psychologie : Organ der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie;09493964;Inactive;Not OA
Zeitschrift für Immunitats- und Allergieforschung;03729001 ;Inactive;Not OA
Zeitschrift für Immunitatsforschung, Allergie und klinische Immunologie;00442879;Inactive;Not OA
Zeitschrift für Immunitatsforschung, experimentelle und klinische Immunologie;0300872X;Inactive;Not OA
Zentralblatt für Allgemeine Pathologie und Pathologische Anatomie;00444030;Inactive;Not OA
Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie und Hygiene. Serie B, Umwelthygiene, Krankenhaushygiene, Arbeitshygiene, praventive Medizin;09326073;Inactive;Not OA
Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie, und Hygiene. Series A, Medical microbiology, infectious diseases, virology, parasitology;01766724;Inactive;Not OA
Zentralblatt für Mikrobiologie;02324393;Inactive;Not OA
Zentralblatt für Pathologie;08634106;Inactive;Not OA
Zhongguo yao li xue bao = Acta pharmacologica Sinica;02539756;Inactive;Not OA
Zoo Biology;07333188;Active;Not OA
ZPG reporter;01990071;Inactive;Not OA
13th IEEE Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN 2004);;Inactive;Not OA
2000 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference;;Inactive;Not OA
2003 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, Conference Proceedings;;Inactive;Not OA
2004 2nd International IEEE Conference 'Intelligent Systems' - Proceedings;;Inactive;Not OA
2004 Annual Meeting - Technical and Symposium Papers, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers;;Inactive;Not OA
2004 IEEE Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems;;Inactive;Not OA
2004 IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics;;Inactive;Not OA
2004 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME);;Inactive;Not OA
2004 IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics - Proceedings;;Inactive;Not OA
2004 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting;;Inactive;Not OA
2004 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS);;Inactive;Not OA
2005 IEEE VLSI-TSA - International Symposium on VLSI Technology - VLSI-TSA-TECH, Proceedings of Technical Papers;;Inactive;Not OA
20th Century Music;14785722;Inactive;Not OA
21st Century Music;15343219;Active;Not OA
5Th IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference, IVEC 2004;;Inactive;Not OA



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