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Print-ISSN     Source Title available in the Scopus Source Browse list
0033-6807     R and D Management
0373-8868     R and D: Research and Development Kobe Steel Engineering Reports
0306-3968     Race and Class
1867-1756     Race and Social Problems
1361-3324     Race Ethnicity and Education
0301-634X     Radiation and Environmental Biophysics
1042-0150     Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids
1350-4487     Radiation Measurements
1748-717X     Radiation Oncology
2234-1900     Radiation Oncology Journal
0969-806X     Radiation Physics and Chemistry
0144-8420     Radiation Protection Dosimetry
0033-7587     Radiation Research
0869-8031     Radiatsionnaya Biologiya Radioekologiya
0163-6545     Radical history review
0300-211X     Radical Philosophy
1476-4504     Radio Journal
0048-6604     Radio Science
1569-4860     Radioactivity in the Environment
0033-8222     Radiocarbon
1066-3622     Radiochemistry
0033-8230     Radiochimica Acta
0735-2727     Radioelectronics and Communications Systems
1210-2512     Radioengineering
0271-5333     Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc
1078-8174     Radiography
0033-8338     Radiologia
0100-3984     Radiologia Brasileira
0033-8362     Radiologia Medica
0033-8389     Radiologic Clinics of North America
0033-8397     Radiologic Technology
1865-0333     Radiological Physics and Technology
0033-8419     Radiology
1318-2099     Radiology and Oncology
0198-7097     Radiology management
0033-8443     Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics (English Translation of Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Radiofizika)
0033-8451     Radioprotection
0167-8140     Radiotherapy and Oncology
1330-0474     Radovi - Zavoda za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru
1529-4900     Radwaste Solutions
1516-4136     RA'E GA - O Espaco Geografico em Analise
0034-7590     RAE Revista de Administracao de Empresas
0217-2445     Raffles Bulletin of Zoology
0988-3754     RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications
0399-0559     RAIRO Recherche Operationnelle
1291-1941     Raisons Politiques
1382-4090     Ramanujan Journal
0048-671X     Ramus
0741-6261     RAND Journal of Economics
0926-6364     Random Operators and Stochastic Equations
1042-9832     Random Structures and Algorithms
0971-2070     Range Management and Agroforestry
1550-7424     Rangeland Ecology and Management
1036-9872     Rangeland Journal
0190-0528     Rangelands
1006-8740     Ranshao Kexue Yu Jishu/Journal of Combustion Science and Technology
0951-4198     Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
1355-2546     Rapid Prototyping Journal
1001-0521     Rare Metals
2036-3605     Rare Tumors
0275-1607     Raritan
0974-1496     Rasayan Journal of Chemistry
1331-6745     Rasprave Instituta za Hrvatski Jezik i Jezikoslovlje
0033-9423     Rassegna della Letteratura Italiana
0033-9563     Rassegna di Patologia dell'Apparato Respiratorio
1121-1717     Rassegna Italiana di Criminologia
0486-0349     Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia
0033-9873     Rassegna Storica del Risorgimento
0034-0006     Ratio
0952-1917     Ratio juris
1043-4631     Rationality and Society
0303-5212     Rawal Medical Journal
1878-5190     Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis
1381-5148     Reactive and Functional Polymers
0922-4777     Reading and Writing
1057-3569     Reading and Writing Quarterly
0270-2711     Reading Psychology
0034-0553     Reading Research Quarterly
0034-0561     Reading Teacher
0147-1937     Real Analysis Exchange
1080-8620     Real Estate Economics
0093-5107     Real Estate Taxation
0486-0993     Reales Sitios
0922-6443     Real-Time Systems
1624-0693     Reanimation
0958-3440     ReCALL
1574-8928     Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
1574-891X     Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery
1874-7647     Recent Patents on Biomedical Engineering
1872-2083     Recent Patents on Biotechnology
1574-8901     Recent Patents on Cardiovascular Drug Discovery
1874-4788     Recent Patents on Chemical Engineering
1574-8898     Recent Patents on CNS Drug Discovery
1874-4796     Recent Patents on Computer Science
1872-2156     Recent Patents on DNA and Gene Sequences
1872-2113     Recent Patents on Drug Delivery and Formulation
2213-1116     Recent Patents on Electrical and Electronic Engineering
1874-4761     Recent Patents on Electrical Engineering
1872-2148     Recent Patents on Endocrine, Metabolic and Immune Drug Discovery
1872-2121     Recent Patents on Engineering
1876-1429     Recent patents on food, nutrition & agriculture
1872-213X     Recent Patents on Inflammation and Allergy Drug Discovery
1874-4648     Recent Patents on Materials Science
1874-477X     Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering
1877-6132     Recent Patents on Medical Imaging
1872-2105     Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
2210-2965     Recent Patents on Regenerative Medicine
0080-0015     Recent Results in Cancer Research
0034-1193     Recenti Progressi in Medicina
0761-8980     Recherche - Transports - Securite
0297-2964     Recherche en soins infirmiers
2257-5405     Recherche et Pratiques Pedagogiques en Langues de Specialite - Cahiers de l'APLIUT
0034-1258     Recherches de Science Religieuse
1370-7493     Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie Medievales
0770-4518     Recherches economiques de Louvain
0769-0886     Recherches sur Diderot et sur L'Encyclopedie
0724-2247     Recht und Psychiatrie
1619-4993     Rechtsgeschichte
0937-9819     Rechtsmedizin
1833-4946     ReCollections
0956-5698     Records Management Journal
1307-6167     Records of Natural Products
0067-1975     Records of the Australian Museum
1575-605X     Recta
0034-1967     Red Cedar Review
0370-4327     Redia
2213-2317     Redox Biology
1351-0002     Redox Report
1094-9054     Reference and User Services Quarterly
0276-3877     Reference Librarian
0090-7324     Reference Services Review
1462-3943     Reflective Practice
0034-2971     Reflets et Perspectives de la Vie Economique
1083-4877     Refractories and Industrial Ceramics
0792-9935     Refuat ha-peh veha-shinayim (1993)
0229-5113     Refuge
1020-4067     Refugee Survey Quarterly
1746-0751     Regenerative Medicine
1359-7566     Regional and Federal Studies
1578-4460     Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies
1098-7339     Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
0250-6505     Regional Development Dialogue
1436-3798     Regional Environmental Change
0166-0462     Regional Science and Urban Economics
1791-5961     Regional Science Inquiry
0034-3404     Regional Studies
1560-3547     Regular and Chaotic Dynamics
1748-5983     Regulation and Governance
0167-0115     Regulatory Peptides
1742-8955     Regulatory Rapporteur
0273-2300     Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology
0899-6237     Rehab management
1211-2658     Rehabilitace a Fyzikalni Lekarstvi
0375-0922     Rehabilitacia
0048-7120     Rehabilitacion
1427-9622     Rehabilitacja Medyczna
0034-3552     Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
0278-4807     Rehabilitation nursing : the official journal of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
0090-5550     Rehabilitation Psychology
0925-4757     Reinardus
0034-3617     Reinforced Plastics
1549-1684     Rejuvenation Research
0034-379X     Relations Industrielles
0033-6882     RELC Journal
0951-8320     Reliability Engineering and System Safety
1385-3139     Reliable Computing
1210-3640     Religio
0048-721X     Religion
1052-1151     Religion and American Culture
1550-7394     Religion and Education
1871-031X     Religion and Human Rights
0029-4500     Religion and Literature
2153-599X     Religion, Brain and Behavior
0963-7494     Religion, State and Society
0108-1993     Religionsvidenskabeligt Tidsskrift
0034-4087     Religious Education
0034-4095     Religious Humanism
0034-4125     Religious Studies
0829-2922     Religious Studies and Theology
0319-485X     Religious Studies Review
0741-9325     Remedial and Special Education
1051-5658     Remediation
2072-4292     Remote Sensing
0034-4257     Remote Sensing of Environment
0034-429X     Renaissance and Reformation
0486-3739     Renaissance Drama
0034-4338     Renaissance quarterly
0269-1213     Renaissance Studies
0886-022X     Renal Failure
0034-4346     Renascence
0009-725X     Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo
0373-1243     Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico
0041-8994     Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico dell Universita di Padovo
2035-8008     Rendiconti Online Societa Geologica Italiana
1001-2060     Reneng Dongli Gongcheng/Journal of Engineering for Thermal Energy and Power
1742-1705     Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems
1364-0321     Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
0960-1481     Renewable Energy
1755-0084     Renewable Energy Focus
1000-985X     Rengong Jingti Xuebao/Journal of Synthetic Crystals
0486-400X     Rentgenologiya i Radiologiya
1551-8272     Report on carcinogens : carcinogen profiles / U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Toxicology Program
0453-7831     Reports from the Kevo Subarctic Research Station
1179-1586     Reports in Medical Imaging
1507-1367     Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy
0137-2904     Reports on Mathematical Logic
0034-4877     Reports on Mathematical Physics
0034-4885     Reports on Progress in Physics
1088-4165     Representation Theory
0734-6018     Representations
1470-1626     Reproduction
0936-6768     Reproduction in Domestic Animals
1031-3613     Reproduction, Fertility and Development
1642-431X     Reproductive Biology
1477-7827     Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology
1178-6426     Reproductive Biology Insights
1472-6483     Reproductive BioMedicine Online
1742-4755     Reproductive Health
0968-8080     Reproductive Health Matters
1445-5781     Reproductive Medicine and Biology
1933-7191     Reproductive sciences (Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
0890-6238     Reproductive Toxicology
0947-3602     Requirements Engineering
1356-4765     Res Publica
0277-1322     Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics
0746-9179     Research and Development (Barrington, Illinois)
1861-2253     Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions
0945-6082     Research and Perspectives in Neurosciences
1540-7969     Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities
1541-6577     Research and theory for nursing practice
0958-2029     Research Evaluation
1052-0457     Research in Accounting Regulation
0034-5210     Research in African Literatures
1212-9151     Research in Agricultural Engineering
1674-4527     Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics
1750-9467     Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
1745-4999     Research in Comparative and International Education
1026-0188     Research in Contemporary World Literature/ Pazhuhesh-e Zabanha-ye Khareji
0891-4222     Research in Developmental Disabilities
1356-9783     Research in Drama Education
1090-9443     Research in Economics
0034-5237     Research in Education
0934-9839     Research in Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, and Concurrent Engineering
0193-2306     Research in Experimental Economics
0196-3821     Research in Finance
1940-4921     Research in gerontological nursing
1064-4857     Research in Global Strategic Management
0361-0365     Research in Higher Education
1542-7609     Research in Human Development
0275-5319     Research in International Business and Finance
0147-9121     Research in Labor Economics
1479-4802     Research in Mathematics Education
0923-2508     Research in Microbiology
0934-9847     Research in Nondestructive Evaluation
0160-6891     Research in Nursing and Health
0191-3085     Research in Organizational Behavior
1735-5362     Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
0085-5553     Research in Phenomenology
1359-6748     Research in Post-Compulsory Education
2239-8031     Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process and Outcome
1057-1922     Research in Rural Sociology and Development
0157-244X     Research in Science Education
1551-7411     Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy
0196-1152     Research in Social Problems and Public Policy
0916-1503     Research in Social Psychology
0276-5624     Research in Social Stratification and Mobility
1543-8627     Research in Sports Medicine
0733-558X     Research in the Sociology of Organizations
0277-2833     Research in the Sociology of Work
0034-527X     Research in the Teaching of English
2210-5395     Research in Transportation Business and Management
0739-8859     Research in Transportation Economics
0034-5288     Research in Veterinary Science
1815-932X     Research Journal of Applied Sciences
2040-7459     Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology
0973-6263     Research Journal of Biotechnology
1816-4919     Research Journal of Botany
1819-1932     Research Journal of Business Management
1819-3404     Research Journal of Cardiology
0972-0626     Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment
1819-3420     Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology
1994-7909     Research Journal of Immunology
1815-7432     Research Journal of Information Technology
1815-9346     Research Journal of Medical Sciences
1819-3455     Research Journal of Medicinal Plant
1816-4935     Research Journal of Microbiology
1994-7925     Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
1816-4943     Research Journal of Parasitology
0975-8585     Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
1815-9362     Research Journal of Pharmacology
0974-3618     Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
1819-3471     Research Journal of Phytochemistry
1819-3552     Research Journal of Seed Science
1479-8387     Research Methodology in Strategy and Management
1001-6929     Research of Environmental Sciences
0164-0275     Research on Aging
0922-6168     Research on Chemical Intermediates
0972-3226     Research on Crops
1570-7075     Research on Language and Computation
0835-1813     Research on Language and Social Interaction
1534-0856     Research on Managing Groups and Teams
1049-7315     Research on Social Work Practice
0267-1522     Research Papers in Education
0048-7333     Research Policy
0270-1367     Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
1041-5505     Research report (Health Effects Institute)
0518-0728     Research Report ARR
1321-103X     Research Studies in Music Education
0895-6308     Research Technology Management
0751-7971     Reseaux
0886-571X     Residential Treatment for Children and Youth
0971-8044     Resonance
1344-1698     Resource Geology
0744-4710     Resource Recycling
1076-3333     Resource: Engineering and Technology for Sustainable World
0928-7655     Resources and Energy Economics
0048-7384     Resources for American Literary Study
0301-4207     Resources Policy
0921-3449     Resources, Conservation and Recyclcing
0452-3458     Respiration and Circulation
0025-7931     Respiration; international review of thoracic diseases
0020-1324     Respiratory Care
2212-5345     Respiratory Investigation
0954-6111     Respiratory Medicine
2213-0071     Respiratory Medicine Case Reports
1569-9048     Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology
1465-9921     Respiratory Research
1323-7799     Respirology
0097-8043     Restaurant Business
0034-5806     Restaurator
1061-2971     Restoration Ecology
0922-6028     Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience
0080-1844     Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation
2211-2839     Results in Immunology
1422-6383     Results in Mathematics
0300-9572     Resuscitation
1364-2529     Rethinking History
0893-5696     Rethinking Marxism
1593-2214     Reti Medievali Rivista
0275-004X     Retina
1825-0572     Retina Today
1300-1256     Retina-Vitreus
1167-4687     Retraite et Societe
1742-4690     Retrovirology
0048-7449     Reumatismo
0374-1338     Reumatizam
1699-258X     Reumatologia Clinica
1886-3604     Reumatologia Clinica Suplementos
0035-4066     Rev Roumaine des Sciences Techniques-Series Electrotechnique et Energetique
1549-0858     Revenue-cycle strategist
1135-6618     REVESCO Revista de Estudios Cooperativos
0890-5762     Review - Literature and Arts of the Americas
1475-7702     Review of Accounting and Finance
1380-6653     Review of Accounting Studies
0305-6244     Review of African Political Economy
0889-3047     Review of Austrian Economics
0034-6446     Review of Black Political Economy
0925-9880     Review of Central and East European Law
1011-6583     Review of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics, International Edition
1877-9751     Review of Cognitive Linguistics
1535-8593     Review of Communication
1380-6645     Review of Derivatives Research
1363-6669     Review of Development Economics
1879-9337     Review of Development Finance
1613-6071     Review of Diabetic Studies
0034-6799     Review of Economic Conditions in Italy
1434-4742     Review of Economic Design
1094-2025     Review of Economic Dynamics
0034-6527     Review of Economic Studies
0034-6535     Review of Economics and Statistics
1569-5239     Review of Economics of the Household
1071-4413     Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies
0034-6543     Review of Educational Research
1750-6816     Review of Environmental Economics and Policy
0962-8797     Review of European Community and International Environmental Law
1918-7173     Review of European Studies
2050-0386     Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law
1557-0274     Review of Faith and International Affairs
1572-3097     Review of Finance
1058-3300     Review of Financial Economics
0893-9454     Review of Financial Studies
1089-2680     Review of General Psychology
0917-639X     Review of High Pressure Science and Technology/Koatsuryoku No Kagaku To Gijutsu
0162-5748     Review of Higher Education
0034-6586     Review of Income and Wealth
0889-938X     Review of Industrial Organization
0965-7576     Review of International Economics
1559-7431     Review of International Organizations
0969-2290     Review of International Political Economy
0260-2105     Review of International Studies
1555-5879     Review of Law and Economics
0048-7481     Review of law and social change. New York University
1863-6683     Review of Managerial Science
1546-5616     Review of Marketing Science
0034-6632     Review of Metaphysics
1446-9022     Review of Network Economics
0219-0915     Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies
0034-6667     Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
1878-5158     Review of Philosophy and Psychology
1541-132X     Review of Policy Research
0953-8259     Review of Political Economy
0034-6705     Review of Politics
0734-371X     Review of Public Personnel Administration
0924-865X     Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
1568-4857     Review of Rabbinic Judaism
0486-6134     Review of Radical Political Economics
0048-749X     Review of Regional Studies
0034-673X     Review of Religious Research
0091-732X     Review of Research in Education
0034-6748     Review of Scientific Instruments
0034-6764     Review of Social Economy
1755-0203     Review of Symbolic Logic
0917-0553     Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies
1610-2878     Review of World Economics
0048-7511     Reviews in American history
0793-0135     Reviews in Analytical Chemistry
0093-8157     Reviews in Anthropology
1753-5123     Reviews in Aquaculture
1530-6550     Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
0167-8299     Reviews in Chemical Engineering
0959-2598     Reviews in Clinical Gerontology
1389-9155     Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
1569-1705     Re-views in Environmental Science and Biotechnology
0960-3166     Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
1064-1262     Reviews in Fisheries Science
0193-4929     Reviews in Inorganic Chemistry
0129-055X     Reviews in Mathematical Physics
0954-139X     Reviews in Medical Microbiology
1052-9276     Reviews in Medical Virology
1529-6466     Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry
1545-2913     Reviews in Neurological Diseases
0334-1763     Reviews in the Neurosciences
2212-0211     Reviews in Vascular Medicine
0179-5953     Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
8755-1209     Reviews of Geophysics
1557-234X     Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics
0034-6861     Reviews of Modern Physics
0303-4240     Reviews of Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology
1605-8127     Reviews on Advanced Materials Science
0048-7554     Reviews on Environmental Health
1574-8871     Reviews on Recent Clinical Trials
0034-690X     Revija za Kriminalistiko in Kriminologijo
1330-2965     Revija za Socijalnu Politiku
0350-154X     Revija za Sociologiju
0213-8573     Revisiones en Cancer
0002-5151     Revista Alergia Mexico
1980-993X     Revista Ambiente e Agua
1888-7546     Revista Andaluza de Medicina del Deporte
0034-7000     Revista Argentina de Cardiologia
0327-6716     Revista Argentina de Clinica Psicologica
0325-2787     Revista Argentina de Dermatologia
0326-4610     Revista Argentina de Endocrinologia y Metabolismo
0325-7541     Revista Argentina de Microbiologia
0100-6762     Revista Arvore
0034-7094     Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
0100-8404     Revista Brasileira de Botanica
0104-1843     Revista Brasileira de Cardiologia Invasiva
1516-635X     Revista Brasileira de Ciencia Avicola
0100-0683     Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo
0102-6909     Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Sociais
1415-8426     Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria e Desempenho Humano
0104-1282     Revista Brasileira de Crescimento e Desenvolvimento Humano
0034-7140     Revista Brasileira de Economia
1413-2478     Revista Brasileira de Educacao
1413-6538     Revista Brasileira de Educacao Especial
0034-7167     Revista brasileira de enfermagem
1415-4366     Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agricola e Ambiental
1517-3151     Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Biomedica
0102-4744     Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Fisica
0085-5626     Revista Brasileira de Entomologia
1415-790X     Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia
0102-3098     Revista brasileira de estudos de populacao
1413-3555     Revista Brasileira de Fisioterapia
1413-3555     Revista brasileira de fisioterapia (São Carlos (São Paulo, Brazil))
0100-2945     Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura
0102-261X     Revista Brasileira de Geofisica
1806-4892     Revista Brasileira de Gestao de Negocios
1809-239X     Revista Brasileira de Gestao e Desenvolvimento Regional
0100-7203     Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetricia
1806-9339     Revista brasileira de ginecologia e obstetricía : revista da Federação Brasileira das Sociedades de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia
1516-8484     Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia
0102-0188     Revista Brasileira de Historia
0034-7264     Revista Brasileira de Medicina
1517-8692     Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte
1679-4435     Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Trabalho
0102-7786     Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia
0034-7280     Revista Brasileira de Oftalmologia
1679-3390     Revista Brasileira de Orientacao Profissional
0102-3616     Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia
1808-8694     Revista brasileira de otorrinolaringologia (English ed.)
1519-7530     Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia
0103-846X     Revista brasileira de parasitologia veterinaria = Brazilian journal of veterinary parasitology : Orgao Oficial do Colegio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinaria.
1516-0572     Revista Brasileira de Plantas Medicinais
0034-7329     Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional
1516-4446     Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria
0482-5004     Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia
1519-3829     Revista Brasileira de Saude Materno Infantil
0101-3122     Revista Brasileira de Sementes
1516-3598     Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia
0100-316X     Revista Caatinga
0384-8167     Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispanicos
1697-4697     Revista Catalana d'Ornitologia
0186-3231     Revista Chapingo, Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente
0716-4076     Revista Chilena de Anestesia
0379-3893     Revista Chilena de Cirugia
0716-0747     Revista Chilena de Derecho
0717-5698     Revista Chilena de Enfermedades Respiratorias
0716-078X     Revista Chilena de Historia Natural
0716-1018     Revista chilena de infectologia : organo oficial de la SociedadChilena de Infectologia.
0048-7651     Revista Chilena de Literatura
0034-7388     Revista Chilena de Neuro-Psiquiatria
0716-1549     Revista Chilena de Nutricion
0048-766X     Revista Chilena de Obstetricia y Ginecologia
0370-4106     Revista Chilena de Pediatria
0717-201X     Revista Chilena de Radiologia
1806-6690     Revista Ciencia Agronomica
1692-7273     Revista Ciencias de la Salud
0798-2259     Revista Cientifica de la Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias de la Universidad del Zulia
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0121-5469     Revista Colombiana de Psicologia
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1132-8312     Revista Complutense de Historia de America
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0034-7515     Revista Cubana de Farmacia
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1134-7198     Revista de derecho y genoma humano = Law and the human genome review
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0378-7818     Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia
0370-4661     Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias
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1885-5857     Revista española de cardiología (English ed.)
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1888-4415     Revista Espanola de Cirugia Ortopedica y Traumatologia
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1130-0108     Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas
0210-2412     Revista Espanola de Financiacion y Contabilidad
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2253-654X     Revista Espanola de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen Molecular
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0213-6937     Revista Espanola de Paleontologia
1699-8855     Revista Espanola de Patologia
0034-9461     Revista Espanola de Pedagogia
0034-947X     Revista Espanola de Pediatria
0214-3429     Revista Espanola de Quimioterapia
1135-5727     Revista Espanola de Salud Publica
1578-2824     Revista Espanola de Sociologia
1019-6838     Revista Europea de Direccion y Economia de la Empresa
0924-0608     Revista europea de estudios latinoamericanos y del Caribe = European review of Latin American and Caribbean studies
0120-6230     Revista Facultad de Ingenieria
0187-7380     Revista Fitotecnia Mexicana
1132-2799     Revista Galega de Economia
0102-6933     Revista gaucha de enfermagem / EENFUFRGS
1132-1873     Revista General de Informacion y Documentacion
1012-1617     Revista Geografica Venezolana
1657-7027     Revista Gerencia y Politicas de Salud
0034-9631     Revista Iberoamericana
1135-3848     Revista Iberoamericana de Diagnostico y Evaluacion Psicologica
1132-0249     Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad y Reproduccion Humana
1138-6045     Revista Iberoamericana de Fisioterapia y Kinesiologia
1130-1406     Revista Iberoamericana de Micologia
1886-8576     Revista Iberoamericana de Psicologia del Ejercicio y el Deporte
0716-2952     Revista Ingenieria de Construccion
0034-9690     Revista Interamericana de psicologia/Interamerican Journal of Psychology
1887-8369     Revista Internacional de Acupuntura
1698-031X     Revista Internacional de Andrologia
0188-4999     Revista Internacional de Contaminacion Ambiental
1579-9425     Revista Internacional de Linguistica Iberoamericana
1577-0354     Revista Internacional de Medicina y Ciencias de la Actividad Fisica y del Deporte
0213-1315     Revista Internacional de Metodos Numericos para Calculo y Diseno en Ingenieria
0034-9712     Revista Internacional de Sociologia
0718-1299     Revista INVI
1794-4449     Revista Lasallista de Investigacion
1138-5820     Revista Latina de Comunicacion Social
1856-4550     Revista Latinoamericana de Hipertension
0255-6952     Revista Latinoamericana de Metalurgia y Materiales
0120-0534     Revista Latinoamericana de Psicologia
1415-4714     Revista Latinoamericana de Psicopatologia Fundamental
0370-5943     Revista Latinoamericana de Quimica
0104-1169     Revista Latino-Americano de Enfermagem
1646-401X     Revista Lusofona de Educacao
1139-1138     Revista Matematica Complutense
0213-2230     Revista Matematica Iberoamericana
1517-7076     Revista Materia
0034-9887     Revista Medica de Chile
1888-8526     Revista Medica de Homeopatia
0327-5019     Revista Medica de Rosario
0443-5117     Revista Medica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
0048-7848     Revista Medico-Chirurgicala a Societatii de Medici si Naturalisti din Iasi
0185-1012     Revista Mexicana de Anestesiologia
0185-1101     Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica
1870-5081     Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad
0188-2198     Revista Mexicana de Cardiologia
1027-3956     Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Farmaceuticas
1026-8774     Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geologicas
1405-0315     Revista Mexicana de Enfermeria Cardiologica
0035-001X     Revista Mexicana de Fisica
1665-2738     Revista Mexicana de Ingeniera Qumica
0188-9532     Revista Mexicana de Ingenieria Biomedica
1405-6666     Revista Mexicana de Investigacion Educativa
1665-5044     Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia
0187-4519     Revista Mexicana de Oftalmologia
0185-6073     Revista Mexicana de Psicologia
0188-2503     Revista mexicana de sociologia
1139-0921     Revista Multidisciplinar de Gerontologia
0716-2790     Revista Musical Chilena
0122-0268     Revista MVZ Cordoba
0104-3579     Revista Neurociencias
0102-9460     Revista Odonto Ciencia
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0103-0582     Revista Paulista de Pediatria
1726-4634     Revista Peruana de Medicina de Experimental y Salud Publica
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1646-2890     Revista Portuguesa de Estomatologia, Medicina Dentaria e Cirurgia Maxilofacial
0871-9721     Revista Portuguesa de Imunoalergologia
0873-2159     Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia
2171-6897     Revista Proyecto, Progreso, Arquitectura
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1583-3186     Revista Romana de Materiale/ Romanian Journal of Materials
1841-6624     Revista Romana de Medicina de Laborator
0035-0451     Revista Signos
0254-0770     Revista Tecnica de la Facultad de Ingenieria Universidad del Zulia
0255-0539     Revista Transilvania
1315-9984     Revista Venezolana de Gerencia
0798-0582     Revista Venezolana de Oncologia
1669-6840     Revista Veterinaria
1984-6835     Revista Virtual de Quimica
1214-3170     Revizni a Posudkove Lekarstvi
0954-6545     Revolutionary Russia
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1266-7706     Revue Archeologique de l'Est
0752-5656     Revue Archeologique de Picardie
0035-0818     Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire. Belgisch tijdschrift voor philologie en geschiedenis
0035-0869     Revue belge d'histoire contemporaine. Belgisch tijdschrift voor nieuwste geschiedenis
0035-0907     Revue Biblique
1768-9260     Revue d Etudes Augustiniennes et Patristiques
1760-5393     Revue d'Anthropologie des Connaissances
1877-0517     Revue de Chirurgie Orthopedique et Traumatologique
0035-1121     Revue de Geographie Alpine
0397-7927     Revue de Geriatrie
0035-2411     Revue de Histoire Litteraire de la France
0035-1423     Revue de la Histoire des Religions
1255-250X     Revue de la Societe francaise d'histoire des hopitaux
0035-1326     Revue de l'Art
0035-1334     Revue de Laryngologie Otologie Rhinologie
1293-8505     Revue de l'Infirmiere
0035-1458     Revue de Linguistique Romane
1265-9576     Revue de l'OFCE
0248-8663     Revue de Medecine Interne
1878-6529     Revue de Medecine Legale
1965-0833     Revue de Médecine Périnatale
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0035-1563     Revue de Metallurgie. Cahiers D'Informations Techniques
0035-1571     Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale
0035-1598     Revue de Micropaleontologie
0035-1601     Revue de Musicologie
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0771-5420     Revue de Philosophie Ancienne
0761-8417     Revue de Pneumologie Clinique
0297-1194     Revue de Psychotherapie Psychanalytique de Groupe
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0035-1768     Revue de Stomatologie et de Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale
0035-1776     Revue de synthese / Centre international de synthese
0035-1784     Revue de Theologie et de Philosophie
0249-7395     Revue d'Ecologie (La Terre et la Vie)
1245-4060     Revue d'Economie du Developpement
0154-3229     Revue d'Economie Industrielle
0373-2630     Revue d'Economie Politique
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0398-7620     Revue d'Epidemiologie et de Sante Publique
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0484-8616     Revue des Etudes Juives
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1877-1203     Revue des Maladies Respiratoires Actualites
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0992-7158     Revue Des Sciences De L'Eau
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0035-2349     Revue d'histoire de la pharmacie
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0373-6075     Revue d'Histoire des Textes
1291-2530     Revue d'Histoire du Theatre
1265-1354     Revue d'Histoire du XIXe Siecle
0035-2381     Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique
0048-8003     Revue d'Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine
1878-9730     Revue d'Homeopathie
0992-499X     Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle
0035-2616     Revue du Marche Commun et de L'Union Europeenne
0035-2624     Revue du Nord
1766-7313     Revue du Podologue
0035-2640     Revue du Praticien
1169-8330     Revue du Rhumatisme (Edition Francaise)
1878-6227     Revue du Rhumatisme Monographies
0035-2764     Revue Economique
1162-9088     Revue Europeene de Psychologie Appliquee
0152-7401     Revue Francaise d'Administration Publique
1877-0320     Revue Francaise d'Allergologie
0338-4551     Revue Francaise de Gestion
1386-1204     Revue Francaise de Linguistique Appliquee
0556-7807     Revue Francaise de Pedagogie
1768-9791     Revue Francaise de Photogrammetrie et de Teledetection
0035-2942     Revue Francaise de Psychanalyse
1164-4796     Revue Francaise de Psychosomatique
0035-2950     Revue Francaise de Science Politique
0035-2969     Revue Francaise de Sociologie
0397-7870     Revue Francaise d'Etudes Americaines
1773-035X     Revue Francophone des Laboratoires
1876-2204     Revue Francophone d'Orthoptie
0035-3264     Revue Historique
0035-3280     Revue Historique de Droit Francais et Etranger
1424-4683     Revue Internationale de Criminologie et de Police Technique et Scientifique
1010-8831     Revue Internationale de Droit Economique
0223-5404     Revue Internationale de Droit Penal
0048-8143     Revue Internationale de Philosophie
1370-0731     Revue Internationale de Politique Comparee
0992-986X     Revue Internationale de Psychologie Sociale
1287-1672     Revue Internationale et Strategique
0035-3639     Revue Medicale de Bruxelles
0370-629X     Revue Medicale de Liege
1660-9379     Revue Medicale Suisse
0035-3787     Revue Neurologique
0484-8942     Revue Numismatique
0035-3833     Revue philosophique de la France et de l'Etranger
0035-3841     Revue Philosophique de Louvain
0035-3906     Revue Romane
0035-3930     Revue Roumaine de Chimie
0035-3957     Revue Roumaine de Linguistique
1220-5400     Revue Roumaine de Philosophie
1637-4088     Revue Sage - Femme
0035-418X     Revue Suisse de Zoologie
0080-2654     Revue Theologique de Louvain
0035-4295     Revue Thomiste
0971-2313     Rheedea
0035-449X     Rheinisches Museum fur Philologie
0035-4511     Rheologica Acta
1094-8392     Rhetoric and  Public Affairs
0735-0198     Rhetoric Review
0734-8584     Rhetorica
0889-857X     Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America
0034-6233     Rheumatologia
1462-0324     Rheumatology
0172-8172     Rheumatology International
2036-7511     Rheumatology Reports
0300-0729     Rhinology
1013-0047     Rhinology. Supplement
1558-4291     Rhodes Cook Letter
0035-4902     Rhodora
1697-7912     RIAI - Revista Iberoamericana de Automatica e Informatica Industrial
1939-8425     Rice
1672-6308     Rice Science
1120-379X     Ricerca e Pratica
0391-9099     Ricerca Folklorica
0035-5038     Ricerche di Matematica
0392-7202     Ricerche di Storia dell'Arte
1120-9526     Ricerche di Storia Politica
1885-3137     RICYDE. Revista internacional de ciencias del deporte
0035-5267     RIG Kulturhistorisk Tidskrift
1341-1667     Rigakuryoho Kagaku
0213-2370     RILCE. Revista de Filologia Hispanica
0815-7251     RIMA: Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs
0080-3073     Rinascimento
0307-8698     Ringing and Migration
0913-140X     Rinsan Shikenj Oha/Journal of the Hokkaido Forest Products Research Institute
0915-1753     Rinsho Biseibutsu Jinsoku Shindan Kenkyukai shi = JARMAM : Journal of the Association for Rapid Method and Automation in Microbiology
0047-1860     Rinsho byori. The Japanese journal of clinical pathology
0485-1439     Rinsho ketsueki/The Japanese journal of clinical hematology
0272-4332     Risk Analysis
1569-7371     Risk and Decision Analysis
1179-1594     Risk Management and Healthcare Policy
1098-1616     Risk Management and Insurance Review
1460-3799     Risk Management: An International Journal
1646-9895     RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao
1535-1459     River Research and Applications
0035-6050     Rivista di Biologia - Biology Forum
0035-6085     Rivista di Cultura Classica e Medioevale
0035-6220     Rivista di Filologia Classica
0035-6247     Rivista di Filosofia Neo-Scolastica
0391-2108     Rivista di Letterature Moderne e Comparate
1120-2726     Rivista di Linguistica
0035-6484     Rivista di Psichiatria
0035-6492     Rivista Di Psicoanalisi
0393-2516     Rivista di Storia della Filosofia
0035-6573     Rivista di Storia e Letteratura Religiosa
0394-2287     Rivista Giurdica dell'Ambiente
0035-676X     Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali
1825-859X     Rivista Italiana della Medicina di Laboratorio
0035-6794     Rivista Italiana della Saldatura
0035-6808     Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse
0048-8402     Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica
0300-340X     Rivista Storica dell'Antichita
0035-7073     Rivista Storica Italiana
0035-6883     Rivista, Italiana di Paleontologiia e Stratigrafia
0033-698X     RLA, Revista de linguistica teorica y aplicada
0035-1466     RLC - Revue de Litterature Comparee
1355-8382     RNA
1547-6286     RNA Biology
1643-1618     Road and Bridges - Drogi i Mosty
1037-5783     Road and Transport Research
1468-0629     Road Materials and Pavement Design
0263-5747     Robotica
0921-8890     Robotics and Autonomous Systems
0736-5845     Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
0813-0426     Rock Art Research
0723-2632     Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
0035-7529     Rocks and Minerals
1555-7332     Rocky Mountain Geology
0035-7596     Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
1506-218X     Rocznik Ochrona Srodowiska
0035-7715     Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny
0370-6583     Rodriguesia
0278-3193     Roeper Review
1438-9029     RoFo Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Rontgenstrahlen und der Bildgebenden Verfahren
0035-8002     Romance Philology
0883-1157     Romance Quarterly
0263-9904     Romance Studies
1528-0748     Romani Studies
1222-4227     Romanian Agricultural Research
1224-5984     Romanian Biotechnological Letters
1221-146X     Romanian Journal in Physics
1584-7284     Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration
1583-8609     Romanian Journal of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
1582-6163     Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting
1582-8271     Romanian Journal of European Affairs
1453-8245     Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology
1582-3296     Romanian journal of internal medicine = Revue roumaine de medecine interne
1221-8618     Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine
1220-0522     Romanian journal of morphology and embryology = Revue roumaine de morphologie et embryologie
1843-0783     Romanian Journal of Neurology/ Revista Romana de Neurologie
1582-456X     Romanian Journal of Political Science
1221-1451     Romanian Reports on Physics
1584-5982     Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics and Mechatronics
0035-8118     Romanic Review
0035-8126     Romanische Forschungen
1354-991X     Romanticism
1467-1255     Romanticism on the Net
0343-379X     Romantische Zeitschrift fur Literaturgeschichte - Cahiers de Histoire des Litteratures Romanes
0048-8593     Romantisme
0035-7812     Romische Quartalschrift fur Christliche Altertumskunde und Kirchengeschichte
1192-5604     Rorschachiana
0869-5687     Rossiiskaia Istoria
0869-8139     Rossiiskii fiziologicheskii zhurnal imeni I.M. Sechenova / Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk
1222-3891     Roumanian Archives of Microbiology and Immunology
0035-8533     Round Table
0308-2105     Royal Society of Edinburgh - Proceedings A
0035-9351     Rozhledy v Chirurgii
2046-2069     RSC Advances
2041-9732     RSC Analytical Spectroscopy Series
1757-7152     RSC Biomolecular Sciences
1757-6725     RSC Catalysis Series
1757-7055     RSC Chromatography Monographs
2044-0774     RSC Energy and Environment Series
1757-7098     RSC Food Analysis Monographs
1757-7136     RSC Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
2041-3181     RSC Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series
0277-3945     RSQ-Rhetoric Society Quarterly
1000-9825     Ruan Jian Xue Bao/Journal of Software
0035-9475     Rubber Chemistry and Technology
0035-9572     Rubber World
0353-4529     Rudarsko Geolosko Naftni Zbornik
0975-2935     Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
1445-6354     Rural and remote health [electronic resource].
0956-7933     Rural History: Economy, Society, Culture
2152-0267     Rural policy brief
1037-1656     Rural Society
0036-0112     Rural Sociology
0307-1847     RUSI Journal
1857-2685     Rusin
0036-0163     Russell - Journal of the Bertrand Russell Studies
1068-7998     Russian Aeronautics
1066-5285     Russian Chemical Bulletin
0036-021X     Russian Chemical Reviews
1060-9393     Russian Education and Society
1068-3712     Russian Electrical Engineering
1068-798X     Russian Engineering Research
1068-7971     Russian Geology and Geophysics
0094-288X     Russian History
1070-4272     Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry
2075-1117     Russian Journal of Biological Invasions
1068-1620     Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry
2073-8099     Russian Journal of Biopharmaceuticals
1070-3284     Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry/Koordinatsionnaya Khimiya
1062-3604     Russian Journal of Developmental Biology
1067-4136     Russian Journal of Ecology
1023-1935     Russian Journal of Electrochemistry
1070-3632     Russian Journal of General Chemistry
1022-7954     Russian Journal of Genetics
2079-0597     Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research
0036-0236     Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
1063-0740     Russian Journal of Marine Biology
1061-9208     Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics
0869-6918     Russian Journal of Nematology
1061-8309     Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
1067-8212     Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals
0927-6467     Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling
1070-4280     Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry
1819-7140     Russian Journal of Pacific Geology
0036-0244     Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry
1990-7931     Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B
1021-4437     Russian Journal of Plant Physiology
1682-3559     Russian Journal of Theriology
0304-3487     Russian Linguistics
0304-3479     Russian Literature
0036-0279     Russian Mathematical Surveys
1066-369X     Russian Mathematics
0036-0295     Russian Metallurgy (Metally)
1068-3739     Russian Meteorology and Hydrology
1063-7397     Russian Microelectronics
1064-8887     Russian Physics Journal
1061-1940     Russian Politics and Law
0036-0341     Russian Review
1061-1975     Russian Studies in Literature
1061-1967     Russian Studies in Philosophy
1425-5960     Rynek Energii



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