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Advances in Engineering Software

Advances in Engineering Software

Advances in Engineering Software

Adv Eng Software

ISSN: 0141-1195. Advances in Engineering Software (1978-1990)

ISSN: 0965-9978   

eISSN: 1873-5339


Languages: English

Web of Science Categories: Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications | Engineering, Multidisciplinary | Computer Science, Software Engineering


The objective of Advances in Engineering Software journal is to communicate recent and projected advances in computer-based engineering techniques. The fields covered include mechanical, aerospace, civil and environmental engineering, with an emphasis on research and development leading to practical problem-solving.

The scope of the journal includes:

• Innovative computational strategies and numerical algorithms for large-scale engineering problems

• Analysis and simulation techniques and systems

• Model and mesh generation

• Control of the accuracy, stability and efficiency of computational process

• Exploitation of new computing environments (eg distributed hetergeneous and collaborative computing)

• Advanced visualization techniques, virtual environments and prototyping

• Applications of AI, knowledge-based systems, computational intelligence, including fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary computations

• Application of object-oriented technology to engineering problems

• Intelligent human computer interfaces

• Design automation, multidisciplinary design and optimization

• CAD, CAE and integrated process and product development systems

• Quality and reliability

The journal publishes research papers, survey papers on key application areas, short communications and technical notes, discussions, software reviews and book reviews. A conference calendar is also included – entries welcome.


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