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E-Cronicon Open Access

E-Cronicon Open Access

E-Cronicon Open Access

About E-Cronicon

E-Cronicon aspires to strengthen the researchers by providing a platform with a prime focus towards promoting the usage of e-information that is purposeful for the research world. We provide immense quality literature in print and online. E-Cronicon publishes 30 journals across the disciplines of life sciences, engineering, technology, pharmacy and medication.


The society of E-Cronicon is with a vision towards promoting open access publishing of research literature that helps in reducing the frontier to access the dossier needed. As availability and accessibility of information is the fundamental source to carry out the research work in any field, E-Cronicon facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


The main purpose of E-Cronicon’s origin is to publish the content of highest quality presenting innovative research that becomes the base for future advanced outcomes. E-Cronicon empowers the researchers to achieve their goal of successful research by reducing the knowledge gap and supporting the research needs.


An integral part of our mission is to deliver the advanced information that is trusted to be the very best. We believe that offering excellent literature is possible through thorough peer review process prior to publishing the content. Each and every article published in E-Cronicon journals is an outcome after stringent peer review by professional experts in the related subject. This process ensures that our publishing is of superior quality.


We aim to fulfill the critical requirement of global researchers by making our content accessible wherever and whenever necessary in the most convenient electronic format. E-Cronicon expresses its zeal by enlightening the research world by effectively providing the content in intuitive ways for the professional research community and is dedicated to pioneering research.

E-Cronicon Open Access
E-Cronicon Open Access

List of e-Cronicon journals as of 202

  • EC Addiction
  • EC Agriculture
  • EC Anaesthesia
  • EC Business Management
  • EC Cancer
  • EC Cardiology
  • EC Chemistry
  • EC Computer Science
  • EC Dental Science
  • EC Forensic Science
  • EC Gynaecology
  • EC Microbiology
  • EC Neurology
  • EC Nutrition
  • EC Oceanography
  • EC Ophthalmology
  • EC Orthopaedics
  • EC Paediatrics
  • EC Pharmaceutical Science
  • EC Veterinary Science



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