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Dream 2047

Dream 2047

Dream 2047 is monthly popular science magazine published by Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous institution under Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The magazine has over fifty thousand subscribers. It is sent free to schools, colleges and individuals interested in science and technology communication.

Bilingual science magazine published in Hindi and English

The magazine is primarily used as resource materials for science communicators and teachers

Vigyan Prasar's objective is to “promote scientific and rational outlook” amongst stakeholders in all sectors and especially relevant for growth and sustainable development of India. This is aligned with the
  • Scientific Policy Resolution 1958 (New Delhi, 4 March 1958) 
  • Science and Technology Policy 2003 
  • Science Technology & Innovation Policy 2013  
The special focus on scientific temper and rational outlook is to help improve preparedness of stakeholders comprehend the scope of appropriate and verifiable action. This has enormous implications for
  • Rapid integration of well adapted science / technologies / tools / techniques to initiate and sustain development
  • Compliance with and leadership in national, regional and multilateral frameworks of development including preventive management as a logical extension of this inclusive approach.
Vigyan Prasar fulfils this objective through strategically important tasks based on in – house thematic and communication expertise and institutional collaborations / synergies. Accordingly, Vigyan Prasar delivers appropriate information relevant for stakeholder groups across the country and in response to felt needs.

In this process Vigyan Prasar
  1. Functions as a resource‐cum‐facilitation centre for S&T communication
  2. Develops research-based information and communication modules
  3. Builds capacities of science communicators and networks
  4. Develops and markets software for S&T popularization in many languages
  5. Uses multiple media / tools including Audio, Video, Radio, TV, Print, Kits etc.,
  6. Assesses appropriateness of communication media / tools & adapts them for local use
  7. Undertakes theme – specific nationwide science popularization programmes / campaigns
Open Access The magazine is available online. All the back issues are archived at

Dream 2047-A Bilingual Monthly Newsletter

Vigyan Prasar brings out monthly bi-lingual science magazine Dream 2047. The magazine is being published by VP for last sixteen years. Present circulation of the magazine is 35000. It is distributed free. Vigyan Prasar encourages reading the electronic version of this popular science magazine. The electronic version of the magazine is posted every month in VigyanPrasar’s website
All past issues of the magazine are available online.
In case, you want to subscribe hardcopy of the magazine, you may download the subscription form and mail filled-in form to Vigyan Prasar, Publication Division; A 50, Sector 62; NOIDA – 201309 (U.P.) or email the scanned filled-in form to


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