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Physical and Chemical News

Physical and Chemical News

Free International Journal
ISSN 1114-3800
Edited by : Prof. Abdelmajid BELAFHAL
Citation of the Journal: Phys. Chem. News
Web adresse:

Aims and Scope

Physical and Chemical News is an International Journal in Physics and Chemistry (ISSN: 1114-3800). Physical and Chemical News considers only original papers containing new results. The purpose of Physical and Chemical News is to bridge a gap between Physics, Chemistry and other areas of science. Physical and Chemical News publishes original theoretical and experimental papers on all aspects of physics and chemistry, proceeding of topical conferences in these fields, thematic issues, and comments on previous publications in the journal. All contributions are handled by international board experts covering all subfields of Physics and Chemistry. Submission to Physical and Chemical News is a representation that the manuscript has not been published and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are invited to include in their submission letters a list of individuals who may be appropriate reviewers for their manuscripts. Ethical standards for publication exist to ensure high-quality scientific publications, public trust in scientific findings, and that people receive credit for their ideas. Manuscripts that are found to have been plagiarized from any manuscript will incur plagiarism sanctions. Only the corresponding author is responsible on the significant scientific contribution to the research in the manuscript. It is necessary to list everyone who made a significant scientific contribution, including students.

Benefits to Authors

When you submit your paper to Physical and Chemical News, you will receive these author’s benefits:
. Five reprints of each paper supplied free of charge to author(s).
. International distribution, 
. Free PDFs.

Manuscript preparation

The manuscript should be written in good scientific English and should be prepared with simple line spacing and with the following order of presentation: Article title, Author(s), Affiliations, Abstracts, keywords, Main text, Acknowledgements, Appendices and References. Figures and Tables must be inserted with their legends near their citations (without color). The text editor is the Winword typing in Times New Roman



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